You hang around in your sweatpants

August 31, 2012 (5 years ago)
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You hang around in your sweatpantsWhy it might mean you're bad in bed:
We're not suggesting you start vacuuming in a red lace nightie, but men are visual creatures, and your honey will notice if you stop trying to look sexy for him.

Be better in bed:
"Pay attention to how you look, and don't get too comfortable,” says relationship and sex expert Ian Kerner. "They may not always verbalize it, but men appreciate a woman who tries to look sexy for them -- it shows she’s interested. Of course you should dress however you like -- but making more of an effort to show off the goods your guy loves can go a long way. So if he adores your tiny waist, wear more belts that show it off. If he loves your cleavage, wear a form-fitting V-neck. And yes, invest in some sexy lingerie. One night when it's just the two of you for dinner, put it on under your sweats. Then, as he's he... Read More

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