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October 18, 2016 (1 year ago)
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I met you for quite some time. Our convesation started with the usual hi and hello. 

In a couple of weeks that we talked, I got to know you. I was impressed and got hooked into you. 

Never thought I will find someone like you. And I felt sad when you suddenly disappear. 

Months passed without any news about how you were doing. And then I started to think less and less about you. 

Then one busy afternoon, you suddenly popped out and greeted me with a wink.

That wink.

Made my heart beat fast.

And we got back to our old routine until suddenly, you gave me a warning about falling for you.

"     WAG! Ayoko mahulog sayo. Mas mabuting kilalanin muna natin ang isa't isa. " were your exact words.

You wanted us to be JUST friends.

It hurts. And for some reason I agreed to be just your friend instead of walking away. But then you became a stranger. Our chit-chat became "hi.. hello" and then total silence. 

I cried, a couple of times. 

Now, the tears may not be visible, but I am crying inside. 

It hurts. A lot.

Now you're gone again. 

When you were gone the first time, I tried to forget about you. 

And then you came back, I tried to ignore you to prevent myself from falling hard for you. I thought I could but how could I resist you when my heart longs for you?

So for the third time, I fall and feel the pain again. 

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