November 5, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Look what serendipity brought me. Found it at the back of my old high school notebook.
Back when I was naive and not overcome by lust.


I am not a singer or a song writer
Not a pilot, not even a driver
I am not a doctor but I almost try
Then why did you chose me, please tell me why?

I am not a scientist or a computer wizard
I have a low IQ and almost a retard
I cant even solve, the puzzle of how
You fell in love with me, please tell me now.

I don’t think it's because of my face
For I am ugly and dress in a bad taste
Still your with me, so I wont let you go
Not because that I need you, it's because I love you so.

It's not your awesome body, that makes me drool
Or your intelligence, that compared to you, I’m a fool
Maybe your humor, that always makes me laugh
Or your confidence, that makes you look tough.

Your beautiful face, that makes you look like an angel
Maybe, just your hair, really I can't tell
You’re asking me reasons, why I love you so much
But you already know, that I melt with your touch.

Now I’ll stop asking why, we are together
Or finding reasons, why we both fell
We don’t need a rocket scientist, to know we’re in love
We just have to stay... Read More

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Its just me, so nevermind :)
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