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Submitted by on Tuesday, 12 December 2017 (1 day ago)
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Asleep all day, awake all night
Why does it feel like sleeping isn’t right?
Ideas over ideas, lies over lies
This shit always happens when the sun is about to rise.

Chord after chord, word after word
My eyes won’t shut, even if my vision gets blurred.
Letter after letter, line after line
My mind just feels like its on cloud 9.

From notes to tabs, a G chord after C,
I wonder how fast these ideas could flee.
Everyone is fast asleep, and I feel alive,
Even if it’s already 30 minutes past 5.

Wrote a poem because of desperation,
While asking if salt and pepper is enough to season.
How do you even make the perfect Bouillabaisse?
And why is my mind so active even if I haven’t got enough sleep for days.

That’s it. I think I need to go to sleep,
Maybe I really can if I start counting sheep.
Or I’ll try to think everything away,
Knowing that this will happen again the next day....

Crazy Mary

Submitted by on Monday, 11 December 2017 (2 days ago)
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She hears voices inside her head
The one that will crawl in her bed
T’was sweet and soft but not from heaven
Always coming every now and then

Every morning is a struggle to her
Evening isn’t a good time either
Haunted, seems someone looking in the window
Later did she know, it was her own shadow

As she wakes up and open her eyes
There’s no more paradise
It’s quite and there’s no light in the room
Screaming loud yet no ones home

Fear took over her mind and soul
She don’t know what to do anymore
Another battle to fight with her monster
Someone help her, come faster

There’s no bruises in her body
The demon hide it properly
Try to look into her eyes, you’ll see...
Everything that he did to Mary

Take Me To You

Submitted by on December 5, 2017 (7 days ago)
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Do not take me to the make-believe paradise
Where happiness is fleeting and made up of unforgiving lies
Do not give in to insincere promises of just bliss
We will only end up in maudlin self-pity, I tell you this

Do not take me high up to the clouds
Only to be brought back down to the ground
Our fall will be inevitable as clouds turn into rain
The earth will laugh from our unsettling cries of pain

Do not take me to the stars nor the moon
There, where no trees or grass, not even flowers bloom
They only twinkle and shine in mere pretense
Luring you to their dark blanket of deafening silence

Instead, take me to the whirling wonders of your dreams
Sing to me about your cherished novels and films
Free the spirit imprisoned behind your facade and disguise
Even just a glimpse of your truth for now will suffice

Take me to the untold stories of your troubled mind
My grip will not loosen whatever fiasco I may find
Pull me down to the deepest parts of your sea of thoughts
Walk me through the frontiers of the scars from the battles you’ve fought

Take me to the complexity of the depths of your soul
Let my senses be kissed and needled by your crystals of amphibole
Uncover the contours of your anguish and sorrow
Allow me to be your solace and hold you till it be morrow

Take me to the corners of your skin where no one has been

A Cold Night in December

Submitted by on December 3, 2017 (10 days ago)
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It was a cold night in december
The last time we saw each other
I'm still haunted by the memory of her
And the fact that we could never be together

She was a daddy's girl, a dutiful daughter
And i'm just me, a fucking loser
A regular guy that don't have much to offer
But goddammit, i was in love with her

What started as a playful flirting
Turned into a wonderful fling
You warned me not to fall for you
But it's hard to deny it, when the feelings are true

We texted, called each other everyday
While we were trying so hard to keep the feelings at bay
Until we came to a point of no return
The fire inside started to burn

But all good things must come to an end
When what have was just all pretend
You gave me one night to be with you
And one night is all i need, to know if you love me too

It has been more than a decade
In front of that beautiful lantern parade
That last time i stood in front of you
Then you gave me the sweetest kiss at CLSU...


Submitted by on December 2, 2017 (11 days ago)
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Truth, lies, sin
Trust, broken, pain
Trembling, shaking, vain
Shattered, mind, insane

Questions, puzzle, clue
Twisted, answers, true
Jealous, envy, decode
Burst, anger, explode

Chains, shackles, seal
Strength, power, ill
Die, live, will
Love, hurts, feel

Thankful, happy, sad
Tears, crying, mad
Cover, conceal, pretend
Over, done, the end.......

Until Then

Submitted by on November 24, 2017 (18 days ago)
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Strangers are we
Found each other anonymously
Until we chatted consecutively
We knew it's not right
But am hoping that it might
To continue the fantasy
Even knowing that it can't be in reality
My feelings' to be blamed
And i felt ashamed

You and i are miles away
Sadly we can't stay this way
See you in my dreams
Because it's not just a simple F.L.A.M.E.S
It's the best thing to do
To move on without you
Let this feelings die
Because we really are out of line
I'm saying goodbye
But know that what I felt is not a lie

Until then.....

Just Love

Submitted by on November 23, 2017 (19 days ago)
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No more heartaches but love
Is what i want you to give me.
Spending all the time
Thinking to no one but you

Though afraid of you
Still willing to take the risk
Knowing it's you, i would'nt miss
Having you makes my life worth living
To be with you forever is i'll always
Dreaming and thought

Often times we give each other pain
Hoping that love within us will
Always remain....

My Demons and You

Submitted by on November 21, 2017 (21 days ago)
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Lying quietly in the dark
Thinking ‘bout everything as it breaks my heart
Wondering why life do this to me
Am I not deserve to be happy?

Been smiling and laughing all day
Pretending as if everything’s okay
But when the sun disappear in the sky
My wings are cut off and I can’t fly

Deep breath as I look down
Demons are starting to run around
Screaming, shouting, insulting me
Telling I am not even worthy

Even in my dreams I cannot escape
My demons are there too
I guess this is really my fate
I just wish I can share this with you

You, who ease my pain a little bit
You, who accept my dramas and shits
The one who hold my hand when no one’s there
You, who pretend that this is not a nightmare...

SEB Dating Tips

Submitted by on November 19, 2017 (24 days ago)
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Dating is one of the things I like to do whenever I have my free time. The goal of typical dating is to know people and let them enjoy the moment they spent with you. And hopefully, you’ll get to have more dates and deeper understanding of each other. However, when sex takes part in dating, it overlaps in a platonic and romantic type of relationship which is widely known as “it’s complicated”. So, here are some tips if you are to meet with someone for sex.  


A cafe, a restaurant, mall or park where you can sit and talk casually - in which, you are both safe because there are other people and security guards around you. Do not meet and just go to a HOTEL/MOTEL right away. This will make your date uncomfortable and might not want to see you anymore.


This is to make your date feel comfortable with you. You may have lunch or dinner, watch a movie, play sports and/or just talk about things other than sex before you do it. Also, there are times that the person you’re talking with online is totally different in person. So, if you are to meet or date someone for the 1st time make sure to share a disclaimer about yourself in person. Through this, you’ll be able to know if you have ‘chemistry’ or there’s an attraction between the both of you. Of course, if there is an attraction, there’s a greater chance for better...

Vox Nihili : UNUM

Submitted by on November 13, 2017 (1 month ago)
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Like a river flowing from the depths of my humanity
Gushing forth, never-ending, infinitely
From the pleasure and sensual ecstasy
Brought by the union of our bodies, you and me

Your tongue that lay upon my longing clit
Your gentle lips that glide amidst my femininity
Oh how much I long to feel your shaft amidst me
Take me away to my carnal pleasure’s destiny

Push forth and plunge your spear inside me
Enslave me with passion and erotic revelry
Spray your mist when you reach your peak sexually
Cum inside me, cum inside me....

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