Virgin in need of Older women

May 7, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Virgin in need of Older womenHi po. 

I'm 23 years old from Antipolo City, but belive it or not, still a virgin. Never had experiences with women. NGSB.

I had this fetish since I was in High school, and that is to have sex with older women. 

My urge for older women began way before high school. Nung elementary days ko, I use to see pictures of bold actresses sa mga diyaryo at calendars, and that's where my awareness in sexual urge came into being. In high school, I used to fantasize one of my teachers who is older than me. 

Why older women? Simple. Being virgin that I am, I want to learn something from my sexual partners, especially if my partner is very good on bed. 

So for that, I want to experience sex before I graduate sa college (yup, I'm still studying). 

Preferred kong girls ay from 25-35 years old. Physically, mahilig ako sa babaeng malaki ang boobs at sexy, at siyempre willing akong turuan sa sex. 

Kung Okey lang din, I also do SOT. Siguro dito lang ako magaling. Haha.

I may not be a handsome and yummy man, gusto... Read More

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Ako po si Ricky.

Tamang libog lang.
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