You Own Me 5

February 22, 2015 (3 years ago)
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“Is that my son calling? Hmp! How convenient…” inis na sagot ng matanda. “Turn the volume of your phone to speaker so I can hear him too,” bulong ng matanda kay Lovelee.

At this point Lovelee seems to recover from her trance-like lust at tila natauhan nang makita ang pangalan ni Nick sa phone kaya biglang tinabig niya ang nakapulupot na braso at hita ng don sabay upo nito, mildly surprising the don.

“H-Hello…Nick?” sabay tingin sa relo sa bedside table niya. It was 7 am already.

“Hi babe…how are you? I am sorry I wasn’t able to skype you this morning. The laptop conked out, so I had to bring it to a technician. So for now we will have to do with the cellphones…”

“Where are you now?”

“Am about to go to school. Just showered. How about you?”

‘Um…kagigising ko lang. Am about to work too.”

“How’s dad? How is he doing?”

Biglang inabot ni Demetrious ang kamay nito sa hiwa ni Lovelee at sinimulang himasin ito. Kahit anong tabig ang gawin ng babae ay hindi nagpaawat ang matanda lalo na nang ipasok ng don ang makapal na mga daliri niya sa namamasang umbok nito.


“Hey...what happened?”

“Uhhh…natapilok ako…I sprained my ankle…” palusot ni Lovelee sabay higa niya habang patuloy na pini-finger ng don ang basa na niyang lagusan na sinabayan pa niya ng pagsipsip sa kaliwang utong nito kaya muntik na namang mapaungol ang babae kung hindi niya agad natakpan ang bibig niya.

“Are you alright? Call the family doctor. Tell Alfredo at once…”

“N-no…its, ok, just mild sprain…hahhh…I can…unghhh…I can manage…uhhhh…”

The don went back to her pussy and started licking making her eyes roll out in ecstasy.

“Nick…ummm…babe…can ask you something?”

“Sure…what is it?”

“Is…unhhh…is your father a womanizer?”

Bahagyang napatawa si Nick. “Well, you’re the one near him. What do you think?”

“Well, I think he is…”

“Why do you say that?”

The don stood up, his hardened cock pointing at his daughter-in-law’s face.

“Because…he is seducing me…”

Medyo tumahimik ang kabilang linya nang ilang segundo.

“N-Nick? Are you still there?”

“Uh-uh. Well, I am not surprised if he does seduce you. After all, you are the one who said that he is a womanizer.”

Medyo na-surprise si Lovelee sa sagot ng asawa niya.

“Why…why would you say that?”

“For one, he is a widower. For many years after my mother died, he should have married, but he didn’t. I guess he loves my mom very much. No one can replace her. Although he is loyal to my mom even in death, he is not loyal to his body. He even admitted to me that he needs a ‘companion’ every once in a while. That’s why he has Andiram, Chelsea, Janet, Olgina, etc., the staff that came and went.”

The don began combing her hair and pulling her chin to let her face come near his thick cock.

“If he does seduce me…what do you think he would do to me?” Lovelee was pushing the old man away.

“He would seduce you like what he did to Andiram.”

Si Andiram na naman. Napabuntunghininga si Lovelee nang lumuhod ang don sa harapan niya at sinimulang dilaan at sipsipin uli ang mga malulusog niyang mga suso.

“Uhmmm…like how?”

“I saw him one time. It was my first time to travel abroad and I have to say my goodbye to dad when I accidentally saw him and Andiram in his studies. I was about to knock at the door when I found out it was partly open so I went inside but stopped when I saw them at the office table so I watched them through the narrow opening of the door.”

“Hahhh…and what did you see there?”

“I saw Dad standing and naked, his large cock…wow…what a cock…poking at Andiram…his back turned, facing me while Andiram was busy staring at my dad’s cock that’s why they were not aware I was watching…”

Hearing his son’s conversation, the don tried to re-enact what his son was describing.

“Pervert…hehehe...” was the don’s reaction to his son’s story.

“…as Andiram, smiling, went for his cock, grabbed it, and started rubbing his manhood.”

Napahinga nang malalim si Lovelee nang inabot ng don ang kamay niya at ipinahawak ang naninigas niyang titi. Bagamat nag-aalangan si Lovelee, wala siyang magawa dahil natatangay na rin siya ng kuwento ng asawa.

“And when Andiram made sure his cock was rock hard, she opened her mouth wide to welcome my dad’s cock, and started sucking it up to the base…”

Napapikit na lang si Lovelee nang sinunggaban ng don ang ulo niya at itinulak papalapit sa naninigas niyang titi. Tulad sa kwento ng kanyang asawa, binuka rin niya ang kanyang bibig para tanggapin ang mainit na batuta ng kanyang biyenan.


“Does the sprain still hurts? Are you in pain sweetheart?”

“Ohhh…a bit baby. Wow…dad is a real lover boy despite his age…uhhhh…hmmm…” said Lovelee as she quickly pulled her mouth from the don’s cock.

“Heheh. That’s my dad, the real deal. A ladies’ man…”

“W-What happened next?”

“Do you really want to know more?”

“Yes…your father’s sex life is so…exciting to hear…” sabi Lovelee habang binabayo uli niya ito at nakatingala sa nakangiting mukha ng matanda.

“Hmmm…you’re getting into it, don’t you? If you do, then I would be jealous…or even angry if I find out you’re lusting at my dad.”

“No! don’t be, I…I want to pretend that you are the one doing me…and I am Andiram. What happened next baby?”

“Dad thrusted his hips faster and faster at Andiram’s face and mouth as if he was fucking a pussy. Andiram was helpess because dad was holding her head like a clamp as he face-fuck her…”

Ipinasok uli ng don ang titi niya sa bibig ni Lovelee kaya nagulat ito kaya nabitawan niya ang cellphone. Mabuti nga lang at bumagsak ito sa kutson kaya walang narinig na lagabog si Nick. Gaya sa kwento ng lalaki, kinantot nang mabilis ng don ang bibig ni Lovelee. Gusto mang kumawala ni Lovelee ay hindi niya magawa dahil mahigpit ang pagkakahawak ng don sa ulo niya kaya napahawak na lang nang mariin si Lovelee sa bewang ng matanda.

“Umphhh! Hummm! Ohhhh!”

“…I notice dad, his eyes flipped upward his moans turned to growl as he fucked her for a few minutes until his body spasmed like he was having a seizure. Andiram closed her eyes and quietly sat there. She holding dad’s hips tightly. He was saying something to her but I can’t hear it. I knew he came in Andiram’s mouth…”

Tila magaling sa tyempo si Demetrious dahil ilang minutong paglabas-masok ng titi niya sa bibig ni Lovelee ay pumuslit din ang mainit niyang tamod sa loob ng bibig ng kanyang batang manugang.

“Ahhhh! Fuck! Now swallow it Maḯou kori̱ - se-dikaiou…slowly…relax…ughhh that feels good….hahhh….”

Kahit hirap ay pinilit ni Lovelee na lunukin ang mainit-init at naghalong pait at alat ang katas ng don. Napasinghap siya nang malalim nang maubos niya ang nasa loob ng bibig niya.

“Honey? Are you there? Hello…”

Biglang nagsenyas ang don na huwag maingay dahil medyo nabilaukan si Lovelee sa paglulon ng tamod ng matanda. Maya maya pa at sinisenyasan niya si Lovelee na ituloy lang ang pag-uusap niya sa asawa.

“Uh…uhmm…y-yes darling. I just drank my warm milk. Damn you Nick, you always make me horny…umhhh…” Lovelee was in a hypnotic like state as she grabs the don’s cock and started rubbing it while the old man was contented mashing her breasts and sucking each on her nipples.

“You made me horny too darling. It’s just sad I can’t go back there at once to hold you and make love to you…”

“What happened next between dad and Andiram?” Namilog ang bibig ni Lovelee nang pinaspasan ang pagfingger sa kanya kaya sumumpit ang katas niya na nagpabasa sa kubrekama.

“You already know that, darling…”

“But…I want to know how your father did it!” pasigaw na at halos pautos ang tono ng babae.

“Damn you Lovelee…now I am masturbating. Even I am affected by my story…”

“Oh please continue…I promise when you come home I will give all my time making love to you…hmmm…” nang magkaharap ang mga mukha nila ay biglang inilabas ng don ang dila niya sabay sipsip naman ni Lovelee dito.

“Okay, okay. Dad still has some juice keft in him because his cock is stull rock hard from cumming. She pushed Andiram on his office table and spread her legs…”

At tulad nga ng sinabi ni Nick, ginaya na naman ito ni Demetrious.

“…and sucked on her nipples for a few minutes as he began rubbing his monster cock on Andiram’s very wet slit…”

“Ohhh…Nick…I wish you were here…if dad continues to seduce me…I…I don’t know…”

“Ah, my darling. If dad would have sex with you I would know…with dad’s massive cock…I will know…”

Biglang napatigil si Demetrious sa pagtarak niya sa hiwa ng kanyang manugang kaya sinenyasan na niya si Lovelee na putulin na ang pag-uusap nila.

“I-I’m sorry Nick I said that…don’t worry…I will always love you…I have to go now, dad texted me to give him some documents…”

“Okay my love. I’ll call or skype you again soon. Bye…”

Pinatay na rin ni Lovelee ang phone sabay higa uli nito sa kama habang niyakap naman siya ng don at malambing na hinihimas ang kanyang hiwa.

“You heard your son. We can’t do this. I am the wife of your son. You cannot betray the trust of your son.”

“Ah, but I cannot, do not, and will not betray my son. Ever. But can you betray yourself? Can you deny the lust inside you? Hmmm?” sabay kanti na naman ng don sa kuntil niya na nagpapakatas na naman sa kanya. Halatang basang basa na ang nasa pagitan ng kanyang hiwa hanggang sa paligid ng kanyang pwet dahil sa sobrang kalibugan.

Napakagat-labi si Lovelee habang hawak ang brasong kinakanti ng matanda sa kuntil niya hanggang sa mapaungol na naman siya dahil sa orgasmo.

“Ah, you can speak of faithfulness and love and trust to your husband but you cannot deny what your body is telling you…hmmm…”

“But…dad…Nick said he will know if I have had sex with you…And I agree with him. With your cock that thick and massive…”

“I know that. He is my son after all. But I will ask you again. Do you want this cock inside you…?”


“Answer me…” biglang napaigtad si Lovelee nang ipinasok na ni Demetrious ang middle finger niya sa butas ng tumbong nito at dumasdos hanggang sa kalahati. Tulad ng pag-fingger ng matanda sa pekpek niya, mabilis din niya itong hinugot-binaon na parang ari niya.

“Y-Yes...YES! Damn it!”

“Do you trust me that Nick will never find out about us?”


“Ahhh…my darling…” sabay nakipaglaplapan ng halik si Lovelee sa kaniyang biyenan. Ilang minuto silang nakapulupot sa isa’t-isa hangang sa utusan ng don si Lovelee na humiga ito nang maayos. Hinila niya ang makinis na hita ng manugang sa gilid ng kama at itinaas ito para bumuka nang husto ang kanyang pekpek.

“I want you to finger your pussy for me…”

Ganoon nga ang ginawa ni Lovelee. Mapungay na ang mga mata niya sa sarap na ginagawa niya sa sarili habang jinajakol naman ng matanda ang kanyang naghuhumindig na tarugo.

“Anuman ang mangyari, tatanggapin ko na lang…” sabi ni Lovelee sa sarili at lalo pang ipinabukahan ang hiwa niya niya.

Lying on the bed in a starfish-like posture, Lovelee nervously awaited the incoming monster that would possibly destroy her relationship with Nick. At bakit naging risk-taker siya ngayon? Bakit willing si Lovelee na ibigay ang kanyang pagkababae sa kanyang biyenan, knowing na kapag nangyari iyon, ay magiging katapusan na ng kanilang samahan bilang mag-asawa?

“But you…you are special.”

“Me? Why?”

“Primarily, madame, you are his daughter-in-law. And the don has taken a great interest in you. My only advice from you is that do not fall in love with him.”

“I…I love you Don Demetrious…” luhaang sinabi ni Lovelee sa sarili sabay ipinikit ang mata nang mariin nang maramdaman ang mala-bombilyang ulo ng don na marahang kinikiskis sa ibabaw ng hiwa niya.

Pero laking gulat niya nang dumausdos ang titi ng biyenan niya papunta sa butas ng tumbong niya at doon iginiit ang pagbaon kaya nagulat siya sa pagpilit ng don na maipasok ito doon.

“W-Wait…wait dad, ahhhh….don’t! It hurts there…ahhhh…” pilit na iniiwas ni Lovelee ang tumbong niya palayo sa kanyang biyenan lalo na nang maramdaman niya ang saglit na pagbaon ng ulo ng matanda.

“Ah skyla mou…I thought you want this?”

“Y-Yes…No! I don’t know…”

“I promised that we will not betray Nick’s trust. If we have sex anally, your vagina will be intact. That way Nick will not find out we make sex, yes?”

“But dad…”

“I am done explaining the ramifications to you my DAUGHTER-IN-LAW,” diin na banggit ng don patungkol sa kanya, tanda ng pagkairita kay Lovelee.

“So I will ask you again. Do you want me to fuck you or not?!” Pasigaw na tanong ng matanda.

“Dad…please…f-fuck me…FUCK ME NOW!”

Tila baliw na natawa sa sarili ang matanda habang nagmamadaling lumuhod ito at agad na itinutok ang nangangalit niyang titi sa basambasang tumbong ni Lovelee. Dahil malaki talaga ang titi ng don, nakailang tangka ito ng pagbaon hanggang sa unti unti niyang naipasok ang ulo ng titi niya.


“Relax polytima skyla mou…you can take it…there, there…um…ump..ump…!”

Unti unting kinakadyot ng matanda ang titi niya hanggang sa mangalahati na ito. Lalo pang itinaas ng don ang mga hita niya para masigurong bukang buka ang tumbong niya para mabawasan ang kirot sa pwet nito.

“Ahhh…there you go…relax darling…I’ll be gentle with you…” sabay dapa kay Lovelee na umuungol sa kirot kaya hinalikan niya ito nang marubdob habang nilalamas ang magkabilang suso ng manugang.

The don started whispering sweet nothings into Lovelee’s ears, assuring her, seducing her as he continuously pounded her wide-gap anus. Lately she realized she was enjoying his passionate comfort as his slow pounding into her became faster and faster. Later, Lovelee realized that pounding her anally by his father-in-law has the same pleasure, even more, as pounding her by Nick in her pussy. A minute later she had multiple orgasm that made her weak and exhausted.

“D-dad, please cum in me…I-I want your come now…I want to feel your warm ribbony, sticky cum filling me in the ass. Uhhhh…”

“Yes polytima mou kori̱ - se-dikaiouI will not disappoint you…I wll give you my love juice…Ahhh! Her it comes…Arghhhh!!!”

Nagyakapan nang mahigpit ang dalawa habang pinupuno ng don ang tumbong ni Lovelee ng kanyang mainit na tamod. Ilang minuto pang pagkakadapa niya sa manugang at lumuhod na siya para dahan-dahaning hugutin ang kanyan matigas pang tarugo at para makita ang unti-unting pag-agos ng kanyang tamod sa nahiklat na pwet ni Lovelee.

“Ahhh…that feels good, sweetheart…you are special…I promise I will always take care of you….do you believe that agapi mou?

“YYes, dad…and I will always take care of you too…” at ipinagpatuloy nila ang kanilang mainit na halikan hanggang sa pinatuwad ni Demetrious si Lovelee para kantutin siya doggy style sa pwet. Hindi sila pumasok nang araw na iyon at tuluyan nilang sinulit ang oras nila sa isa’t isa.

A month later, Nick graduated from his Masters course and went home to see Lovelee again. Being the family patriarch, don Demetrious appointed Nick the CEO in one of his company in the Philippines which made Nick impossible to stay in Greece as long as he wanted to. Worse, the don refused Nick’s request to take Lovelee to the Philippines so they could stay there dahil ito talaga ang plano ng ni Demetrious: ang maangkin nang husto ang kanyang manugang habang wala ang kanyang anak. Ang nangyayari tuoy ngayon, buwanan lang kung magkita ang mag-asawa. Pero hindi man lang narinig si Nick na nagreklamo ito sa kanyang ama.

Until one day, weeks after Nick went back to the Philippines, Don Demetrious suddenly fell down unconsciously while conducting a business conference. Lovelee and some of the don’s associates brought him immediately to the hospital but was pronounced DOA with brain aneurysm being the cause of death. A few hours later Nick was informed about the incident which made the latter return to Greece to coordinate the funeral arrangement. Within a week, the don was solemnly buried, with friends, families, and associates attending.

A month passed, Nick was legally declared as the sole heir of the Peloponessus business empire by virtue of the don’s Last Will and Testament kaya naging permanente na ang pagtira niya sa Greece to overlook the companies left by his father kasama ni Lovelee.

The two were enjoying their newfound wealth as they relax in the backyard pool with Alfredo the butler and Andiram the head maid attending to their needs.

“Enjoying your new life now, my dear?” tanong ni Nick, habang hawak-hawak ang kamay ni Lovelee. Nasa floating couch ang dalawa , sipsip ang kanilang lemon juice.

“Yes love. Now that you hold your father’s business empire, I just hope we can spend more time together now…”

Nick looked at Lovelee with a questioning glance.

“Why? Didn’t dad give you enough time to make you happy?”

“W-What do you mean?”

“Don’t be coy my d... Read More

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