Webcam, Atbp. (Part Three)

July 19, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Webcam, Atbp. (Part Three)I was in a long-distance relationship a few years ago. The crazy thing about LDRs is if and when you want to get intimate, mahirap and frustrating. So we did what most LDR couples would do - steamy chats, video shows, and hot Skype calls. It's the next best thing anyway. I was so much into my boyfriend kaya madali nia akong mapapayag to do stuff for him. I'd say no at first, pero dahil sa pangungulit at paglalambing, I'd oblige and do it anyway, which made him extremely happy. Hey, I was in love! And when you are in love, you do crazy stuff di ba? So there was this one crazy stuff he requested that I do. He wants to see me suck another guy’s cock on cam. I didn’t want to at first but eventually my guy convinced me.

I remembered going out on a friendly date with a guy once. He's 4 years younger than I am. Walang nangyari at di na nasundan yung dates namin kasi I wasn't that interested in him romantically or sexually. Pero I knew he wanted to fuck me then. It's a good thing I don't delete numbers sa phone ko so I still have his number. So I went and sent him a text message.

"Hey. I need to ask you something and I perfectly understand if you say no. After all, mejo weird itong request ko. But I really want you to say yes."

He texted back, "Go ahead and tell me. I just might say yes."

I replied, "Okay here goes... My guy wants to see me blow another guy's cock on webcam. You game with that? No fucking, but you'll get a free BJ. Hehe.."

It took him 2-3 minutes bago magreply.. "Sige. When and where?" And we set the date.


I was breathless. I felt J remove his fingers from my wet pussy. I gave him a shy smile. He looked at his with fingers. It was glistening with my cum. Nahiya tuloy ako. I gave him some wet wipes. He smiled and got a few.

J: I need to use the bathroom.

ME: It’s downstairs. Turn to the right when you reach the foot of the stairs. You won’t miss it.

I wrapped a towel around my naked body. J left my room.


BF: Was it that good, babe?

ME: What do you think, Dean? Can you tell from my moans?

BF: Hahaha. You enjoyed it, but we both know I do a better job at it.

ME: For sure.

BF: But seriously love, it turned me on! I have a huge boner now.

ME: I can see it. Yum! (I jokingly ran my tongue my lips. He laughed.)

And it is true. BF was stroking his cock on cam, a fully erect and ready cock. And there is no denying that I wanted his cock. If only he was here with me instead of another guy.

BF: Too bad I wouldn’t be able to fill your mouth babe.

ME: Yes. Too bad

BF: But you have a cock there available. When he comes back, blow him, will you love?

And as if on cue, J came back inside my room. He locked the door and approached me.

ME: You okay?

J: Yeah. I just had to – I just had to take care of something.

ME: Okay. Everything’s all right then?

I saw J wiped his brow. Pinagpapawisan sya. Could be tensed?

J: Err—yeah. Yes. Everything’s okay.

ME: Should we continue?

J: Yes. Yeah, let’s.

ME: Very well.

BF: Make him sit on the chair and blow him, love.

Yes, that’s another order from BF to which I will comply with of course.

ME: How about you sit down and make yourself comfortable?

I motioned J to a chair that was carefully placed in clear view of the laptop’s webcam. He sat down.

J: So what’s next on the agenda?

He smiled… eagerly.

ME: You know what that is, but first… you have to take your pants off.

J complied. He started unbuckling his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and unzipped his fly. He pulled his pants down and disposed of it on the floor. He sat on the chair and I noted the bulge now that he’s just wearing his boxers.

ME: Comfy? (I asked as I stood up between his parted legs.)

J: Uh-huh. I think so.

BF: Do it, love. I want to see.

ME: I am. No rush, love. (I told BF. I then turned to J.) Take it out.

J did as he was told. He took his cock out from his boxers. It’s already hard! I settled between his legs and started to kneel. Not taking off my eyes sa cock nya.

BF: Lick it love.

And I did just what BF told me. I licked the head of the cock. Once, twice. And I wasn’t even touching it. I heard J’s sigh. I smiled.

ME: Let’s take this off. (I was holding his boxers and I pulled it down.)

I estimated his cock to be roughly around 6 inches. Not bad. BF had 7 inches though. But like I said, not bad. And shaven too.

BF: Come on now, love. Let me see you blow that cock.

I parted J’s legs some more and dove straight to his balls. I licked and traced my tongue over them. Then slowly take one inside my mouth and played it with my tongue before releasing it and taking the other. J’s breathing was getting ragged.

BF: Love, he likes what you are doing. Hmmmnn.. I miss you doing that to me. My cock’s bigger though. But I think he will fill your mouth just fine. Suck him. I want to see you do it.

I licked both of J’s balls one final time before I started licking his cock head. I flicked my tongue at it and noted the precum oozing out. I slowly dragged my tongue across his cock head. J moaned with pleasure. And because he wasn’t expecting it, I surprised him when I took his cock into my mouth – deep throat – to the hilt! And that made J’s butt raise!

BF: Oh that’s it, love! That looks good. I am imagining you are doing that with my cock right now.

J: Oh shit! That feels great.

I took out his cock from my mouth and started licking at it like it was a lollilop and licked at the base of his cock, his length, and all the way to the top. And dragged my teeth over his cock head again. J was trying to contain his moans, but I could tell he was enjoying what I am doing.

I slowly jacked him off with my hand trying not to squeeze hard but with a firm grip. Every once in a while I’d flick his cock head with my tongue, and I use my hand to massage his balls.

J’s cock was getting harder by the minute, and BF is enjoying every minute of it.

BF: Do you want him to cum in your mouth, love? I think he is getting close.

ME: You know I don’t do that, love. Just a taste. But I don’t really swallow.

BF: Yes I know.

J was enjoying my hand job and my ball massage technique.

BF: Love, if I say yes, will you let him fuck you?

ME: What? You know I won’t do that. It won’t matter if you say yes, I still won’t do it.

BF: But look at him love, I know he wants that pussy of yours. Will you let him?

I looked at J and for a moment. I thought about having him inside me and feeling that cock go in and out of my pussy, but I disregarded the thought.

J: I’m getting close. Do you want it in your mouth?

ME: No, but I want a taste.

J took over. He started to jack off in front of me. I noted his brisk hand movements and the way he firmly held his cock with his right hand. His breathing was getting ragged and he was stopping himself from moaning out loud. I gave his cock head one quick lick. Then, I started sucking on his left thumb pretending it was a little cock. That action drove him crazy, and he was jerking off faster now.

And he came. He gave out one long moan. I noted the spurts of semen come out of his cock and went straight to my breasts. I was still sucking his thumb.

BF: That was a good one, love. Now lick his cock off. Taste him.

And I did just that. I licked J’s cock head off and noted the sweet taste of his cum. I sucked at his cock one last time.

ME: Spent?

J: Oh yeah. (And he gave out a laugh.)

I stood up and reached for the wet wipes by my table. I gave J one, and I started wiping the cum off my breasts. J excused himself and said he needed to go to the bathroom. I started getting dressed.

BF: So…

ME: So?

BF: Did you enjoy it?

ME: It was okay.

BF: Hmmmn.. You want to do it again?

ME: Love, that was a one-time deal, remember?

BF: Maybe next time I could convince you to fuck him while I watch.... Read More

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