You are Goodbye

May 22, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Hi Midddyyy... As promised i hope you will like this one :D

A song by Holly Conlan

I remember when we,
I remember wild and wild and free.
I remember 'stay',
I remember 'please don't ever leave',
I remember you made me believe
That tomorrow and today,
The sun would hold our hands,
But the night came in to stay
While you made up plans.

I remember time,
I remember days slid into years,
Building lifetimes, thinking you'd be here.
But tomorrow and today,
Well they misunderstood.
And you went along your way,
I think you're gone for good.

You are the sun gone down,
You are the sky.
You are the moon rushed round,
You are goodbye.
You are good, goodbye.

I remember gold,
And I remember 'well maybe you could wait'.
I remember arms reached out too late.
Because tomorrow and today
Are only here so long.
When there's nothing left to say,
I hear that life moves on.

You are the sun gone down,
You are the sky.
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