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February 28, 2015 (3 years ago)
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I was having a conversation on Facebook to a woman who is a stranger to me. I don't know her personally, or have seen her face-to-face. We have just started chatting yesterday.


ME: Why did you trust me anyway? Curious lang ako.

ANNE: Nagchat lang kasi ako talaga nun dahil ke Bogsy ko. Hahaha. Tapos natuwa ako sa reply mo. Ang witty eh. So ayun, chinika na kita. Haha

(Bogsy is Kuya Bogs a.k.a. suicideking in online Filipino erotic writers' circle.)


I was thinking of a pun or banat lines, so I repeated the words "witty" three times in my mind. After a while, I replied.


ME: Hahaha. Mga babae talaga mahilig sa witty. LOL. Di ba yung witty yung may tsaa? Wit-ty? Siguro mahilig ka rin sa tsaa-tsaa? Tea-tea. HAHAHAHA.

ANNE: Potek!!!!! Ayoko na. Ang hard ng joke mo ha. Hahahahaha. Tea-tea.

ME: Hahah... Read More

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