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November 2, 2013 (4 years ago)
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once in your life...

you'll find a flower...

she's fragile...

you'll find her...


(i came, i saw, i conquered....i remember)

I CAME to this place unknown to me,
and convinced myself, there's nothing here to see,
time rolls in days, they all wore the same faces,
and who's the architect of such dull places?

once, a lively morning of the unknown place,
I SAW this feisty flower swaying with grace,
my chest is in dread with a deafening thunder,
and oh, why does my heart's pounding harder?

the succulent flower was indeed helpless,
I CONQUERED it and drank, its flowing juices,
did my trusted tongue for licking and eloquence,
drain the little flower all its innocence?

once in every morning of my lonely days,
I REMEMBER a feisty flower once swayed with grace,
my chest is in grief with the deafening truth,
i ate the flower before it is fruit.


graccubus... original nov two twenty thirteen
copy and paste including credits...ty!

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