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Four Haikus, One Poem [non erotic]

Submitted by on Monday, 16 October 2017, 04:34 PM (7 hours ago)
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Moments of violations
My free conception

Self isolation
Forming a new creation
Healing infections

Rotten equations
Bend me a transformation
Take my temptation

Foreign dimension
Swallow this low invention
My foul reflection...

Carnal Surrender (A Reverse POV)

Submitted by on Wednesday, 11 October 2017 (5 days ago)
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Carnal Surrender

All that arguing left me feeling restless-
Anger, frustration, mixed with hightened emotion.
In my gut, heat slowly ignites...
Longing for a touch, to quench a lust filled heart

I asked myself, everytime that this happens...
What a way to push my carnal desire to the edge
How come pain and degradation serves not its intention?
Instead of crying, I feel that its more exciting?
The tingling won't subside, cold shower is not enough!
I need a hole to fuck, a woman to release the steam inside.

I knew it was wrong but still, I helped myself.
Suddenly there, I found me, on top of that woman,
A woman whose a friend, with my sleeping lover...
A woman whose body, now, I am devouring

Her silky skin tastes of musk and sweat -
A flavour so entoxicating, I kept on licking and biting
From her knees to her lucious thighs
From her navel to her mound full of cum,
And in between, there's a wet womanhood,
With clits so red, I sucked and licked it good
Was her glory hole glistening, calling to kiss its opening.

I closed my eyes, guided mine in
An inch, Fuck! she so tight
Another one in, and my mouth's ajar
I can't wait no more, and so I slammed...
hard, she took my whole eight inches inside!

I can't believe, how good I felt.
Up and down, in and out, faster and harder...

A Memorable Affair With Hot Momma Part 7

Submitted by on Wednesday, 11 October 2017 (5 days ago)
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Almost a week ang inabot para matapos ko ang mga deadlines na binigay sa akin ng boss ko. Sinamahan ko din siya mag present sa mga kliyente at masaya siya na hindi sila nag back out.

Engr Catubay: Good Job Cedric.

Me: thank you sir.

Engr Catubay: by the way kelan mo plano mag leave?

Me: pwede po ba next week sir?

Engr Catubay: sure. San lakad mo? if you don't mind.

Me: Sa ilocos po sana. May shooting competition po kasi dun. 7 days kasi siya sir. Plan to leave by saturday night.

Engr. Catubay: ok. Good luck. Just report to work immediately after your leave.

Me: thank you sir.

Ayos! Sambit ko sa sarili. Nangangati na din ako pumutok. Wala na akong trabaho ng mga oras na yon at pa petiks petiks na lang ako sa opisina. Mainit ang ulo ni boss sa mga ka trabaho ko dahil muntik nang mag back out ang mga kliyente. Na sermonan niya ang mga ito lalo na't mga beterano pa mga ito sa mundo ng Civil Engineering. Patas naman si boss and in fainess di niya binaggit ang pangalan ko na nag areglo ng plano. Ang sabi lang niya "kaya pina areglo ko sa ibang tao". Para maiwasan ang inggit at sabotahe. Makatao at makatarungan si boss pero kailangan mag trabaho ka din.

Dito todo ensayo na ako at panay ang cardio exercises ko. Puro takbo din kasi ang gagawin kaya todo ensayo ko.

After my cardio exercises I went to Camp Bagong Diwa to burn some rounds. I have two 1911 single sta...

Unfair Affair vs.ii

Submitted by on September 27, 2017 (19 days ago)
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It was a boring night, and the usual crowd mixed and matched:
The wicked and witty, the flirts and prudish, the innocent and proud.
There in Chat, met a man and a woman and they kinda jived.
Exchanging friendly banters, two hungry hearts started to connive
Awakening a craving they both thought they could already live without

They met for a cup of coffee and chitchat supposedly.
But what started as friendly became hot and heavy.
A peck in the cheek that soon led to a french kiss bliss
A hand shake that turned into one passionate embrace
Every thrust, elicit heavy breath that sings of carnal grace.

One night only, will they masquerade and play pretend
They both agreed, for two of them, already have a family.
And that sexual escapade - they'd wished could be frozen in time
As their sweating bodies unite, joined as lovers, conjured as one
Their fugitive hearts were freed, to have a taste of sweet ecstasy

But Damn! It was plain to see… that they'd meet again,
For another round of ‘coffee, and another taste of that,
Enticing flavour of flesh carnage, burning their lustful soul
To an ocean of sinful and blinding spiral of sensation
Eyes that knows, snaking in, to the narrow path of the forbidden...

Love Lost And Other Poems (revised edition)

Submitted by on September 15, 2017 (1 month ago)
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For No One

When love has gone

and lovers are estranged,

the words of love once sweetly spoken,

the vows of love so bitterly broken,

the fragments of dreams, and the  promises broken.

Where have they gone?

The look of love, once so intense,

now forever beclouded by tears

for the love they thought would last for years.

The sweet feeling, the tender embrace, the sensual touch,

the soft whisper  and warm  caress

 now  leave a bitter taste of sadness.

Where does love go when its gone? 

Love Lost

wherever you are  now,

i hope  that life has been kind to you,

that you are blessed and happy

as I always pray for you to be.

 how great is my regret  for the love  I   had  once 
the anguish of  knowing  I  passed   that  golden chance.

now, like stardusts  in the darkened  galaxy,

fragments of our moments   will forever be  in my memory ..

haunting  my  nights and my days.. after all these years,

 after all the loves,  after all  the people   through the years,

 nobody has loved me the way you  loved me…..

nobody has gazed upon me with such loving eyes…..

nobody has uttered my name with so much  tenderness



Submitted by on September 12, 2017 (1 month ago)
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Oh my love ‘till I found it to be true
Authentic love is fool, ‘till I met you
Utter myself through this love poesy              
With the charity of plume, merrily

As ‘lil lad Cupid pierced my heartiest loathes
And fair Minerva took my ancient thoughts
Phantom of love, How fierce and fresh art thou
As now you have touched me, naught remain but so

I love thee as a sensation of flame
Thy burning desire of my fancy care
Truly slave of thy solemn rapture’s dare
Could sacrifice my soul in a death’s lair

Thy eyes like lodestar in starry sky
Enlighten my days, even in doom of life
Thy voice, Apollo’s music of melody
Boost roses bloom, in time of June’s frenzy

Nobody can seize me away from thee
Even heralds of Paris and Adonis
For soul of Ars Amandi, I prithee
Kill what I love – a savage jealousy

I shall name this as love-in-idleness
Mad of kind embraces, tempting kisses
Uplift soul to heaven of seraphim
Like love between Xanthippe and Socrates

I will be thy savor of our love’s nest
And this is true not just frivolous jest
For I have thy love whi...


Submitted by on September 9, 2017 (1 month ago)
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For our bond began with Hi and Hello
We chattered and laughed; our mind to and fro
Queer tenderness engulfed my inner core
I am smothered yet craving for more

Heretofore I had sundry paramours
Yet no one likens to you, my darling
Is it lechery or fervent ardor?
Will it last or just another bearing?

I have striven to flee away from you
Disdain this fancy craze, I hold for you
For my heart still trussed with another bloke
Renewing myself for the life he broke

We apprise tales more often till twilight
Grasping each other’s lucid, mighty mind
How dare you to denounce my sanity
Enchanted by your cheerful melody

Your sweet, gentle caresses, appeased me
Your fragrance lingers, it fills my muzzle
I am entranced! Lord! Spare your mercy
For I am still chained, in his profane muddle

In quotidian, the mysteries you convey
The ardent passion, you wholly proclaim
For I am hailed to your poignant domain
Thrilled with euphoria, gushing through my veins

I hear your sighs, your erotic whimpers
Our furtive moments, you soulful whispers
I feel your frantic strokes against my skin
Your fervid yearnings, making me squeal!

Our imminence brings tingling sensation
Driven by prudence; barren of reason
Fornication in the absence of light
It fulfills my ache.. A splendid delight!

Oh my dear,...

Random Untitled Verses

Submitted by on September 8, 2017 (1 month ago)
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She was an angel on my sight,
as she approached me on that night. 
We we're dancing through the moonlight, 
both our hearts raced to our delight. 

As the music slowly changes, 
life has stopped turning it's pages. 
I hold her close, our clasp tightens,
while my heart slowly awaken.

From my silent sleep I awaken

~(based on a certain debut waltz almost a decade ago)...

What's With You?

Submitted by on September 6, 2017 (1 month ago)
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What's With You?What's with you, daughters of Eve?
That sons of Adam crave.
The face of beauty ornamented with smiles,
Could launch a thousand warships across the miles.
Enticing curves enchantingly display
The temptuous challenge to pious' dismay.
The lustful look and luscious lips
Of soft skinned maiden is a welcome bliss.

What's with you, daughters of Eve?
Even sons of God to sin embark.
Contiguous mountains of pleasure
Their peaks promise delight without measure.
Hidden valley of ecstasy between mounds of pleasance
Brings man to the apex of his mountainous passion.

So what's with you daughters of Eve?
That even I do crave.
'Tis the mystery of being,
That I've been seeking without seeing....

Bear With Me, My Love

Submitted by on September 2, 2017 (1 month ago)
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I call myself gullible. You find me naive. All I want is to stay. You always push me away. I chose to be with you. And you said you want me too. Its rather hopeless this feelings I feel, when everything seems unreal. But I don't want you to leave. Let's forget and forgive. I am black to your white. The good in the bad. I came into your life unexpected. Brought chaos in your world then so quiet. Bear with me, my love.I am a mix of uncertainties. Give me patience. Give me time....

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