What if?

April 12, 2014 (4 years ago)
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"What if I was the one for you and you were the one for me"
-Jason Derulo
"What if we were wrong about each other what if you are really made for me"

"Paano kung ako nauna sa kanya?"
"Paano kung sinabi ko tunay nararamdaman ko?"
"Paano kung nag Pink ako na brief nun maswerte kaya ako?"

normal Human Beings have fantasized about to the question to the possible answer of that question that start with "What If".

So my question to you.. what is your What If question..
what is your expected answer..

"What if I knew her earlier in life?"

I would have made all her trust issues go away..
I would have been the reason for her smiles and tears of joy everyday..
I would have been called a cradle snatcher..... Read More

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