Years of Agony

May 22, 2016 (11 months ago)
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That's how magical it goes...

One moment I thought it was only me...
Only me confirming if the spark is still there,
Only me hoping for another chance that we might just lost for a while,
Only me thinking I'm still in love with you,
and Only me asking for forgiveness that I left you..

But I guess, it was not only me. It Was both of Us. We finally found all the answers we're searching for for years in just a night. 

Pain strikes. Don't you feel it?
In just a second of looking into your eyes, I knew it.

My hope and faith for the two of us vanished..
Fears and regret overflowed within me. I lose you, no. I lost you.

You're happy now. Contented. And loved.
I won't dare to mess with those things you have right now.

I belong to the past. It should all belong to the past. And I thank you for showing me how I should put myself together.

Yes, we both finally moved on. And let's admit it, it took us years to rea... Read More

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