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UNTITLED IMy body throbs with anticipation
Of when will I see you for a sweet sensation.
Our bodies move in a rhythmic motion
The slapping of our skin is the only commotion.

I kiss you on the neck and glide
My tongue down to your breast it slide.
Our hands move towards different directions
signaling how extatic are we in every action.
I'll make sure your body is caressed with pride
And never will my urge subside.

I kissed your lips for the experience you've given me
Ever since we began I have been living my fantasy.
We took it slow as you rode me gently
Each movement executed calmly.

I picked you up all the while still inside you
Against the wall I'll show you what I can do.
Before we even say adieu
Let me teach you a thing or two.

My tongue played with her nipple like a string on a guitar
On a circular motion our urges at par.
Our bodies concupiscent with one another
I have always dreamed of being us being alone together.

I held your legs above your head and did you
I'll make sure this experience will confound you.
Every thrust I did while on top of you
Can't make you resist even if I ask for round two.

It was nearly morning when we finally took a break
20 hours multiple orgasms none did we have to fake.
We then got dressed and walked out the corridor
all the pleaserable positions made my legs weak and lean on the door.

I gave her a kiss as part our... Read More

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