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Z-files (aisle 13)I am an nbi agent, newly bar passer, recently promoted to SPECIAL agent. 
its a tough job, on a tougher world, i was taught in PMA to serve the country, i was taught in my college years how people think, how politics works, and how to speak multiple languages, i was taught in law school  well, the law.

Great academics? Great background? B.S. (bull sh*t)

I thought i have everything i can know in my law school, their OJT are real life, they have apprenticeship, unheard of in a law school. I get to sue people, technically without even passing the bar, the nitty gritty of law, and my field experience in the PMA, thinking in my feet, thinking while sleeping, surviving. College life i thought i was good with social interactions, half was learned through various gurus not school related. I thought i was ready. 


Enough about me. Here is my story and i was promoted as soon as soon as day 1

As i enter the office of the NBI in ermita i was greeted by a mild mannered, stunning woman, their receptionists.
She was polite, welcoming, and again, stunning. My eyes were glued to her. Everyone in the vicinity instantly vanished. Literally. gone were the busy people milling about, gone were the long lines of civiliansgetting their clearance, of the other agents going in and out of the office. But what struck me the most was the noise, the loud noise of a crowded people, it was gone. 

Then she stood up and went out of her desk, i saw her curves and tight dress, topped with blazer, all formal yet still alluring.
she smiled, and i swore, i have to close my eyes a bit, for her teeth shone, pearly white, and even. A most welcoming smile.
She reached her hand, and intrudeced herself.

"Im Aludra, and you must be...?"

I tooker her hand, she had a firm grasp, and cold hands.

"I am Ken, i have an appointment with Mr. Andres, i have a recomendation from Mr. Quezon"
I cant help but smile at her.

I took the letter from my bag, and noticed the seal, it was a seal unknown to me, semblance of the KKK in the olden times, but with a burning halo, then it just glowed, the halo, first time it happened, my eyes grew wide, but i quickly perished the thought, it could be just the light playing tricks one me. Then handed it to her.

She took it then smiled, opened the seal, envelope and a small smoke emanated from the envelope.
she read the letter, then looked at me, then frowned, she did a double take on the letter, then looked at me again, herface displayed disbelief. 

I was frowning now, since it was quiet, too quiet and no one was around us, plus thefact that she opened the letter, im pretty sure, no receptionist can read any letter, but she did, like second nature.

She looked around the room, as if justnow noticing the emptines of the place, then looked at me again, now smiling, then said.

"You must be the one Mr. Andres told me about, do hou find anything strange? Mr. Ken?

as i open my mouth, everything appeared. The people, the guards, thecivilians, the agents, and most importantly, the noise.
I got startled, and just answered

"yes, everything is fine" i whispered it.

it could be the heat, the  radio was complaining of the heat anyway, plus its the noon, and alot of people are present, yes it must have been the heat, im not seeing things.

She then took me by the back and guided me towards the elevator, people came out and we entered, then as others were tojoin us, she held her hand, smiled then said, 
"Its an emergency, sa susunod na lang kayo, may pababa na rin naman po"

A lot frowned at first, how dare she took an entire elevator with only two people?! People are busy!
but her voice, so calm, sweet and...well alluring, quelled any protest, even other women smiled at her, urging most men to stay behind. 

As the elevator closes, i heard two elevator opens, and now we are alone again.

"Ganyan talaga dito, mababait mga tao, akala mo lang hindi kasi nga seryoso sila, pero hindi, masarap mag trabaho dito mejo busy nga lang, konti kasi mga nag aaply"

I heard her saying, 

we are alone, in the elevator, going to the top floor, and i can smell her, it was...lemon when i first gota whiff of her, then it was strawberry, her perfume was  intoxicating.
Suddenly she stumbled to me, then i smelled vanilla, my crotch became tight then, as she straightened herself, i felt her lips brush to my neck, and lips then my ears. I held my breath, i was...being seduced? Or was it just an accident?

"Hmmm... Mr. Ken, i like your cologne, smells of rain, not overpowering"
She whispers

we are close to each other, i can fell her hair brush to me head, smell her hair, it was, strawberry, intoxicating, i tried to move away, but she held me close, she had a strong gripmof my shoulder, i cannot move.

"Look into my eyes" 

i did, it was, hypjotic, her eyes was like a vortex, sucking me, drowning me, i looked away, lest i get sucked too deep, unable to control myself, and drown in her eyes.

my breath became labored, i looked at her left hand, only one ring, and its in her pinky, no traces of any rings in her hand, funny thats what i looked for immediately.

then i felt her other hand cupped my chin, firm and strong, i was forced to look at her,
i looked into her lips, it was red and full, then i noticed her strong and delicate jaw, then her nose, tiny, cute, then her eyes, there my breathing stopped, i felt weak, it is like my energy is being drained, oh so slowly, but i was feeling... euphoric, it was like the feeling after you cum, draining yet satisfying.

i felt her hand released my jaw, then she felt ,pulled me towards her, closer i can smell her, i can feel her body pressed against mine, sweat ran down my spine, as felt her boobs pressed to my shoulder, her legs felt my tightening crotch, i dont care now if my shirt get creased, or it was awkward, or we are in the elevator, all i care now is i kiss her, and fuck her, in the elevator.

She closed her eyes, i saw her lips opening, inviting me to kiss her, i did, i felt her lips, sensual, hot, i entered my tounge and found hers, waiting, i pulled it into my mouth and sucked it, my hands enveloped her, pushing me closer, i felt she rubbed her hand in my crotch, i felt for her boobs, it was firm, it was big enough in my hand, a perfect fit.

then she took her tounge away, and she sucked my tounge, i felt my knees shake, i nearly buckled, we pulled eachnother closer, then i felt something sharp graze my lips, she stopped kissing me, looked me in the eyes, i see her panting, out of breath, more beautiful, glowing even, she licked her lips, then kissed my lips, sucked them, my vision blurred, my energy slowly escapes me, as my knees started to buckle, she held me stronger, kissing me, sucking my lips , not wanting me to go, as i lose my vision, getting black, i heard the elevator chimes, 


I quickly regained my senses, tried to push her away albeit weakly, then miraculously she released me, she smiled, licked her lips, then straightened her blazer and dress, and as the door opened, she gotmout first, jot bothering to wait for me.

i stood inside the elevator, dumbfounded, i shook my head, straightened my shirt, and sleeve and followed her, i saw her in front of a big room, an old lady behind the desk was typing furiously, she stopped as she heard me, since my shoes was loud as it stike the hardwood floor, the old lady looked at me, surprise in her eyes, then picked up the phone.

"Mr. Andres, you have a visitor"
 Then she hung up.

she motioned me to sit, then looked at Aludra, and she winked at her, they both giggled.

I moved towards the couch, my vision recovering, my knees gettimh sturdier by the step, and my strenght, slowly recovering, but i still sat down quickly, i was sweating, then Aludra came over, offered me a glass of water.

"Ill go check on him, hintay ka lang dito, Mr. Ken"

She handed me the glass  them she knoced twice at the big door, then enterered, the woman, looked at me, as if observing me, then continued typing, ignoring me.
which i was glad. The events at the elevator took a toll on me, i was still short of breath.
i drank the water then i noticed that my lip was bleeding, it was healing, but i bleed alot as my lips touched water, i just dabbed it with my kerchief.

i looked around the room, it was big, it has white wallpaper, and some sculptures, it was very rich room.
i wondered how can a government office have this much money for decoration? The painting alone, was a work of Luna, and it is millions of peso, i read the plaque, and it was near me, there are other paintings and sculptures in the room, i recognized some of them, but it was supposed to be either, lost, unfinished, unnamed, and or stolen. Most were made by our heroes, those i can recognize.

I stood up, walked, appraisingnvery piece, some have plaques that tells who made it, how much it was and otherninformation, others are just there, but all were old, and i believe, precious. I saw the sword of magellan, the shield of lapu lapu, the pen of rizal, the actual cedula that bonifacio tore, all laid there, with plaques, but what took my sight was a giant bird, the philippine eagle, a statue, wingspan open, proud and ferocious, i ws about to touch it when the door opened, and Aludra came out.

"Mr. Andres will see you now"


I sat opposite of him, we were divided by a large desk, he in a barong, me in a longsleeve shirt, he has a monockle, i have my shades, though it was inside my bag, he was reading my resume, the letter of recomendation was open, apparently forgotten.
He looked up, looked at me straight in the eye, his eyes has a quiete intensity, commanding, his spoke, and his voice though archaic, commands respect, sure, calm.

"Mr. Ken, ang division namen ay, kakaiba, mga maliliit na bagay ang ginagawa namin, pero pag hindi ito nagawa, ay malaki ang epekto, nakita ko na kwalipikado ka, pero..."

He burned my resume, then continued..

"Walang silbi sakin ang mga ito, sabihin mo Ginoo, ano ba ang naisip mo at pumunta ka sa opisina namin?"

He was waiting for me to answer, i held myself as i saw my resume turn to ash.

"Sinabihan po ako ni mr. Quezon na kung gusto ko ng sagot ay dito ko po makukuha"

He smiled, then laughed, he motioned Alludra who was standing over a tablr to come over, they whispered, then both looked at me, Alludra was shocked, mr. Andres was just smiling.

"Sige, simple muna ang ibibigay ko sayo, pagkatapos nito ay magusap tayo ku g gusto mo sumali sa dibisyon namin."

He stood up, reached my hand and shook it, i was still sitting.

'Sir Andres, siguro naman po, nabasa nyo ang sulat ni Mr. Quezon at ang paunang sulat ko, madami po akong tsnong, at naniniwala ako kay Mr. Quezon na dito ko makikita lahat." 
 I told him as i stood, not be disrespectful, people lkke him, based on what ive seen, you do not disrespect.

"Oo, pero, gawin mo muna ito, ang paunang bayad ay nasa loob na din, sasamahan ka ni Alludra"
he handed me a manila envelop, it was heavy, and i was ushered out by Alludra.

I was left alone outside again, and waited.
i stood up as soon as i saw the door opening, then she exited, her clothes changed, to a more field suited dress, still sexy though, as she sports a wind breaker, that highlighghts her curves.

"You're still here? Come follow me"
Her voice sweet and she sported a smile.

She closed the door behind her, waived goodbye to the old lady, then took me again by the arm and headed back to the elevator, i was quietly expexting something tonhappen inside but she wss just quiet, and everytime i try to speak to her she looks at me, and i see something that makes me hold my tounge, we went directly to the basement.

She walked away, as soon as the door opens, and went straight to a car, it was a black, shiny mazda, doors opened,and she motioned me to enter. We exited the building and i saw it was getting dark. She looked out as well, then to her watch, then she just clicked her tounge.

Stuck in traffic, i read the report given to me, i felt im a detective, a,paid one, it doesnt sit well with me. But i read it as well, i have no voice in the operation apparently, since everytime i looked at her and asked question, i was asked by either a yes, no or silence.

The report read 

*name: Dela Cruz, Maria
              Service crew sa Puregold

Wala sa normal na teritoryo, bilang ng nawawala ay tumaas simula nang, lumipat sa ***, hindi agresibo, ngunit karamihan sa mga nawawala ay nanggagaling muna sa PureGold, na pjnapasukan niya at duon nirereport na nawawala.
May permiso ng konseho na bisitahin at alamin.

...note... Nakausap na lahat ng pinag susupetsyahan, liban sa nasa taas, walang ibang makitang dahilan, liban sa kanya.*

We stopped at the PureGold, and went directly to inside and asked for her, we found her in an alley while she was cleankng some stocks, she looked up, saw us, then ran away, Alludra followed quickly, i went the other way, hoping to box her, i saw her enter aisle 13 whch i followed, then asmi turn, i felt someone choke me, i turn and saw her, a smile lady, pretty eyes, her one arm locked tight in my neck, unable to breath i tried to break her grip  but as if her srm was made of steel, i struggled, then she heaved me, and threw me into the stocks, it was water. 

Coughing i saw her again, going after me, then heaved me, slammed me to the floor, i lost vision for a bit, then i greabbed a bottle of water, slammed it to her, she stood up, i crawled away, throwing every tjing my hand touches, water bottles were being ripped open, then she lunged at me. I close my eyes.

i smelled her, and instantly as if i was in a different place, i felt my back in a ring of green soft grass, i can still feel her bodyclose to mine, my shirt wet, then i felt something heavy pushed me into the ground, i opened my eyes i see her, now naked. I lost control, i was horny  my body and dick was urging me to fuck someone, anyone, all i can think of was pleasure, pussy, boobs, and womans cum.

i smelled her, she smelled fresh spring, her body slim, with some green and when my skin touches it, it felt like fur, soft and smooth. She kissed me, i found her lips, sweet as honey, soft as cotton, the she spit at my mouth, a felt my crotch tighten, i looked around expecting open bottles, and tiles, i saw trees, circling us, green grass at my back.

she kissed me again, her arms pinned me to the ground, i was unable to move, but i felt hot, my dick was growing uncomfortbly big, she then reaches for my pants, opend my zipper then she went down on me, 

 she sucked my dick, like a plant, sucking the water dry, i felt my dick getting harder, as she sucked me
Her tounge was long, soft, embraces my dick, as if masterbating me, then she sucked me again.. harder this time..

i moaned.. and moaned.. i felt myself cumming, had my precum juice burst.

then she stopped, she  pinned me again in my chest, she strandled me, went on top, cupped my hands, guided it to ner breast, soft, firm, warm, inviting...
 I felt her pussy rubbing in my dick, her juices, flowing freely, it seems her aroma, her saliva, her juices, everything about herurges me to fuck, i want to enter her, my body was urging me, her body was inviting me, she bent down, i sucked her nipples as i mash her boobs, i tasted something sweet, invigorating, like honey, from her nipples, i sucked hard and fast, like a baby.

She moaned now,

Her moan was like the birds chirping, sweetly.

i felt her pussy suck my dick inside, it was warm, wet, she went to me up and down, grinding her body to mine, 
i was being raped by someone, so beautiful, so horny, so rough, as if she hasnt fucked, and her pussy wants it all,
it was sucking me, sucking my dick, her juices flowing freely, too much, like a river, my pants were getting... Read More

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