With my EX.

March 20, 2013 (5 years ago)
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This is my 2nd story guys :)

Nangyari to'ng sexcapade ko with my ex-boyfriend almost 2 months ago pa lng. I usually stays at my sister's apartment. My ex and I are still friends and we still texted each other.

That night, I was with my 2 cousins, we have no plans for that time so we just stayed at the apartment. Later that night, my ex texted me that he has no place to crash. He asked me if he can stay at the apartment until 5 or 6 am in the morning. Well, since we were still friends, I agreed. It was already 1 am in the morning that time. He stayed with me in the living room cause I was watching a koreanovela dvd that I bought that day. He was right next to me, when he started hugging me and kissing me. I was so damn nervous cause we might get caught, but that  gives me a thrill.

He started kissing me and licking me all over. We even turned-off the t.v and the lights. We're both naked and he was on top of me, kissing me going to my breast, He sucked my nipple so hard that it's makes me so hot. Then, he kissed me on my tummy going to my pussy, he settled there for quite sometime, he started licking my pussy, he's fucking me with his tongue. That makes me so wet. He didn't stop licking me there until I was able to cum twice. That was such a hot experience to me. He lie down beside me, and it was my turn to give him a blow job. I started licking the head of his penis in a circular motion, going to the shaft of his penis and slowly I swallowed it and increasing my speed on sucking his manhood. He cum inside my mouth.

I was already lying on my back, and he entered me on a missionary postion. He feels so hot inside me, he started fucking me on a slow pace and increasing faster and faster and deeper. He changes our position from missionary to dog style, my favorite postion, he was fucking me faster and harder this time. We kept on moanin... Read More

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