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I've tied the knot once upon time but choose to live alone than to be bitten by him for breakfast,served with bruises for lunch and giving him the chance to devour by being his punching bag for dinner.Yes I was once a battered wife.After like four-five years of being single,I found a new love.but before him I enjoyed my freedom.I have worked for the most liberated industry.We were trained to abide the western practices etc.Then came a new found love,a forbidden love at that.
He did not showered me with flowery words yet I fell for him.Until problems started to flow,we were apart then,but usung a satellite call he asked me "walang iwanan sa ere ha."I held on until he came home and more problems came still he wanted me/us to hold on tight to whatever beautiful thing we are sharing,but please tell me,should I keep holding on when situation tells me to give up?I am so broke,that I can't even properly follow my I have to go thru this to pay for this forbidden love that I am into?I still... Read More

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