Zhenzheng Di Meili (True Beauty)

August 16, 2014 (2 years ago)
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Last week, birthday ng kababata kong si Jeff kaya tinext ko siya.

   "Happy birthday, BFF! More babies to come! Este, more birthdays pala! Have a blast, Batang Ama! :D"

Two weeks prior to his birthday, I received a somehow "madramang" text message from him.

   Him: If you still consider me as your bestfriend, reply to this message ASAP
   Me: Of course, you're still my BFF! Duh?
   Him: Ok. Pick you up at 7.

He fetched me and we ended up at Coffee Bean.

   "So ano'ng problema?" I asked.
   "Buntis ang girlfriend ko."

I stared at him in awe. Nung maka-recover na `ko, I asked him, "Ikaw ang dad?" May reputation kasi of being promiscuous yung girlfriend niya.

   "Of course."
   "Ah, so how's Macy? Ilang months na ba ang baby?"
   "Si Macy? Hell no, not that bitch!" He snapped.

He got his phone and showed me the photo of his new girlfriend. He looked so proud. He was beaming with joy.

I have to be really honest, his girlfriend is not that pretty. Maputi oo, pero hindi exceptional yung kagandahan unlike her ex-girlfriend Macy.

Hindi ako nakatiis, I spoke to him with the very sweet voice I could muster.

   "Uhmm, BFF, don't get offended ha? I have always been straightforward to you naman. Uhm, how should i say this ba..."
   "That she's not that pretty compared to my past girlfriends?" He filled in.

I just smiled and nodded apprehensively.

   "For the first time in my life, I felt so happy. Mabait siya. Maalaga. Hindi siya demanding. Never siya nagdemand ng kung anu-ano. Hindi siya addict sa make-up, sa pagpapapayat, sa designer bags o sapatos. Simple lang talaga siya. She has true beauty, not the superficial one."

The above-stated conversation struck me. I must admit, I am guilty of some things. I love to shop. I love bags, shoes, dresses, and all the fancy girl-stuff. In my defense, I use my own money (well, my parents' money, but still not from any guy). I'm also a diet freak. Natatakot akong tumaba ulit gaya nung highschool pa ako. If I feel like I'm getting fat, I immediately go on a crash diet and drink only non-fat milk for lunch and dinner. When I take selfies while perceiving that I'm fat, I tend to ask myself,
"Am I taking a selfie or a siopao?" Hahaha.

Tsk. See? Very superficial.

To the girls out there, I believe that guys would still admire us even if we're not covered in layers of make-up or adorned with fancy and designer clothes or signature items. Our best asset is the fact that we are women and we are of great value.

Cliche as it may sound but beauty is indeed skin deep. I have known quite a lot of pretty women and most of them have personalities which are the total opposite of their physical appearance.

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