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Submitted by on Tuesday, 20 February 2018 (4 days ago)
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Let me die even just for now
Let me die that everything
Will shutdown
Let me die that I may not feel
Nor see, nor hear
Let me die, and burn
That i may turn
Into ashes
Incognito, irrelevant, nothingness
From nothingness then I shall rise
Like a Phoenix
Little by little, I shall have
My glorious wings
My flurry of feathers
and my tears of healing
For now just let me die......


Submitted by on February 11, 2018 (13 days ago)
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Hello. Are there ladies here who fantasize about group fucks? I think it's hot. Would love to hear what you think.

How do you fantasize about it? Do you like threesomes, foursomes, moresomes? How about gangbangs? There's nothing really wrong with fantasizing about those. There's nothing wrong with engaging in those acts, as long as everyone involved are of the right age and consenting.

Thanks. As you can probably tell. I'm bored. Maybe we can chat about the common fantasies that we have?...


Submitted by on February 9, 2018 (16 days ago)
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The Coffee Lover

Sitting by the window, kissing the sun

Messy hair in a bun and a mug in hand

She finds the aroma of the coffee so enticing

The way she loves the smell of the new book she’s reading,

Underneath her white oversize shirt,

She touches herself as it aches to be hurt

Until her juice comes out her cage,

And contentedly turns the last page.


Tik tok … Tik tok …

She’s no longer being governed by clock

That idle hours makes her reminisce

Random moments of anger, fear and bliss,

There’s a tug of war within, guess she’s made at ego factory

But into the empty air she whispers her apology,

Crossing her fingers that her “sorry” will reach him eventually,

As she sighs and closes her eyes melancholy.

Nursery Rhyme

Pain, pain go away,

Leave this heart just for today,

Grant this soul a break, I pray.


“I love you…” He whispered. It’s genuine, I felt it.

With his fingers intertwined with mine and the tears in his eyes,

I can tell it was real.

He pulled me closer to his chest and kissed me on my forehead,

He said “I love you...” for the firs...

Who’s Counting?

Submitted by on February 3, 2018 (22 days ago)
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Gents and ladies, I have a few questions I’m hoping you could help me with:

1. For the men, does it bother you if your woman has had quite a few sexual partners? Say more than 5. Or is this not an issue at all?

2. Ladies, do you tell your men honestly how many guys you’ve already slept with?

3. Do you think we owe it to our partners to tell them the truth or is that something we should keep to ourselves?

Thanks in advance for your insights. :)...

Pinoy stereotypes and double standards

Submitted by on January 21, 2018 (1 month ago)
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I'm sorry guys but I'm sure you also have a different list for us Pinays or ladies in general.

Disclaimer: If you think you are not part of what is being described here, please comment with caution lest you come in as being defensive. These are just my opinion based on the guys I know.

Here are a few of my own list of stereotypes and double standards:

1. Most Pinoys are mama's boys but half of these will deny that they are one. One very evident trait is being undecisive. They rely on their mothers or eventually their partners to take care of matters which they see as "petty". Then they get used to it that they rely on them in almost all matters needing their decision. 

2. First feeling pogi move is saying or texting or sending a pm that only says "Hi!". Unless a.) its real time chatting, how would you expect a girl/lady/woman to respond to that kind of message?! b.) you know each other already and saying a simple hi is enough to get her attention c.) refer to #1 as being undecisive and rely on the lady to lead the conversation.

3. Says that us girls are very talkative and always into sharing gossips. But actually, guys are more into these and more detailed. Most likely, the information from their gossips are more reliable that what their female counterpart knows.

4. Boys don't cry because they are macho and strong. Yeah right! All the more you prove that you are #1. You are strong because you are used to havi...

Intense Commute

Submitted by on January 13, 2018 (1 month ago)
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My first time to ride a bus alone here in Vietnam, going back home the bus was full so I dont have a choice but to stand and still it was so tight inside.

I notice this young girl around 18yo sitting next to the seat where i was standing I can see her cleavage showing and i cant help it but to have a hard on, my penis is pressing against her elbow and may pants start to get tight as well... and not just that I can sense that she wants to feel me deeply by putting extra force as my penis is twitching inside my pants...

my legs are shaking at that moment and my heart beats fast with fear and excitement... she's young and pretty much doable on her size but I tried to calm my self but I cant, i was really on the peak of my lust on that moment even her mom was sitting on the rear subsequent seat ...I can see the girls sweat running from her face to her neck up to her cleavage... it was indeed a really hot scene... so what I did after that I went to SPA right away to release the urge formed by that trip....

Mind Playing Tricks On Me

Submitted by on January 7, 2018 (1 month ago)
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It is difficult not to believe what your mind says when you are horny. It's like you are a completely different person.

There are times that you want to drop everything else and be fucked - either with a partner or just your fingers and/or toy/s I when you don't have a partner. When playing alone, the feeling can be so intense that you get lost in the moment and be as fierce as if the action of your finger or toy mimics that of the fast in-out movement of a penis or tongue in your dripping cunt that you don't even realize that you gave attention to both your clit and wanting hole.

What make me stop from this intense scenario is the time I reach my peak and cry out a certain name. One that my mind has been longing to fuck me I guess. Be it someone from the past or just a textmate/chatmate, the intensity stops when you realize you are alone and not with him. Palm wet and sticky with cum - and sometimes bed covers too - you stop.

You shout at your mind.
Stop it!
It's not love.
It's just lust.

The playing stops.
But the horniness lingers.
Actually it stays longer because it was not fully satisfied.
Or its just fades away in a few days due to hormonal changes.

Yes, you guessed right.
This just happened a few minutes earlier.
Leaving me more frustrated than ever.

Ladies have you been through this too?
I am completely normal right?...

A Lover's Note

Submitted by on December 23, 2017 (2 months ago)
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I'm leaving my baggage from my last trip
For I don't want this new love to be short trip
I'm not asking you dear to do the same
But you have my assurance that I'll wait for that to happen.

Don't worry, i won't get tired waiting
You have my words, hope it’s worth keeping
And if that day comes, I'll give my all
Take away my breath and strength till the sun fall.

You and me cuddling under sheet,
My body next to yours, feeling your heat,
Wrap in your arms and kissing me goodnight,
That's how i want to end our day soon as we turn off the light.

Always treat me like the beginning
And who knows i might give you no ending,
I'll make you happy and make your pain be gone,
There's nothing i won't do just don't let go of my hand....


Submitted by on December 18, 2017 (2 months ago)
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Good sir, pray tell
What is it about her
That makes your flame swell
Is it her courtly locks of hair
That dances to your rhythm of despair
Her skin of porcelain and dusk
That furnishes you with warmth whenever you ask
Her playful and passion-speckled lips
That trembles against your finger tips
Or is it her beckoning eyes
That turns your words to lullabies

But she is of the earth and the sea
Her youth will betray her and flee
Her petals will wither
And the taste of her leaves will turn bitter
Her pages will wrinkle
And her bind will grow brittle
Time will tarnish her demeanor
Until all that’s left in the mirror
Are her grains and bare disposition
Her beliefs and comprehension

What happens when her honey becomes bland
Will her hymns of wit still enchant your mind?
When the years finally take its toll
Will her words be able to kindle your soul?
And when the beauty departs,
Will her mind be enough
To satiate the hunger in your heart?

Good sir, pray tell
What is it about her
That makes your flame swell
If it is just the flesh you are craving
And nothing more beyond her bearing
You will lose her like a sunken ship
No matter how hard you tighten your grip
So surrender her before you shatter her monument
For she deserves more than just cheap sentiment...


Submitted by on December 12, 2017 (2 months ago)
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Asleep all day, awake all night
Why does it feel like sleeping isn’t right?
Ideas over ideas, lies over lies
This shit always happens when the sun is about to rise.

Chord after chord, word after word
My eyes won’t shut, even if my vision gets blurred.
Letter after letter, line after line
My mind just feels like its on cloud 9.

From notes to tabs, a G chord after C,
I wonder how fast these ideas could flee.
Everyone is fast asleep, and I feel alive,
Even if it’s already 30 minutes past 5.

Wrote a poem because of desperation,
While asking if salt and pepper is enough to season.
How do you even make the perfect Bouillabaisse?
And why is my mind so active even if I haven’t got enough sleep for days.

That’s it. I think I need to go to sleep,
Maybe I really can if I start counting sheep.
Or I’ll try to think everything away,
Knowing that this will happen again the next day....

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