Walang Hanggang True Love

July 17, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Walang Hanggang True LoveYou made me smile from the moment I first saw you,
ngiting tumatak sa 'king kaluluwa.
Another glanced then I find myself admiring you,
tindi ng hangarin ako sana'y angkinin.

Until I can't deny myself on wanting you,
buong pusong ako'y sayo at ika'y akin.
Now I can't help falling for you,
isang pag-ibig na tanging sa'yo lang nadama.

What is this that you've done to me?
Ba't hindi ka mawaglit sa aking gunita?
You suddenly turn my emotions upside down,
araw-gabi ika'y aking pinapantasya.

Your beauty is something I can't resist,
ang mga labi mo sana hindi na maalis.
Now that I found you my life completes,
kaya kong tiisin kahit ano mang pait.

Say the words then my heart fulfilled,
hanggang sa ako'y hindi na makapagpigil.
Like how you light up my darkest side,
sa piling mo buhay ay walang katulad.

I wrapped my world around your body,
matamis ang hatid sa bawat mong halik.
To feel you inside oh to fill you inside,
tuwina katawan ko'y kusang lumalantad.

Even without a single word from you I see,
ang init ng iyong pag-ibig unti-unting umuusad.
Calling your name shouting for more,
naghihintay sa susunod mong hakbang.

I kissed your lips to taste you breath,
naaaliw sa bawat buka ng bibig.
Flesh to flesh discovering our senses,
nadadarang sa bawat huni't halinghing.

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