What Kind of Love Do You Have?

October 15, 2017 (8 months ago)
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Past few days hirap akong makatulog. Maybe bec. Sari saring tanong at isipin ang gumugulo sa aking isipan. Pag emotional stress ako sa pag iisip , isa sa mga way ko ang gumawa ng letter for the guy i value most pero naiipon lang naman sa akin. Mailabas lng yung pain, love , desire of missing and excitement na muli siyang makasama . And this is it dahil di na naman ako makatulog naisipan kong sumulat ng blogs. Forgive me kung di naaayon sa panahon. Pang halloween dapat ang tema pero pang valentines tong topic ko.

Just like the weather love have varying degrees of intensity and depth. Ideally , love should progress from passion to intimacy .................to commitment?the problem is what kind of love do you have if you met someone sa ganitong site? Is it like that scene in the movie Moulin Rouge where the characters played by nicole kidman and Ewan MCc Gregor are swept away by sensually pwerful feelin... Read More

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Kissing is an act of sharing one's breath. When i offer you my intimate kiss, i share with you my life.
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