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Standard Operating Procedure

Submitted by on Friday, 25 May 2018 (1 day ago)
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Lights are dimmed, all alone

Waiting patiently beside my phone

It's been a while, I lost count of the days

But I can still remember the way it taste

Heart starts skipping when the phone is ringing

Eager to get rid of this desperate longing

Hands are shaking picking up the phone

Finally going to hear again your sweet soft moan

I love the way you ask for more

Begging me to make you my whore

And it burns me up when you tell me what to do

Making me wish I was there too

And when your breathing goes rapidly

While you were moaning "cum with me"

With one deep breath you let out a loud moan

While I shoot my load with a long groan

That one brief special moment that we shared

Always thankful for the time you spared

And it never seize to amaze me

Of how passionate an S.O.P can be


Get this (random)

Submitted by on Thursday, 24 May 2018 (2 days ago)
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Today had been purdy rough. We had to go  back to basics as our server was down (since Monday); work flow was just so slow. Sloth did not succumb me tho, but almost. Lol I have realized how I have relied too much on the convenience of technology ang just forgot how to do stuff manually. 

Boss: Hindi ka kasi sanay. 

Lol True! You do not have to rub it on to my face baws. :p

Anyway, good thing however, that I am taking things lightly these days. I am generally happy and calm and at peace in everything so I  just shrug the negatives off and just work as usual. Nobody or nothing could ever ruin my mood just like that unlike before. I feel so detached from anything bad for my mind and emotions. Deadma! So far. 


In a snap things changed  from "I can see myself crumbling down right before my very eyes" to "things are falling into place". Most importantly I stopped dwelling on things that I have no control of  which I could just do so much about. I keep on moving on. Splendid! Prayer is so powerful. I still have so much work to do tho but yeahh, great start. Teehee


I watched all the episodes of Th1rteen R3asons Why, Season 2 in one sitting (seating? dude this is tough, educate moi lol). Binged it! Worth it imho tho some might not agree with me but yep. It's one of the very very few series (that and Metantei Conan) that I am hyping for. Great lessons and values about friends, family love an...


Submitted by on Thursday, 24 May 2018 (2 days ago)
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Always a poet, never a poem
His lost soul never found home
Always the lover, never the love
A cycle of story he always have

Always the searcher, but never missed
He's just there to obey and please
Always running, desperate to hide
So he built a wall and stayed inside

Always the fighter, never the cause
Weary of all the battle that he lost
Always wanting, never wanted
He chose to die alone instead

Always blamed, never a victim
It created demons inside of him
Always the sinner, the unforgiven
Maybe it's time for him to leave again...

Heart's Desire

Submitted by on May 19, 2018 (7 days ago)
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A woman one hundred and ten percent
There is no man who could relent
From pursuing her to the ends of the earth
Through trials of passion, moments of mirth
Happy is the man who holds her near
Who says to her, "Your are my dear"
Who lies within her warm embrace
To kiss her lips and pretty face

To touch her skin and cum within
And shed tears for what has been
There is a moment sacred and rare
That one may share with his lady fair
After that there is no escape
The heart does want and will not wait
So my sweet, be not surprised
My need for you will not subside

In my passion there is one place
That you know is your lovely face
Your smile and laugh, your voice so grand
Is it any wonder you make me stand
And bow before your figure neat
Then my knees to kiss your feet
Forgive me when my love can't wait
There is no question, you are my fate

There is a magic when I'm inside
A special feeling that I can not hide
My darling sometimes I can not wait
I may cum to soon, sometimes to late
Forgive me if my heart does rule
My penis plays me for a fool
That's why I suck your little peach
To make sure you are served with relief
After several times you've org

Devil's Lullaby

Submitted by on May 18, 2018 (8 days ago)
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Hush little baby it's time to die
As you dream of a broken butterfly
When you lay down and start to cry
Whisper the devil's lullaby

Hushabye baby you're almost dead
Laying on a pool that is scarlet red
Dreaming of a blood trickling down
Stay beneath it until you drown

Silver moon shining so bright
Scarlet blood that feels so right
As the moonlight's shining off your tears
You started screaming your own worst fears

Rockabye baby broken and scarred
Nobody told you life would be so hard
Time to end the pain that you hid so well
And down will come baby straight back to hell...

The Fitness Program - 3

Submitted by on May 14, 2018 (11 days ago)
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The Fitness Program - 3My heart froze! From the look on her face, I could tell that Josie's had too.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh please! I saw you two leave together that day, then I saw you go into the CR a few days later.... Really? The CR?" she laughed, "and I watched you in the woods... I know you're both married..." 

There was no denying it, this hot young lady knew what she was talking about.

"So... what is it that you want?"

"I want my dream to come true... my fantasy. I want to make love with a woman... an Asian woman." She looked at me and added, "I'll take you too if that's the only way I can get her."

"Let's walk..." I said and the three of us hit the track.

"I'm Beth, I'm 18 and I live over there on Silver Oak. My daddy is chairman of the island city council. I just graduated high school, ya know? and don't start college 'till fall. I'm bored...."


"And I've been wanting to try girl to girl for a few years now, but I don't want it to be with someone I know, like someone from school... ya know? and I don't want a total stranger either, ew... I'm scared of diseases and sickos, ya know? So I figure you two are alright, safe, ya know? and you're only here for sex anyway...."  she looked at my beer belly....  "plus, she is gorgeous!", she gestured toward Josie.

"Uhm, she has a name, this is Josie... you don't have to talk as though s...

The Fitness Program - 2

Submitted by on May 13, 2018 (12 days ago)
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The Fitness Program - 2The fitness program was already paying dividends. I felt great, and even my wife said I appeared less-stressed and more youthful. Syempre, she didn't know the real reason. Josie and I were already into our second week of "extra activities" and besides the physical benefit, we were getting to know each other intimately. It seemed both of us were starved for honest and real communication, neither had any meaningful talk with anyone for so long. We discovered a lot about each other.

I learned that she was practically a prisoner in the huge gated house, mansion if you will. Hubby didn't allow her any friends, especially other Pinay. He decided her food and activities, and even the music she listened to. He was over-protective, overbearing, jealous and controlling. It took some doing for him to even allow her to go the park to exercise. He gave her everything she wanted or needed... except for the freedom to be herself. She was afraid to express herself in any way uniquely personal, as she was sure he wouldn't approve. He had two grown kids near her age, a boy and girl, and they hated her. They referred to her as "The Gold Digger" even when she was within earshot. They didn't understand that he had pursued her, not the other way around. She was miserably trapped, and I really felt for her. I hated her husband.

We were becoming close emotionally. Physically, so far she and I had shared my truck (the parking lot blowjob), the public CR, and a...

The Fitness Program

Submitted by on May 11, 2018 (14 days ago)
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The Fitness ProgramI'm James, 57, and I live on a tropical island off the coast of Florida USA. I'm not the type of person you would typically find living on an upscale island, but I got here by hard work, good decisions and a lot of luck. A "blessing" perhaps, if you are among the faithful. I recently retired and have already accomplished a long list of projects and upgrades around the house. I expected my list would take a year to complete, but five months later I found myself bored, sitting by the pool and drinking way too much whiskey and beer.

I don't socialize much on the island. The people here aren't like me. For one thing, the lifestyle here begins at upper middle-class and goes up from there. These aren't the type of people I associate with, or can relate to. They don't work with their hands as I do. The only reason I chose to live here is to use my home as an investment as I upgrade it. I don't fit in well with these people, they live in fantasyland and have no idea what life is like for normal people in the real world.

Now, with so much time on my hands and no one to spend it with except beer and Jack Daniels, I've been putting on the weight. I caught a glimpse of my shadow the other day and was appalled at my size! I decided I was going to have to something about it. There's a park nearby, where all the snooty upscale soccer moms take their spoiled pre-schoolers to play, and/or to walk briskly around the track in their cute but hot expensive active...

Young Love at 40

Submitted by on May 6, 2018 (20 days ago)
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That familiar tingling feeling
Heart beats fast.. butterflies in the stomach
The goosebumps.. the blushing
Just a glimpse.. and its like youre having an attack

Oh I missed this, the magic of young love
A place full of roses, without care
When you're with each others arms
Against all odds... you dont give a fucking damn!

Innocent and pure.. naahh
Uncontrollable, rebellious.. yup
But who cares about what they think.. not us
We love each other too much

We build our world with every kiss.. every touch
Block by block with hope.. cemented it with trust
Until it grows bigger.. bigger than we can imagine
But....., the inevitable will come

You're twenty years late
You're free... Im not
And this young love at 40 will fade
Like a teener's dream it'll crash

Then we realize, what we build is just a sand castle..
Easily washed away by waves
Unrelenting... unforgiving sadness, ensues
That'll consume us.. bitter tears.. bitter end.....

Best Friends Forever

Submitted by on May 3, 2018 (23 days ago)
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Best Friends ForeverMatt and Meghan were best friends. Neighbors since birth, they first started playing together in the playpen while their mothers socialized. As they grew, many of their "firsts" had been together; first words, first steps, first teeth loss, and they started kindegarten and then school together.

As nature is, Meghan started puberty first and they slightly grew apart for a while, as she sometimes found him childish and annoying. But he soon caught up to her, and she appreciated the way he stuck by her and was protective of her as he was becoming a man. They were closer than brother and sister, as they shared all their secrets together along with their hopes and dreams. But still, they never felt attracted to each other sexually, or even if they did, they kept it to themselves. It felt like their relationship was beyond romance, that they didn't need that element in order to be intimate. It was as though being sexual would cheapen their relationship, like being horny would somehow diminish what they shared.

Matt was tall and broad-shouldered, a good looking kid with a toned body. Meghan was petite and pretty, with striking eyes and a cute little figure. They looked great together and the incredible bond they shared was so obvious that they were often mistaken as either siblings or a couple. 

After graduation, the two decided to go on a trip to blow off steam and celebrate. They saved their money and finally decided on a day trip to an island t...

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