Untold Love Story (Random Throwback)

December 24, 2015 (2 years ago)
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This piece is originally a song i composed way back when i was in highschool. Nahalungkat ko. Napagtanto ko lang, lahat pala ng nagawa kong literary pieces simula't sapul always end up tragically. 

Untold Love Story

He spends his birthday blue and lone
On his way home, he found a phone
He looks around and saw a lady nearby
He picked the phone and heaves a sigh.

She loses her phone and can’t be found
She sojourns walking and look around
When she saw him approaching her
He shows the phone and lends to her.

She goes red as he touch her hand
He stares at her for a second
She asks his name and same with him
Then he exits with her eyes’ gleam.

They both cherish the moment they met
The day they apprize and consider fate
For they fell in love with each other
And swear to spend their life together.

Their love is more than just a fantasy
They relish each moment harmoniously
Their relationship seem to have no edge
Time comes for him to ask her marriage.

He waits in the park where they first met
With a diamond ring, he’s so excited
And can’t take his eyes off the ring
Hours passed but still he’s waiting.

His phone rings, it’s a call from a friend
A call that makes every piece of him broken... Read More

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I can make a poem with a blink of an eye
But can hardly make a story for it doesn't need to rhyme.
Tragic and tear jerking scripts are my kind of things
I'm in love with nude paintings but can hardly make erotic writings.
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