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I Think I'm In Love, Again ❤️

Submitted by on Saturday, 25 February 2017 (1 day ago)
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I don't know how
I don't know why
No matter how I tried
No matter how I lie
I guess this is real
I guess this is true
How I feel for you

There's no turning back
There's no running away
I'm here now, I'll stay
I won't let you go
I'll follow wherever you go

I know this is not forever
But this is a game of now or never
So baby just hold me tight
No words needed
Just kiss me right

My Simple Guide on Writing a Story

Submitted by on Saturday, 25 February 2017 (1 day ago)
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Simple Guide in Writing a Story 
By: Balderic 

This is not an official guide. This is just my own opinion and experiences that I wanted to share.

1. Before you start writing, you should have an overall idea on what your story is about so you won't get strayed when you start writing. You have to understand the main focus of your story.

2. You should plan on what the ending of the story is. So you may not find it difficult later on what is going to happen in the end. It is easier if you plan the flow of the story from the ending to the beginning.

3. Write your ideas on a paper or your notepad. It is to help you save those awesome ideas and never forget to use them in your story. So bringing a notebook or your phone word app is a very big help.

4. Make the flow of the story as simple as possible so you may nof alienate your readers. Describing too much detail can confuse readers if not utilized effectively.

5. Plan your characters. Their names, backgrounds and characteristics. This can help in fleshing out the characters.

6. When you write stories, it is better to write in a quite place. Writing in public can be dangerous. 

7. Always check for grammars and other errors. A poorly constructed sentence could confuse readers or make a serious toned sentence into a goofy one. And we both know that is not what you wanted.

8. Sit back and relax. T...

Fool's Tripe

Submitted by on Wednesday, 22 February 2017 (3 days ago)
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Fool's TripeI could kiss you, but only from afar;
Like a child's gaze in awe at the beauty of a sky.
I could make love with you, but only in my dreams;
Like a pot of gold at every rainbow's end.

Ah! this romantic fool's love for that luscious damsel;
Is a fiery furnace melting reason and moral piety at any level.
And oh! the variance of stature:
A committed maiden and a tied gentleman--
Our night of bliss is our partner's nightmare.

But in my world you are mine!
No rights, no wrongs; just sweetness like wine.
A fervor raptus of unceasing passion,
Shared in abundance of wild combustion.

An intimate moment of delight
Taken away by this sudden plight:
But oh! what a difference to me,
Alone in this solitary fantasy.
For she goes on with her life
Unaware of this foolish tripe....

Sweet Monday BS (late post)

Submitted by on Tuesday, 21 February 2017 (5 days ago)
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Can we be real? Can we be real? (Yay wuvyou superwoman)!

There are times when, I couldn't take things anymore but I couldn't do anything about the situation. I take a deep breath. The deepest breath that my lungs could ever breathe. Then I gawk. Gawk! My brain would just suddenly stop and that's it. I don't know anymore. I am too flustered!  Too flustered to even think about what the hell is up!  Thank you Monday, for always putting me  in this kind of ordeal. Lethargy would consume the rest of me and would make me think about the 800 plus episodes of Detective Conan  (thanks for the link Sinichi) which I would like to watch as I indulge in sloth on my bed. Ughh I wish I would have more time to watch than  work. Nah! Impossible dream! Mondays would require  time and energy I need for Tue, Wed and Thur, combined all together. Friday  could be a make or break. A surprise, actually! It could be worse. However,  I  would never really mind Fridays to be that bitchy, as it is the end of the working week. You already know what Sat is for me. ;) 

I would want to take a break from people who, a) indulge into the convenience of their ineffeciency just because they know that someone would always take the blame for it or suffer for  the same!  Splendid?!, b) has a habit of blaming others because they have not grown enough balls to admit their own mistakes, yet, c) make sure that others would have a fair share of whatever it is that they're having a hard...

I Wish

Submitted by on Sunday, 19 February 2017 (6 days ago)
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I wish I didn't say Hi when you greeted me Hello.
I wish we haven't had that short and funny conversations at night.
I wish I didn't hit Send on every message I got from you.
I wish I can erase this alien feeling I feel towards you.
I wish I can change the situation.
I wish we didn't knew each other...

I wish I can tell you how jealous I am.
I wish I can make you feel how hurt I am each time I remember you're not mine.
I wish it was me hugging you when you're sad.
I wish it was me kissing you when you're mad.
I wish it was my head on your shoulders when we talk about our stuffs.
I wish these were all possible, but it's not.

You said you loved me 'coz I'm your bestfriend.
I tried hard to pretend that's nothing,
So I smiled broadly and looked away.
I wish you didn't said the last word,
Bc that word crushed me up, but you didn't know...

I should step back, this is not the right path.
I know I should leave before things fall into not so proper place.
I'm afraid. I'm getting lost...
You're like a fire and I'm the moth.
But how can I fly away from you if you make me feel more woman than woman?

She's lucky.

I hope one day I can say the same thing to myself.
I don't want to burn my wings.
So if I fly away from you,
I wish you'd know how happy I am to once have you in my life......

Reason for Being

Submitted by on February 15, 2017 (10 days ago)
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Reason for BeingRumination of living
as to what end we're striving.
Why the instinct to survive
if why you're here you can't derive?
Why ask so fiery
if no reply can satisfy the query?
Will there ever be an answer
to this ardent inquirer?
Mages have come and gone
All their suggestions undone.
Ah! Life is quite a mystery;
even living is a misery.
Without the "why" to live for,
How can I bear with any "how?"...


Submitted by on February 14, 2017 (12 days ago)
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There are times when life can really disappoint you
It can really hurt and make you feel blue
It sometimes makes you so sad
To wonder why this makes you feel so bad.

Sometimes there are so much going on 
All you want to do is scream
You keep wanting to convince yourself
That is all a bad dream

At times when even you don't understand
 What u feel
You start to wonder if your problems are for real
But no matter what
Never forget that there are people who love you
And that's something that will always stay true.

If you just try to pause
And think for a while
You'll realize that no matter how hard it is
It's always better to smile....

Whispers In The Dark

Submitted by on February 12, 2017 (13 days ago)
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Close all the doors, let no one in
May you not witness the horrors within
Lock all the windows, make this my cell
Darkness is my prison this is my hell

Shut out the light, let no one see
An empty existence imprisoning me
Block all the sounds, let life roll along
I can still hear the music but it's not my song...

Dark, Light Ray, and Everything in Between

Submitted by on February 6, 2017 (20 days ago)
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let me en-lightnhue my take on this spectrum,
thou you might find it with a touch of equilibrium.
in this vast space and time continuum,
i never thought i would have this fraction of conundrum.

my light ray expects me for some proper decorum,
as i engage on this planes spontaneous quorum.
a sanity dancing in the sway of a pendulum,
with a state of mind that is almost in delirium.

thou this sector is not my typical sanctum,
i find it to be as an alternative medium.
even perhaps a place for a good asylum,
for me to hide from my regular exemplum.

soundless voices pops out of a vacuum,
searching someone to match their criterium.
some looks like they are high in opium,
while others act like a typical rectum.

As i add this new series to my lifes album,
Moments that are more valuable than platinum.
And someday as i look back in this compedium,
I would have a smile with total optimum....

FSS And Me: Upclose And Personal

Submitted by on February 3, 2017 (23 days ago)
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Yesterday, the 2nd of Feb,  marked the  third year of my  FSS membership. I chanced upon this site while looking for an alternative  when the  site where I have been a member for  3 1/2  years  now, was down and out.

And what do  I know, I found this site   much more  organized,  has better format and layout.  Also,  and  most importantly,  it  does not tolerate  violators of house rules such as copycats, smart alecks, bashers,  and pussy/cock hunters,  rudeness and other  shenanigans by people who – out of sheer  desperation to catch attention—use this site to make a fool of themselves.

Moreover,  most of the  people here are  more  responsive.. ..sharing their views  on any topic under the sun...profound or mundane.      

Some people I know from the other site are also here...as   most of the writers  who  continue to  post their works   here and there. I have also noticed the growing  population of this site,  same with the community of  new writers,  readers and commenters..

In my book, the FSS is not perfect but its still  the  best  among its rivals..  I only wish it would do something  to curb   the rampant piracy of  the stories in its fold.   Maybe, its  impossible to do so, but at least, take measures  to make it difficult for these  pirates to do  so.....something  that may discourage them  at the very least. .     

What  makes people join t...

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