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November 20, 2015 (2 years ago)
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I need to get this out my system, wala na kasing ibang mapagsabihan eh. In my world, this is just a personal hidden secret. Hmm..eto na..Tingin ko na aadik na ata ako sa aldub, hahaha..and I'm a straight male by the way.

Im thinking, there must be something wrong with me? Im too old for this s***, hindi talaga bagay sakin eh..that's why i try to keep it hidden, it's like watching porn but its not..

But why do i get attached to this? Is it their jokes that deliver a faint smile to my oh so serious face? Is it their sweetness that remind me of a once lost feeling hidden somewhere beneath this shattered heart? Or is it the media and popularity itself, turning me to a dull sheep that follows the herd? Or is it a form of personal escape?

Whatever the reason is, hindi ko parin alam..ang alam ko lang,... Read More

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