Webcam, Atbp. (Part One)

July 17, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Webcam, Atbp. (Part One)I was in a long-distance relationship a few years ago. The crazy thing about LDRs is if and when you want to get intimate, mahirap and frustrating. So we did what most LDR couples would do - steamy chats, video shows, and hot Skype calls. It's the next best thing anyway. I was so much into my boyfriend kaya madali nya akong mapapayag to do stuff for him. I'd say no at first, pero dahil sa pangungulit at paglalambing, I'd oblige and do it anyway, which made him extremely happy. Hey, I was in love! And when you are in love, you do crazy stuff di ba? So there was this one crazy stuff he requested that I do.

Kakatapos lang ng isang 30-minute hot session namin on Skype nun. I was still naked and we were talking on mic. All the while we were talking, I was pinching my nipples and playing with my breasts. Gustong-gusto ni BF na nakikita ako caressing my tits on cam. It turns him on daw kasi.

ME: Wow. That was mind-blowing!

BF: I know. Grabe, three times kang nilabasan ah. Obviously, you were into it and nag-enjoy ka.

ME: How did you know that I came thrice?

BF: Hahaha. That's easy. I know yung type mong moan pag malapit ka nang labasan and nagiging mas maingay ka. That happened three times. I counted.

ME: Yeah, well I was horny. You made me horny.

BF: I know honey. Listen, you want to try something?

ME: Ano na naman yan na request mo? Hay naku, ayan na naman tayo.

BF: Well, you can say no if you don't want to do it pero this is quite easy naman.

ME: (I pouted for a bit pero knowing na I don't have the power na tumanggi I asked) Ano ba yun?

BF: I want to see you blow another's cock on cam.

ME: (nagulat ako sa request nya) What? Are you fucking serious?

BF: Yes, I am serious. That would really turn me on.

ME: You mean it's okay for you to see me do it with another guy?

BF: BJ lang naman yun, Hon. You won't be fucking him. Please? It would really, really turn me on.

ME: I'll think about it.

BF: Don't think about it. Do it.

ME: Like I said, I'll think about it.

BF: I know you'll say yes. You love me. Now show me your pussy.

Three days din ako na kinulit ni BF before nya ako napapayag. I pick the guy daw. Pero ayaw nya na sa motel namin gawin or sa place ng guy. He wants me to do it in my room and dapat laptop ko yung gamit. I said yes to it anyway. So I started looking for the perfect candidate.

Firstly, I didn't want it to be someone na nasa circle of friends ko, nakakahiya kasi and it would be awkward if it has to be someone you know.

Secondly, I didn't want it to be a stranger. Nakakatakot din yun. I would be inviting the guy in my home, mahirap na.

So the next best option would be is he has to be someone na di kilala ng friends and family ko and very less likely na makasalubong ko day to day.

Then, I remembered going out on a friendly date with a guy once. He's 4 years younger than I am. Walang nangyari at di na nasundan yung dates namin kasi I wasn't that interested in him romantically or sexually. Pero I knew he wanted to fuck me then. It's a good thing I don't delete numbers sa phone ko so I still have his number. So I went and sent him a text message.

Hi-hello messages and kumustahan muna at first. I found out he just broke up with his GF.

Then I went and sent him this text message, "Hey. I need to ask you something and I perfectly understand if you say no. After all, mejo weird itong request ko. But I really want you to say yes."

He texted back, "Go ahead and tell me. I just might say yes."

I replied, "Okay here goes... My guy wants to see me blow another guy's cock on webcam. You game with that? No fucking, but you'll get a free BJ."

It took him 2-3 minutes bago magreply.. "Sige. When and where?"

I rolled my eyes.  Typical.  Only a handful of men would say no to BJs.  And so we set the date.

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