Ode to a Good night's Dream

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Date: Wednesday, 8 August 2018 (6 days ago)

I woke up from slumber,
Feeling that enormous thunder.
I can feel my heart thumping,
As I can see it running.

The dream I had is no longer there,
This feeling, how long should I have to bear?
I was once happy to see my love shine again,
But it was so distant, and it wasn't mine to regain.

Your warm touch and soul embrace,
Keep my mind rolling as if I was in a race.
I can't keep my promises to you if you wont let me,
I guess the future I dreamt I will never see.

It aches my heart to be reminded of you,
I guess it was all gone I didn't have a clue.
I was in an abyss in a cold catacomb,
Trapped like a prisoner in hell's womb.

I could not make you smile anymore,
I am not the one you adore.
Your happiness is all that I long for,
Even if I have to admit you mine no more.

You're the one I will always love,
From the beginning until the end to my face it's shoved.
You will will always have me until the end,
But I will never have you and you'll never bend.

You are serene and beautiful,
I will now hug only the air that is cool.

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