Webcam, Atbp. (Part Two)

July 18, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Webcam, Atbp. (Part Two)I was in a long-distance relationship a few years ago. The crazy thing about LDRs is if and when you want to get intimate, mahirap and frustrating. So we did what most LDR couples would do - steamy chats, video shows, and hot Skype calls. It's the next best thing anyway. I was so much into my boyfriend kaya madali nia akong mapapayag to do stuff for him. I'd say no at first, pero dahil sa pangungulit at paglalambing, I'd oblige and do it anyway, which made him extremely happy. Hey, I was in love! And when you are in love, you do crazy stuff di ba? So there was this one crazy stuff he requested that I do. He wants to see me suck another guy’s cock on cam. I didn’t want to at first but eventually my guy convinced me.

I remembered going out on a friendly date with a guy once. He's 4 years younger than I am. Walang nangyari at di na nasundan yung dates namin kasi I wasn't that interested in him romantically or sexually. Pero I knew he wanted to fuck me then. It's a good thing I don't delete numbers sa phone ko so I still have his number. So I went and sent him a text message.

"Hey. I need to ask you something and I perfectly understand if you say no. After all, mejo weird itong request ko. But I really want you to say yes."

He texted back, "Go ahead and tell me. I just might say yes."

I replied, "Okay here goes... My guy wants to see me blow another guy's cock on webcam. You game with that? No fucking, but you'll get a free BJ."

It took him 2-3 minutes bago magreply.. "Sige. When and where?" And we set the date.


ME: Nahirapan ka ba to get here?

J: Nope. Your instructions were pretty clear naman.

ME: Ah that's good. Follow me. We go straight up to my room

J: Sino kasama mo dito sa house?

ME: My brother. Pero he's busy sa likod. Me inaayos. I told him you're here to install something sa laptop ko for work. I told him officemate kita.

J: Ahh I see.

So I led J up to my room.

ME: Welcome to my sanctum.

J: (looked around for a bit then said) It's cozy.

ME: And small. You can sit on the bed. Wait, log on lang ako sa YM.

I went and retrieved my laptop and logged onto Yahoo Messenger. As expected, BF was already online and waiting.

BF: Hi Honey!

ME: Hi love. He's here.

I placed the laptop sa bed so BF could see J sitting.

BF: Get on with it Honey. I'll just watch.

And that was just what I was waiting for. A go-signal from BF.

I glanced at J. He looked a bit nervous but every bit of an eager beaver too. Kinindatan ko sya just to ease the tension and he gave me a nervous laugh.

ME: We should get started.

J: Okay. (but he remained seated on my bed just watching me)

I saw a message from BF on my yahoo screen. 'Logging off on here and switching to Skype. See you both there.' So I sat on my bed and logged off my yahoo and logged on skype. BF was already online Skype.

J: Ah so you guys always use Skype? (nagulat ako. Nasa tabi ko na pala sya)

ME: Yeah. Yahoo gets shitty at times. I like Skype better. The video and voice quality is way better too.

J: I didn't know that. Sige nga, I will bear that in mind.

ME: Yup. Give it a try.

I placed a video call to BF. Nagconnect agad. And both videos from my end and on his loaded right away.

BF: Hey you two. (BF looked relaxed in his Hanes shirt and boxers. I already noticed the bump sa boxers nya. Siguro nanood na naman ng porn itong gago.)

ME: Hi hon.

J just gave BF a nod.

BF: Honey, I think you're wearing too many clothes for both our tastes. (I was wearing a purple tube dress that time, knee-length.) You should take it off.

ME: Yes hon.

BF: And get your earphones na may microphone. I can hardly hear you from your laptop's mic. It would be like I am whispering in your ear. Hehe. (He likes giving orders talaga. Ako naman tagasunod lagi.)

Kinuha ko muna ng earphones and kinabit ko sa laptop, then placed it in position with the mic just barely near my mouth.

BF: Can you hear me Hon?

ME: Yes. Loud and clear.

BF: Good. Now stand in front of him and strip.

Around this time, J got back to sitting on the bed so lumapit ako sa kanya. and I started taking my dress off. I had my black strapless bra and panties underneath (I looooove black underwear kasi). I heard J's sharp intake of breath when he saw me in my undies.

BF: You're wearing my favorite pair, honey. I think he likes what you're wearing too. Let him touch you. Make the first move.

It felt like BF's the devil whispering and telling me what to do. Ako naman, I'm jumping right into hell and following everything he tells me.

I gave J the best come-hither look I could muster. He stood up, hinawakan nia ako sa balikat, and just stared at my near-nakedness. When I noticed he was about to lean over and give me a kiss, I stopped him.

ME: No kissing on the lips.

J: Okay.

So J kissed sa shoulders instead. It was a soft lick-kiss. Once, twice...

BF: Show him your tits. Now.

I started unhooking my bra but J stopped me.

J: Let me do that for you.

So he came up behind me and started unhooking my bra. And gave my left shoulder a quick lick. Now I started feeling a tiny tingle sa my pussy ko. This is getting me excited! With my bra unhooked, I faced J and let him have a look at my breasts. My breasts are not porn star big. Pero di rin naman masyadong maliit. 

Siguro the perfect term would be "a handful." I caressed my right breast with my left hand and gave my nipple a quick tug while he watched.

ME: Do you like them?

J: Very much.

ME: Show me how much.

That's just the invitation J was waiting for. In a second he was already cupping both my breasts and pinched both my nipples.

ME: I want to feel your lips and your tongue on them.

J: Oh yeah... You definitely will.

J gave my right nipple a quick lick with his tongue that made me moan, then he started sucking my right breast while teasing the nipple of my left one.

ME: Oh my.. Ang sarap. Don't stop!

BF: That looks nice Honey.. Do you like what he's doing to you? Do you like feeling his mouth and his tongue on your breast?

ME: Yes honey. It feels great.

J did the same thing to my left breast and sucked it eagerly na parang may makukuha syang breast milk. I feel my knees getting weak. Ang sarap! I like having my breasts sucked and licked, and J is doing it to me. I am really getting horny now and I could actually feel my panties getting wet.

ME: Bite me.

And J did just that. Tugged at my nipples alternatingly with his teeth. And that made me moan loud.

ME: Ohhh... That's nice.. Yessss... Don't stop.

J: Don't worry I won't.

It certainly looks like J is enjoying what he is doing.

ME: Harder. Yes.. like that.. Bite it harder! Just like that.. ohhhhh..

And J bit harder making me gasp in ecstasy.

BF: Yes baby.. That's it. Moan for me. Make him finger you.

It was as if J heard what BF said. J cupped my pussy.

J: Oh my! Basa na panties mo. (He said while he teased my nipples with licks)

ME: Yess.... So what are you going to do about it? (Now that sounded like a challenge.)

J: This. (J startled me. Bigla niang pinasok yung kamay nya sa panties ko and went straight to my clit and teased it.)

ME: Oh my god... So good.. Ooohhhhhhhh...

BF: That's it baby.. Moan.. Talk dirty.. You know I love it when you talk dirty. He will love it too.

It was as if J's finger was a "tongue" doing little flicks and teasing my clit making me hornier. While he finger-teased my clit, he sucked my left breast.

ME: Fuck me with your finger. Yes... do it.. Come on.. Ohhh... I want to feel that finger inside me. (I commanded him)

J obliged of course. I was expecting a slow "pussy assault" but then he pushed his middle finger straight up - all of it and it made me jump and gasp in surprise.

ME: Ohhh.. Hmmmnnnn..

J didn't move his finger. It just stayed inside my wet pussy - sagad na sagad. He was now sucking my right breast, licking the nipples, biting, then sucking... It's driving me crazy! I want to feel some movement inside me..

BF: Oh baby.. You look so beautiful when you are so turned on like that. Do you like what he is doing? Do you like feeling his finger inside that pussy? You won't let him eat you, right? That's my pussy. I'm the only one who's going to eat it.

ME: Uhhh-hmmmnn. (It was the only sane answer I could provide.) J, come on.. finger fuck me.. please..

Hearing the word please, he started to move his finger in and out.. slowly at first.. setting a rhythm - a rhythm that's starting to drive me crazy. The sensation is just too much! My moans are starting to get louder and I'm starting to get short of breath.

BF: How many fingers is he using?

ME: One. Ohhhh.... Just one... (I breathlessly told him)

BF: This is turning me on baby.. Hearing you like this.. Make it two fingers. Tell him to use two.

ME: Two? Hmmmmnnn....

That was supposed to be a question, but as soon as J heard the number, he understood perfectly what BF wanted.. So he started inserting his ring finger in.. What started as one finger, now became two.. Oh my god! Ang sarap!!!!

BF: Do you like that baby? It's just like a little dick's going in and out of you.. Feel those fingers.. Imagine it's a little cock teasing you.

ME: Oh god babe.. Yess..... It feels good.. Ohhhhhh.... Ahhhhhhh...

The combination of J's lick-bites with my nipples and the two fingers moving in and out of my pussy is making me hornier and wetter. Then J did something that almost made my scream.. He started to alter his finger movements.. Instead of the usual in and out movement, he now incorporated a "round and round" pattern. Ohhhhhhhhhh shit... Now this made my knees buckle.. I had to back up to the wall para sumandal if I don't, baka magcollapse ako sa sahig.

ME: Ohhhh.. God!! What are you doing? What is that? ohhhh... ohhh... fuck that's good.

BF: Oh baby.. You moaning like that is turning me on the more. I am wanking off my cock for you..

J: Do you want me to stop? (J said looking up from licking my nipples.)

ME: Are you fucking kidding me? More.. I want more.. Ohhhhh... (I was gasping for air.)

J: Your wish is my command.

ME: Faster.. I'm gonna come soon.. Ohhhhhh..... Ahhhhhhh.. Come on do it faster. Yesss.... That's it.. Fuck my wet pussy.. Ohhh.. Deeper! Yesssss.... Finger-fuck me hard, and fast.. No.. Don't do it slow.. I want it fast... and hard.. I'm going to come soon.. Shit... Ang sarap talaga..

J was like my sex slave or something. He's doing everything I want him to do. He is following every instruction I am giving him. And I feel really close to coming.

J: Do you want to come in my mouth? If you want me to, I can lick you?

ME: Uhmmmmnmmmm.... No... Aahhhhh... Just finger fuck me... Yes.. like that..

And he did just that..

BF: Are you close to coming baby? You sound like you are. Are you enjoying this?

ME: Yes babe.. HHmmmnnnn... He's got good fingers.. Aaaaahhhh... Pussy is soooo weeeet right now.. Ohhhhh..

BF: Make him use three..

I was startled with what BF wanted.

ME: What?? Ohhhhhh..... Three?? Hmmmnnn.. but..

BF: Yes. Three. Make him use three. It's going to feel like a thick cock - almost.

J looked up at me and he knew what BF is asking now. He gave me a look asking me if I am okay with it. I gave him a silent nod. Might as well try it anyway, I said in my mind.

ME: Go ahead. (My voice sounding like a whisper. I closed my eyes and braced myself for the three-finger assault.)

BF: Is he doing it?

I felt the third finger inside me. Now I felt fuller than with just two fingers inside. J didn't move at first. Waiting for my reaction.

BF: What's it like baby?

ME: Bigger. (It was the first word that came out of my mouth.)

J started to move all three fingers inside my pussy.

ME: Ouch! That kind of hurts.

J stopped for a bit.

BF: What's the matter baby? Fingers too big for your tight pussy?

ME: It kind of stings. Can we just use two, love? Please?

BF: Okay. Cum for me now.

ME: Let's go back to two fingers J.

J obliged and started finger-fucking me again.

ME: Ohhhhhhhh.... Yes!! That's it... Right there...

BF: Louder baby... Louder.. Talk dirty.

ME: Come on fuck me with your fingers. Oh you're so good! Ahhhhh... Deeper... Yes!! Push it hard! I'm close to coming. Yeeessss..... Harder!!

J "assaulted" my pussy with his two best fingers. Teasing the insides, making my pussy muscles quiver with pleasure. He did the "corkscrew" thing again, which made my hips follow the movement and the rhythm his fingers are making.

BF: Do you like it love? Does he make your pussy wet?

I can barely hear what BF is saying. I was close to cumming. I want to really moan out loud, but I’m afraid my brother will hear.

ME: Yes love. Ahhh… My pussy is so sweet right now. – yes right there --- You would’ve loved it. Oh yes. more!

BF: You’re close to... Read More

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