XOXO Gossip Guy Case 001: Epilogue

September 21, 2014 (3 years ago)
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XOXO Gossip Guy Case 001: Epilogue(Note: this story is an original work that was written and originally posted by me as the author under the username backpfeifengesicht on other sites and is being reposted here for me to be able to share it with a wider audience. All the bylines of the below story used in different sites pertain to one and the same author, which is myself. Enjoy!)

July 8, 20xx

It's been two weeks since I caught J and manong in the garage. Since then, I've never had sex eith her bareback. In fact, our sex has become more and more infrequent, and seems more out of formality than actual passion. Life goes on as normal, but I can't get it out of my head. It makes me feel angry, and sad, but... also incredibly hot. When I remember that night, I get so hard that I can't help but make a beeline for the bathroom to beat off.

I still haven't caught them in the act, and I haven't confronted them about it. But sometimes, I feel like a see a slight stain on the car's upholstery... Or J looks a bit flushed when I see her... Or I smell a bit of chlorine...

I'm sure they're still doing it. And I can't stop thinking that I want them to. And that I want to catch them again. Next time, when I do, I'll do something about it, for sure.

July 12, 20xx

I was in school yesterday when I ran into J's classmate. He asked me why J hasn't been coming to class, and that she's a few cuts away from dropping. I found it strange. I knew she's been attending class regularly. But knowing what I knew now, I figured it out pretty quickly. Her class at that time is the same time as my practice. This time, I'm gonna get them.

July 13, 20xx

My plan may not have turned out as expected. Before meeting up with J, I purposely left basketball shoes in the car. As usual, I walked J to the building, where she gave me a kiss and said she was going to the bathroom first before heading into the room. I pretended to statt making my way to practice, but instead hid where I had a clear view of the bathroom door. Sure enough, she came out a couple of minutes later, looked around, thought the coast was clear, and walked off - in the opposite direction from her classroom. I followed her at a distance.

I admit I was nervous then. Or I don't know if I was excited. My palms were sweaty and my heart was beating fast while I trailed her. There was no mistaking that she was headed towards the North parking lot. I swallowed hard. It felt like lead. But i could also feel my cock straining in my pants. When did I get hard, I wondered?

Before I knew it, I was hiding behind a tree while I saw my car. It was parked in a relatively low-traffic part of the school, so you couldn't see it unless you really went out of your way to look for it. Smart.

Manong was leaning against the car, but when he saw J coming, he unlocked the door and climbed into the back seat. J followed him in and shut the door.

It wasn't long before the car was shaking violently and rhythmically. Through the dark tint, I could see their shapes moving. J was on top, sitting on manong's lap and riding him hard. She was thrashing about wildly. I knew I was imagining things, but I thought I could almost hear them moaning.

It would be so easy. I could just go up to them, and then... And then what? Scream my head off? Punch him? Cry?

I pulled out my cellphone, dialled, and brought it up to my ear. It was ringing. The shaking slowed but didn't stop. I saw J's form reaching to the side, and then... Toot toot. Toot toot. The line went dead. I tried dialling again. The subscriber couldn't be reached. She killed her phone. Meanwhile, the shaking grew hard and violent again.

I pulled out my phone again, dialled, and brought it up to my ear. Ring. Ring. This time manong picked up. I asked him where he was, he said he was in the parking. The shaking wasn't stopping. She was still bouncing up and down on his cock, hard and fast. Hats off to him for keeping his voice steady while her sweet, tight pussy was wrapped around his dick, sliding up and down on it. My fists were clenched. I told him I left my shoes in the car, that I was coming back to get them. That was when the shaking stopped. His voice came back on, steadier this time. He told me he'd just bring them to the court. I said okay and hung up.

I watched a flurry of activity as J moved off of him to the side, and he got out of the car, still buttoning up his pants. He popped the trunk, grabbed my shoes, and went off.

J didn't get off the car. Looks like she was going to wait there until he got back. I just stood there for a while, watching her. I wondered what was going through her head. I wondered as well if manong was using a rubber - and if he wasn't, I wondered if they always did it bareback. I knew, for one, that J didn't like her man pulling out. She said she loved the feeling of a cock pulsing inside her, condom or no. So if they were doing it raw, then I was sure that he was depositing every single drop of his load inside her.

I pulled my phone out a third time, and dialled manong's number. I told him not to bring my shoes na, that I borrowed from somebody else. Then I hung up and waited for him to come back.

When manong finally got back, I swear that he was running. It was kind of funny seeing his fat belly bouncing. J opened the door for him. He was already pulling his zipper open even before he got on the car.

His pants and briefs were around his ankles and he was on top of her in no time at all. I guess they were feeling daring, or just really, really horny, because they didn't even shut the door. Half of their legs were still hanging out of the car, her slim, white ones with ballet flats on, his in between them with his pants and briefs bunched around them as he moved rapidly on top of her. They were going at it fast, the car shaking with their movement. J's toes were alternately curling in and sticking straight out in pleasure, and her legs were bouncing up and down from the reaming he was giving her, before they eventually went stiff, tense, and started thrashing about. The bitch was coming. The little slut was coming from being fucked by my driver. I was squeezing my cock through my jeans from the sheer depravity of it all. I was rock hard by now, ready to explode. My dick was practically begging for release.

Soon, manong slowed down, but his thrusts grew deeper and harder. pulled her legs in, and through the tint I could see them sticking straight up. He sped up again, the car shaking so violently I could hear the suspension squeaking from where I was hidden, and then.... It stopped. He was done. He had just emptied his balls into the hot, tight pussy of my 19-year old girlfriend.

Like when I first saw them, they dressed up hurriedly when they were done. He got off of her and started buttoning up. Inside, I could see her thing her hair in a ponytail, then got off the car. She was drenched in sweat and her dress was rumpled. At that point, I couldn't take it anymore, so I rushed off.

I skipped training that day, and spent the rest of the evening jacking off into a cum-soaked handkerchief which I threw in the trash. I must have come like four or five times but I still wanted more.

Right now, I'm conflicted. I'm sad, and angry, but at the same time, that was undeniably the hottest thing I've ever experienced in my life. For now, I'm rock hard again so I need to take care of business.

July 21, 20xx

Going out partying with my friends tomorrow night. I've asked manong to come as designated driver, and also suggested to my friends that we get some rooms at the hotel my family owns to "sober up". I booked everyone else in one wing, and then myself and J in the other wing where most rooms were vacant.

And, I booked a room for manong right next to mine.

J thinks the rooms are heavily soundproofed. At least, that's what I told her. Let's see if things play out like I expect them to.

July 22, 20xx

As I'm writing this, I'm sitting in my hotel room alone and J is next door getting her brains fucked out. My plan worked. I nursed just two beers the whole night, but played drunk well - people thought I was dead and gone. J did, too. So when we staggered into the room just around an hour ago, she didn't suspect anything when I immediately "passed out" on the bed. It took several minutes for her to be satisfied I was "asleep" before I heard her muffled footsteps on the carpeted floor and the door close behind her.

Next door, the TV was on. It sounded like some Tagalog action flick. It came off and I heard voices, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. They trailed off soon. In my mind's eye, they were making out, hot and heavy, before his weight bore her down onto the bed.

His hand is down between her legs, stroking her slit. She's getting wetter and wetter. Soon, he can't take it anymore and pulls her lacy black panties clean off. He positions his rock hard cock against her opening, and...

Right now the bedframe is making a stacatto beat against the wall, punctuated by manong's low groans and J's high pitched gasps and moans. They've been going at it for a good half hour or so now. It looks like they've placed their absolute faith in the room's soundproofing. They weren't making any effort at all to keep their voices down.

Is he doing her from behind? I wondered. Or is he on top? Or, is she riding him cowgirl like when I saw them in the car back then?

I imagine them going at it fast and hard. Manong's big, hairy gut is slapping against J's flat stomach, wobbling each time he plunges inside of her. J's pussy, pink and swollen from the pounding she's getting from the older man, wrapped around his rapidly pistoning dick which was for sure coated with the sweet nectar of her lust.

 J's really screaming now, shouting over and over that she's going to cum. That's the third time already tonight. I realize retroactively that they didn't waste much time on foreplay. The thudding of the headboard against the plaster of the wall started not long at all after she entered the room.

Manong is cursing in Tagalog. He's calling her a dirty whore and a slut; J is telling him to keep fucking her. Her voice is shrill, high, and wild with wanton lust. The contrast of her English against his rough Tagalog is almost as hot auditorally as the thought of his fat, dark-skinned body on her slim, fair one is visually.

It's his turn, now. Cussing in Tagalog, shouting out his lust. J is egging him on, begging him to cum inside her, over and over and over again, asking him to fill her up, telling him how good his cock feels inside her.

A loud groan, more cursing in Tagalog, and long sigh from J and they were done.

More muffled voices from the other side and the TV is on again. I go back into position. I hear the door open, J's footsteps on the carpet, and then the shower running. 15 minutes later she crawls in next to me and cuddles in close, smelling of soap and shampoo. She gives me a peck on the cheek before we both doze off.

July 26, 20xx

J left her phone in my car. She probably thought it was safe since it was clean out of battery, but seriously, who the fuck doesn't carry an iPhone charger around these days? So I plugged it into my laptop and booted it up.

What I found were lots and lots of sexts. It seemed to me like they were dirty texting each other almost constantly. Some favorites:

J: Class is so boring. Come here. Let's fuck.

M: May linalakad pa ako sa papa ng boypren mo. Mamaya. Buburautin ko puke mo.

J: I'll go with you nalang. I'll suck you while your're driving. You can come on my face.;)

M: Dapat kanina mo pa sinabi.

J: Sayang. Look what I'm wearing pa naman now. (With an attached image of her in a flowery dress, but with the skirt pulled up and showing she had no panties. I recognized the background as a school bathroom.)

M: Putang ina ka, malapit na akong maaksidente dun ha ha ha ha. Pwede ka mamaya? Bago ko sunduin boypren mo?

J: I'll cut my last two classes. Let's check into a motel.


J: You still up?

M: Oo. Bakit?

J: I'm bitin pa from kanina.

M: Puntahan kita diyan gusto mo?

J: Lol gago.

J: You hard?

M: Oo. Pinapagjakulan ko yung video nung kantot natin.

J: Mmm. Send me a picture of your cock.

M: (Send a picture of him standing up, side view, with his cock standing hard at attention. His big belly is in full view.)

J: Ohhh shit. You're so hard.

J: I'm wet na. I want that inside me.

M: Send ka din ng sayo.

J: (Sends a picture of her sitting on the floor facing the mirror with her legs spread wide open. One hand is holding her phone taking the picture, the other is spreading her pussy lips open.)

J: I'm rubbing myself. I'm so horny na.

J: You still up?

M: Oo. Sendan mo ako ng load. Paubos na sakin.

J: (Sends P100)

J: Did you cum na? Can I see?

M: (Sends picture of his stomach covered with cum.)

J: Fuckkkk that's a lot. Sayang. That should all be inside me.

M: Kelan tayo kantot ulit?

J: Before class tomorrow? Quicky tayo after you bring my boyfriend to school.

M: Sige. Tulog na tayo.

J: Good night.

Also present were several dialogues on when and where to meet up. An example:

M: San ka na?

J: Wait I'm with my boyfriend pa. His prof is late so I can't go yet.

M: Bilisan mo, sayang oras.

J: Yeah okay wait lang.

J: On my way na. Where are you?

M: Sunduin kita. Hintaying mo ako sa Xavier Hall.

J: Ok. I'm here na. Where will we do it?

M: Dun nalang sa high school parking.

J: Ok, hurry na. Someone might see us pa.

Digging deeper, her Photos app revealed what would probably amount to several gigs worth of pictures and videos. It looks like both manong and J were home video afficionados. There were pictures of herself that she would send him; masturbating, naked, in underwear, in her high school uniform... And lots of pictures and vids of them having sex, in nearly every position imaginable.

I copied over some of my favorites, switched the phone off and went about my business, but not before I logged her into "Find my iPhone", with the tracking details accessible to me, and setting up her phone to back up all the saved pictures and videos to my account.

July 27, 20xx

J asked me today if manong could pick her up at home and bring her to her friend's house because they had a project. I said okay, but that I couldn't keep her company because I had an ankle sprain from basketball. She asked if she could see me afterwards, and I told her that that would be great.

As soon as manong left, I pulled up the "Find my iPhone" website on my laptop. There it was, the blue dot heading down towards J's house. It stopped there for a while, and continued onwards, before it started moving again, deeper into the heart of Pasig. I wasn't at all surprised to finally see it settling into the heart of the Flower group of motels.

They were there for a good 5 hours, probably rutting like horny rabbits. I wondered what the room attendandts were thinking, having this ugly older guy pulling in with a beautiful young thing in tow.

I booted up my Photo Stream, and sure enough, there was a fresh batch of pictures and videos. The voyeuristic thrill of being privy to the sordid details of their illicit relationship excited me.

The latest was a video of J riding manong cowgirl. He was holding the camera up and recording their reflection in the mirror. J was moaning and sliding her hips back and forth fast, obviously reaching climax soon. Manong shifted the view of the camera to his point of view, where he panned the camera slowly from her face, which was tilted back, her eyes closed and her beautiful mouth wide open in a continuous litany of gasps and sighs, down to drink in her beautiful body - her small, pert breasts tipped with pink nipples, looking almost painfully erect, to her flat stomach, her pelvis taut with the action of grinding herself onto the hard cock inside her, to the point where her shaven crotch met against the hairy dark skin of manong's stiff member. Her body was covered with a thin sheen of sweat from her exertion and her entire body was flushed from arousal.

"Sandal ka patalikod." Manong ordered her.

She did as commanded, leaning back onto her hands. Her pussy came into full view, the lips spread wide open by manong's jutting pole. It was thick and veiny and grotesque, a bulbous growth rising from a forest of coarse black curls that were matted with sweat and with J's wetness, before disappearing into the soft pink folds of J's pussy. The lips were puffy and swollen, and slick with her juices. She lifted her hips until manong's cock was almost all the way out. The crown of his cockhead peeked from underneath the warm embrace of her cunt, before she slid it slowly back down again, engulfing him completely. Her legs shuddered with pleasure. She lifted off of him again and out came his cock, slick from J's sweet nectar, dark and ugly contrasting against her smooth, beautiful, and perfectly formed pussy, and then swallowed it up whole once more, her pussy hungry to be filled with his hard meat. She went slowly at first until she couldn't take it anymore and picked up the pace, impaling herself over and over again on his penis.

"Fuck! So good! So good!" She exulted, over and over again, extolling the virtues of his hardness and his girth.

For manong, I guess, it was all he could take. He moved on top of her, dropping the phone onto the matress in the process so all I could see was blackness, but the audio continued - manong grunting hard, like an animal and heat, J repeatedly begging him to cum inside her and fill her up. In the background, the matress springs squeaked as they were assaulted by the fierce pounding J was getting. Their voices rose in volume until manong gave a loud roar and unloaded his seed into the wet and willing pussy of my girlfriend.

There was movement in the inky blankness as manong picked up the camera. J came into view, breathless, panting, lying back on the bed with her legs spread, her eyes closed, and a satisfied smile on her lips. She sighed contentedly. Manong focused on her well-fucked pussy. I could see his hand reach forward and insert a single digit into her throbbing hole. He made a scooping motion outwards, which caused a trickle of his thick cum to leak from her vagina, before the video went dead.

There were more riches to be found, but I saw that the blue dot was again moving from the motel in my direction. I shut down my computer, saving the rest for later viewing. From the number of files saved, it seemed like they went at least two more rounds before calling it quits.

When J arrived, she was fresh, clean, and beautiful; perfectly made up, not a hair out of place, and casually dressed in a plain tee and jeans.

We made small talk, had dinner together, and then I told her I needed my rest so I sent her on her way. This time, her brother picked her up, scuttling my hopes for thurther encounters. I, on the other hand, spent some quality time with the various files she unknowingly left on my computer. There she was, being fucked from behind, her graceful back tensing as she took thrust after thrust willingly. There she was, on her hands and knees above manong's cock, as she worshipped it with her mouth. There she was, face up, tongue sticking out, as my driver busted a nut all over her pretty face.

It looked like a long night for me.

August 4, 20xx

Today, while having sex with J, I told her that I wanted to do it bareback. To my surprise, she refused, she was scared to get pregnant, she said. I didn't knowwhat to say - I knew she was doing it bareback with manong, and that he was dumping his seed into her over and over again.

I didn't care so much, though. I rolled over onto my back instead, and asked her to give me head. All the while, as I felt her soft lips sliding up amd down my length, I reminisced about some of my favorite videos of her and my driver. It didn't take long before I was bucking upwards into her mouth, stuttering my lust into the night and spraying the back of her throat with my cum.

Then I rolled over and went to sleep.

August 8, 20xx

The videos are coming faster and more frequently. They are able to meet up more often, due in no small way, I'm sure, to my assistance in setting them up for sex. I enjoyed this one time, where I knew J was home and her parents were out of town. It was manong's day off, and I knew it was just a matter of time before I got a fresh video on my photo stream.

I didn't recognize the setting at first. I thought it was another motel. Then I realized it was J's house. It wasn't her room, though. It was her parents'.

J was the one holding the camera, while manong was lying on the bed. He was naked, and his cock was rock hard. He was jacking it off slowly.

"Smiiiiiile!" J said when the video came on.

"Eto smile mo, oh!" Manong teased, thrusting his cock at the camera.

J giggled, and the camera started moving closer to the bed. When she got to the edge, the camera changed hands as manong took it from her, revealing a very naked J as she held manong's cock and jacked it off up and down while she smiled sweetly at the camera.

She gave the camera a smack and asked, "Sarap ba?" She was looking slightly out of frame, right at manong's face.

"Chupain mo", manong ordered her simply. She didn't think teice, stopping her hand at the base of manong's cock as she lowerd her head and swallowed him, all the way to the base. Manong groaned and the camera shook., unsteady for a while.

J was taking long, smooth strokes, fast going down, as she slid it into her mouth, and then slower, more lingering on the way up. She established a rhythm that she never broke - a continuous wet smacking sound as her head moved up and down on the thick pole stuffing her face.

Eventually she stopped, with no warning and prodding, and climbed on top of him. The camera's view was filled with J's pelvis as she mounted his cock. One of her hands reached down, positioned him against her entrance, and slid down.

"Uhh!" She moand. Her voice pitched almost immediately as she ground herself on him. The camera moved to take in her face, mouth slightly open, breathing fast. She smiled at the viewfinder and gave a dainty little wave. I wonder how she would have felt if she knew she were actually waving at me.

"Saglit lang." Manong said from behind the camera. There was movement, and the video ended.

When the next one started, J was lying on the bed. She had her arms stretched out over her head and one leg crooked up. Manong seemed to be trying to lean the phone on something. It slid face down, but manong picked it up again and propped it up against something, giving me a perfect side view of the bed with J on it.

Manong came into view, his big belly and big cock the first thing that enters the frame, climbing into bed with her. She rolls over onto her hands and knees, offering up her sweet, sweet ass to him. Manong guides himself into her, grabs her hips, and like always, begins to pound her mercilessly.

Each deep, hard thrust into her was punctuated by a loud gasp from J, and a wet, smacking sound of skin on skin. She seemed almost in pain, but her face showed nothing but intense pleasure. She was smiling, her eyes fluttering open and closed, her head alternating from hanging down loosely to leaning back, her face facing upwards to the ceiling.

Manong was putting his all into it. His belly wobbld each time his pelvis made contact with the smooth white skin of her ass. His teeth were gritted in a snarl and his nails were digging into J's ass. There was no love here; just pure, unadulterated lust.

J started screaming. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! Oh God! Manong! Fuck me harder manong!" Her lover didn't disappoint. He plunged into her even harder, pulling her towards him with each thrust forward so that he speared her on every entry. J's hand reached down between her legs. I could see her wrist moving, for just a few seconds and then she gave another loud scream, and her hand shot forward, keeping her from falling over as her orgasm overtook her. Her legs tensed up, her mouth opened in a soundless scream that made every vein on her neck pop out, before her face collapsed against the bed. Chinito could hear her muttering "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck." Over and over again.

Behind her, her ass was still up in the air, held up by manong as he continued his relentless assault on her pussy. J's voice was getting louder again. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck! Oh FUCL, oh fuck! I'm gonna cum agaian! Oh my agod!" Manong grunted loudly, feeling his release fast approaching. He was sweating, his exertion pouring down his body in rivulets, but he gave no signs of slowing down.

When J's orgasm hit, her pussy clenched tight on manong's invading member. That must have been too much fornhim as well, because he thrust in all the way with a loud curse, and oncenagain emptied his balls into my girlfriend. Good God, does that man ever cum anywhere but inside her?

They came down from their orgasms, and rolled onto the bed, panting. J climbed off the bed, cupping her hand against her pussy to make sure she didn't leak any of manong's cum onto the floor, and grabbed a roll of tissue paper. She was wiping herself off in the background when manong's belly filled the screen and the video went dead.

The one involving manong smoking like a boss while J serviced his flaccid cock for a full ten minutes, licking the floppy length of his python until it got to full hardness, before he fucked her pussy and filled it up again with his sticky sperm.

September 21, 20xx

It's been a while since I've written. I've been too busy playing the third-party peeping tom while my girlfriend has mind-blowing sex with my driver. J and I still have sex once or twice a week - if only to reassure each other that we were, in a twisted sort of sense, still in love. But we always do it with protection.

In a way, I'm actually envious of him for how hard he makes J cum. I've never seen her thrash around like that while I'm inside her, nor have I seen that hungry, lustful look on her face that she has when she's with him. All the more impressive is that there's normally no foreplay to speak of. Usually they get right down to business, fucking animalistically, primally. And if ever there is foreplay, it's usually on J's part, taking his cock into her mouth and sucking it to hardness before she takes another pounding from him.

I get videos practically on a weekly basis. They fuck nearly everyday. Much more often now that I'm unkowingly aiding them at finding time to get away. Motels, in the car, J's house - it seems like, to them, the world is a big stage for them to enact their horizontal samba and sate their lust on each other.

September 24, 20xx

I feel strange. Conflicted. J was sleeping over - we had just had sex, and we were asleep in each other's arms, when I felt her shaking me violently. "Wake up, babe, wake up!" I groggilly opened my eyes. Her eyes, big amd bright, were wet with unshed tears. She settled onto my chest. "Do you love me?" She asked. I was surprised at the question. "Of course I do, baby." Her arms tightened around me. "I dreamt you cheated on me." It struck me then. I still loved this girl. and she still loved me. How incredibly complex. Just the morning before, manong was at her house, fucking her in her very own bed.

I gave her a kiss on the cheek and stroked her hair. "I wouldn't do that, baby. I love you." She looked up at me, kissed me on the cheek, and said, "I love you too." I could tell she meant it. I smiled at her and we fell back asleep.

When we woke up today, her hand was in mine, gripping it tightly in her sleep. I rolled over and watched her as she dreamed, the perfect form of her face, the golden glow of her smooth skin in the morning light. Her eyes opened slowly and she smiled.

We made love, then. Sweet, tender love. We kissed and we moaned and we peaked at the same time, her arms and legs wrapped around me, repeating "I love you" over and over again in each other's ears when we reached our climax.

As soon as she left (I drover her home myself), I rushed straight to the computer and deleted everything in my hard drive. Not just manong's and her videos. Everything pornographic; every last jpeg, avi, mp4, everything.

I could feel a good thing coming on - I wanted to do this right.

October 18, 20xx

Things have been amazing with J. She and I have been deliriously happy and in love, giggling and laughing and playing like new lovers.

She's been different lately, and even she hasn't been employing the usual "tricks" to get some time away with manong. The past few weeks have been all about her and me, and it's gloriously wonderful.

Even our sex has been nothing short of mind-blowing. It's sweet and tender, nothing at all like what I've witnessed over the past couple of months on my computer screen.

Life is beautiful, they say, and I'm inclined to believe it.

November 6, 20xx

Manong resigned today. He said that he was going to Saudi, where he got a job as a foreman in construction. He needed to support to his family in the province and this was the best way to do it, he had said. Although my parents were sad to see him go, I for one, wasn't. Now that I had J's heart and body again, I wasn't going to let it go.

November 9, 20xx

Today was the first time in a long time that J and I did it bareback. I missed feeling her tight, hot wetness wrapped around me without a sheath of rubber. We've been doing it often, better than before.

I'm not scared to get her pregnant. The truth is, I love this girl with all my heart, and to father her child would be a blessing. I will marry her someday. It's just a matter of when.

December 12, 20xx

J is going out of town with several of her girlfriends for the week. I got together with my closest friends over a couple of beers where I revealed my big secret to the,. I wanted to propose to J. Right after we graduated, I would pop the question.

Naturally, they were all excited and incredibly happy for me. The suggestions for possible proposals came quickly. We drank long into the night, toasting to present and future loves and happily ever afters.

January 16, 20xx

J was sleeping over, again, while my parents were out of the country. I was awakened this morning by her jumping out of bed and running to the bathroom, where I could hear retching into the toilet bowl and the wet sound of vomit. I had lifted my head, still half-asleep, and asked her if she was okay. She said she was, and emerged soon from the bathroom wiping her mouth off with tissue and crawling back in with me.

January 29, 20xx

Today, we confirmed it. J was pregnant.

She was scared to tell me, but I was beyond happy. I picked her up and whirled her around, laughing. She was mine, unequivocally, undeniably mine. I had something nobody could take away, an indelible mark that signified our everlasting love for each other.

She cried with happiness when I told her I'd follow her to the ends of the earth, for her and for our baby. We talked about plans - we'd tell my parents first, and then hers. She'd move in with us. Money wasn't a problem; both hers and my families' had plenty to spare.

We were giddy as we had breakfast together, giddy and excited. She couldn't stop beaming, and I was already building our life together in my head.

Thank you, God, for this gift.

February 1, 2013

We told our parents today. They took it well - J's parents were furious, but my family backed us up. It quickly escalated into a shouting match but eventually, our sincerity and good faith won out. It ended with her parents pulling us into a tight hug, asking us to take care of their baby girl, and telling me that they couldn't imagine their princess being with anyone other than me.

February 24, 20xx

J's morning sickness is starting to subside. I've been reading up a lot on pregnancy and pre-natal care. This early on, I want to be the best dad I can be. I've also quit the team and thrown myself headlong into my studies. If I'm going to have a family, I want to be sure that they will never starve, and that our lives will be comfortable and wanting for nothing.

March 6, 20xx

I was awakened in the wee hours of the morning by a thought, one that roused me from slumber and which left my heart colder, darker, and more fearful than the air-conditioned bedroom.

J's morning sickness started mid-January. But prior to that, we had gone nearly three weeks without having had sex. First, she had her period. Then, she was sick from food poisoning, and the week after, I had a string of exams for school that left us unable to find time to do the deed.

I crept slowly from the bed where J lay sleeping and crept to my desk, where I picked up my laptop from the table and carried it into the bathroom.

There, hands shaking, I opened up the photo stream that had been left ignored for the past nearly five months.

What I saw made my heart drop into my stomach. Rows and rows and rows of thumbnails, both pictures and videos, filled the screen - gigs upon gigs of sex; wild, animal sex, so different from what she and I had been ejoying. Manong and J never skipped a beat - the first video was timestamped the evening that I had, naively, deleted my stash of porn in the vain hope that my life was changing. I scrolled through the contents in a daze. How could I be so naive and trusting? How could I think that a leopard could change its spots?

"Babe?" I could hear J call from my room.

"I'm in the bathroom, hon!" I replied, trying my best to keep my voice steady.

I found what I was looking for and clicked it.

A video, dated December 14, 20xx.

The window on screen began playing. It was daytime, at the beach. J and her friends were standing in the water, in their bikinis, arms around each other's shoulders, smiling as if they were posing for a picture. A voice came from behind the camera.

"Okey na ba to mam?" The camera turned to face the ground, sand filled the view, and a number of barefeet legs stepped into view, crowding around the camera.

J's voice. "Ano ba manong! You're on video!" The girls laughed. My heart went cold.

The camera shook as it was passed around and eventually back to J and the video ended.

I opened up the next one, still marked with the same date.

It was in a dark room, but the sounds of the waves and distant laughter were bring picked up.

"Walang makita." I heard manong's voice say.

Some rustling, and I heard window blinds being pulled open, letting the light in. J's form was revealed, still wearing her bikini from the earlier videp, tying the curtains back with a cord. Her hair was wet, she was slightly bronzed from the sun, and her body glistened with dried seawater. Bags and clothes were strewn about the room, which had three ueen-sized beds.

"Are you sure they can't see us from outside?" She asked.

The camera moved as manong stepped towards the window to stand beside J.

"Hindi yan. Nasa second floor naman tayo eh. Di tayo kita galing sa baba."

The camera turned to face outside the window. There was a flash of white as the camera adjusted itself, and a typical beach scene unfolded on the acreen - J's friends on the beach, tossing a beach ball around, some of the, tanning on the sand. The sun was high in the sky.

The camera turned just in time to see J disappearing towards into the bottom of the frame. The camera followed her downwards. J was pulling manong's cock out of his pants, where she lowered her mouth onto it, taking its whole length in practiced motions.

"Mmmmm..." She moaned. Her lips were sliding wetly over his length, one hand holding her wet hair back to give the camera the best view of her face sucking his cock.

"Dilaan mo itlog ko." Manong ordered. She did as she was told, taking first one and then the other in her mouth, playing with it with her tongue, tickling it. This drew a low groan from the older man.

Manong turned the camera to face him, his ugly mug filling the view. He gave a thumbs up, then faced the camera downwards again, where J had resumed her mouthwork on his erect member.

The camera shook as they moved again. When it steadied, the camera was leaning on the nightstand. J was spreading a towel onto the bed and started to take off her bikini top.

"Wag mo tanggalin. Ang sexy mo tignan. Sarap mp."

J smiled devilishly and tied the string back on.she laid back on the bed and manong climbed on top of her, kissing her deeply. The wet smacking sounds could be heard from the camera.

One of his hands moved to cup her breast, squeezing it through the fabric, kneading it and rolling it around in his hands. J moaned, her face stuffed eith his tongue, and arched her back, pressing her chest upwards against his rough hands. He slipped his hand underneath the lycra, causing her to break off the kiss and gasp loudly, before reengaging with renewed fervor. She wrapped one leg around his butt and pulled him in, grinding her crotch gainst the bulge in his trademark faded denim shorts. The camera gave a great view of his hand as it moved under her top, his knuckles moving as he mauled her tit.

He pushed the offending fabric out of the way, revealing her bare breast, whiter than the rest of her skin, for just a moment before he covered again with his big, dark hand, squeezing it in his palm.

His face moved downeards and he took her erect nipple into his mouth. J was moaning and her body was thrashing about slowly, her torso and legs and arms losing control as they slid over the towel they lay on.

Manong was sucking her nipple strongly, nibbling on it between his teeth and teasing it with his tongue. He gripped it with his lips and pulled. J moaned, and when it popped out ofnhis mouth, it was slick with his saliva.

Manong lay back on the bed and pulled out his hard cock, jacking it off slowly.

J didn't need to be told twice. She crawled forward before taking it into her mouth again, sliding her lips up and down his length with her fist clasped around it.

"Uhhh putaaahh... Sarap talaga ng bibig mooohhh..." He groaned, before pulling on her arm. "Ikot ka." He told her. "Tapat mo pekpek mo sa mukha ko."

J slipped his cock from her mouth, where it bobbed menacingly, but never let go of it with her hand. She turned, stepped over his face, and settled into a 69 position with her on top, before continuing her ministrations on his member, sucking on it eith gusto, savoring the feel of it in her mouth and on her tongue.

Manong, for his part, grabbed her bikini-clad ass with both his hands, and lifted his head up, burying his face in her crotch. J moaned around his cock, stalling a while before bobbing her head up and down again, his thick cock disappearing into her pink mouth. Manong was mouthing her pussy through her bikini bottoms, grinding his nose and lips against her wetness.

"Ang bango mooooohhhhh..." He moaned.

J was wimpering, her legs tensing and making squeezing motions around his body.

One of his hands moved between her legs, pulling her bottoms to the side, before bringing his face in again.

"Mmmmffff!" She moaned, her mouth filled with cock. She pulled her mouth off of him. "Oh yeah. Right there. Right there. Uhhh!" She gasped, then, lowering her head again, resumed working on manong's cock.

Manong was taking slow, lingering licks on J's pussy, tracing the cleft of her pussy lips with the tip of his tongue, tasting the sweet buildup of fluid there. He tongued her clit, pressing the flat of his tongue against it, pressing his nose against her entrance. J came, hips bucking against his face while she took as much of him in her mouth as she could, her nose pressedup against his coarse, black pubic hair.

J finally came up for air, taking huge, heaving gulps of oxygen after the orgasm literally took her breath from her.

Manong didn't stop, he relentlessly attacked her pussy, stiffening his tongue and sliding it into her hole, tasting her insides.

"Aaahhh! Aaahh! Uhhhh!" J had her head up, moaning uncontrollably again, still sensitive from her climax. Her hand was idle on manong's cock, still wrapped around it, but she couldn't muster the coordintion to resume her motions.

When she finally collected herself, she began pumping her fist up and down on it quickly, while manong continued his assault on her center. Finally she couldn't take it anymore.

"Fuck me. Fuck me." She begged, rolling onto her back. They were no longer on the towel, but she didn't care.

Manong climbed on top of her. She reached down, grasped his hard cock with one hand while holding her bottoms to the side with the other and guided him inside her.

He grunted as he started fucking her hard and fast, pounding into her with wet smacking sounds. The headboard was banging against the wall as J gasped and moaned uncontrollably. In and out he went, his fat butt a blur of movement as he thrust his length into her repeatedly.

J was out of control. Her arms were above her head, gripping the headboard so tight her knuckles were white, and her jaw was clenched as she tried to control the pleasure coursing through her body.

"Ahhhh God! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Don't stop!" She begged.

Manong straightened his body, moving his hands under her legs and lifted her hips clean off the bed, then fucked her in an upwards motion, deep. J's hand flew from the headboard to his ass, so hard that it drew a smacking sound of flesh on flesh, and she gripped it hard.

"Ohhh! Fuck!" She moaned.

Manong picked up the pace again, moving his hips back and forth inside her, so hard that J's tits, small as they were, were bouncing back and forth on her chest.

He fucked her like that, wheelbarrow position, for a long time, before he collapsed onto her again as his orgasm fast approached. He was grunting and groaning, his teeth gritted, as he lifted his hips only to bring it crashing down, impaling J on his hard cock, his arms were hooked underneath J's legs, holding them up in the air, facing her pussy upwards where he could get the best angle in penetrating her all the way tonher womb.

Smack smack smack smack smack.

"Uhh! Ohh! Ahhhh fuck!"

"Mmfff! Ungggh! Ngrrr!"

You could hear them lost in lust. J's feet, suspended in the air, were ragdolls, bouncing up and down with manong's every motion. She had no control over them. Her whole body was burning up as she climbed the peak to another orgasm, and then...

"Uhh! Uhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!" She screamed as her climax took her, her pelvis thrusting upwards violently into the invading cock.

"Mmmngrrrr ipuputok ko sa loob mo..." Manong groaned. J was spasming around his cock, her pussy muscles clenching around his throbbing member, sending hurtling over the edge of beyond.

"Do it! Do it!" J moaned breathlessly.

Manong gave an almighty roar and let loose his seed, his asscheeks clenching with each shot as he spent himself inside J's pussy. One. Two. Three. Four shots and it was over, his body relaxing as his muscles gave way, dropping J's legs to lie limply on the bed as helay between them.

He started to pull off ofnher, but J stopped him with a hand on his ass, pushing his softening cock into her.

"No don't." She said. "Stay inside me."

Manong did as he was told. J was basking in the feeling of being filled by this ugly cock. She was breathing hard, her chest rising and falling, still clad in her bikini top, with her nipples pressing against the fabric.

J tensed her pelvis, clenching her pussy walls around manong's limp cock inside her. He groaned. She did it again. Manong lifted himself up on his arms, looking down on her. J had a mischievous smile on her face and did it again. Manong started breathing hard, his nostrils flaring.

He stepped one leg over hers and lifted the other one straight up, while turning her on her side. She was now facing the camera head on, one arm crooked under head, holding it up, one leg lying parallel to the bed and other being held by manong straight up. Manong was behind her, his half-erect penis still buried to the hilt, disappearing into her pussy which was still partially covered by the bikini bottoms which were pushed to the side.

J was smiling at the camera. Not at me, but at manong, who she knew would be wat... Read More

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