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December 24, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Just a flow of thoughts lurking inside my head and want to share it to you....

It's the 24th of December and for most number of individuals that believes in something miraculous is attached the coming day, have already spent 8 sleepy nights/mornings in a nearby "church".

The inevitable fact that everyone knows, this day is the climax of their seemingly endless days of shopping spree and the wrath of enduring the heavy traffic and muscling through the extreme jampacked MRT/LRT. The month that literally flows with cash, as scheduled bonuses and other incentives pours in to a workers pocket.

The day that a child awaits for the gifts to receive, and for PROUD AND HAPPY PARENTS to long for the sight of the sweet smile from their sons/daughters as they tear up the wrappers from each gjfts that is right kn front of them.

As for someone that is in similar situation that I have for two years now, all we could do is to somehow try not to foresee and remember the sweetest smile and the sincerest awe that my daughter gave out everytime she aould wake up and see our gifts in any given day but specially on the eve of each December 24 that we had, before the day that my right to be loved and at least play with my daughterr was taken away by HER Mom that intentionally tore me apart in my daughter's mind which started two days after a very happy day that we had all together... instantly they never spared the child from the issues that were supposed to have silently stayed within ourselves as adults...not thinking of the fact that sooner or later it will not just have its effect on ME BUT MORE ON TO THE CHILD THAT IS LITERALLY GROWING UP EACH DAY. I KNOW, because I lived a life away from the eye and care of a father but I never heard any negative things came out of everyone around me, especially from my Mom, who raised us up, untiring even if she's just on her own. Due to what I have been through and to what I have read and seen, l learned that NOT EVEN A SINGLE PERSON WOULD CHOOSE TO GROW UP WITHOUT THE COMPLETE CARE OF A FATHER AND A MOTHER.

SIGH A BIG SIGH... I am giving out my sincerest apology to everyone, for posting such a blog. It is beyond my intention to give out any negativity on "one's supposed to be glorious and happy nativity". Just getting my thoughts out of my mind. Just letting go of the loud screams inside my head.

Despite the fact of the sad reality that I have in the pockets of my brain, it will not consume mg ri... Read More

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