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October 21, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Hindi lahat ng oras anjan ang taong nakapagpapasaya sayo diba?

So, you actually look for ways to have "fun" kahit he/she is far..

Ang iba, nagsusulat, nagbabasa, nagbabasa habang nagsusulat. Ako? I write. I write all my fantasies in my notebook and everytime my partner and I have the chance, we try to do it. ANd ganun din siya. The only rule is we have to be adventurous and it has to be challenging. Pero how about YOU? What do you usual... Read More

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I'm a fun and spontaneous person. I don't like rules. It limits the depth of FUN.

So, if you guys have any questions about anything.. Ask. I'll be answering. I will be you LOVE and SEX GURU ;)

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