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April 11, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Ok FSS driving afficionados,summer is here.Sure ako yung inyong most ever reliable na karwahe mong bakal at de gomang gulong e kondisyon na kondisyon.Ika nga na masahe na ni Mang Adong na personal mekaniko yung makina.Kaya pweedeng pweede humataw sa SLEX Skyway at NLEX,isama mo nandin sa EDSA.Oil,water,fuel,etc planadong trip where ever and when ever.1 kindat lang nang sexy na chatter friend acquaintance mo sa chat...Kita kits sa whispered meeting place before the trip.
However!Let me remind you of a few forgotten driving out of town tips.
1.Always on the road and not on the cleavages or long silky smooth legs of your fellow car passenger.Thats what causes you to lose concentration on where to look;kaya ka napabanga doon sa sinusundan mong sasakyan nang tatay niyang walang tiwala sa iyo.
2.Keep the right hand on the 3 o clock position of the driver's wheel,change gears when needed only.Aminin mo na,kaya ka hindi nag minor noong bumanga sa SUV na imported,kasi naka rkta ka na doon sa katabi mong ubod nang sexy na pasahero sa harap.
3.Most important!Alam namin na matinde ang hardon na nararamdaman mo bago ka napa bangga sa SUV.If and if you must immediately give relief to it;it is suggested to always go and buy.Basta yung hindi bilad sa araw o yung nakatagong ipit sa leather wallet mo a NEW CONDOM.Most condoms if kept hidden yet attains heat somehow will likely suffer breakage once employed in purpose.Ayaw mongnsumabit di ba?Pwes!Pumunta ka sa 7-11 o sa 24 hrs opened mini mart malapit sa resort hotel.Believe me,always keep it fresh and well lubricated,it keeps you and her safe...
Well fellow FSS member have a good and safe vacation this summer of 2014.Oh!If you happen to see a sexy young lady walking on the road.Give her a safe ride while on the road.Sabi n... Read More

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