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July 2, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Beautiful is the heart that keeps on seeking Love even when it has been broken; that heals itself with happy memories instead of fill itself with bitterness. Beautiful is the heart that tirelessly seeks love, until it finds a love that is given freely, completely, with no fear of tomorrow. A love that can comfort you even when there's a vast space between the two of you. A love that soothes, that heals, that makes your heart swell with pride and happiness knowing that it is yours to keep
Beautiful is when I met you on here, Babe. 


Thank you for being man enough to put your fears and apprehensions to the side and let love flow... Thank you for finding that precious time to be with me despite of your deadlines ;  for spending "Few more minutes" with me even when that means being late and/or drive like mad.

Thank you for turning my  ordinary days into something special , fun, and unpredictable  with your moods, your crazy schedules, and being the bigger "diva" than I.  

But, above all.... for filling my days and nights with love and lust and your paglalambing that endears you to me,  morevthan the days that  past.

Thank you for being the TRUTH amongst the LIES.

This could be fleeting,  or this could last unti... Read More

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