August 20, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Someone like you suddenly came into my life,
And filled an empty space into my heart.
From the moment of unexpectable,
feelings felt so unexplainable.

It was love,
But not the selfish kind of love.
It is love,
But with you i'm not in-love.

A love with no tears.
A love with no pain.
A love with no fears.
A love with no taint.

Alam mo bang naluluha ako habang sinusulat ito?
Nasasaktan sa kakaisip ng susunod na katagang idudugtong.
Bawat letra ang pait!
Tanong ko, bakit?

Suddenly you were gone...
Suddenly we are done...
Suddenly i'm alone...
Suddenly alone...

Nasaktan ako nung iwan ako nung ex ko,
Pero mas masakit pala pag kaibigan ang nawala.
Masakit lang kasi akala mo pareho kayo ng nararamdaman.
Pero hindi mo maisip kung bakit unti-un... Read More

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I dreamt of being a published writer of inspirational and motivational stories, cause I want to inspire those who have physical disabilities and less fortunate people whom are downhearted. I want to bring hope into their hearts and I want them to see a beautiful world that's full of dreams.

I also want to share my thoughts about unconditional love, life's regrets and marital failures through Erotic stories. I may not change your world, but I wish, with my simple works, i've touched your hearts.
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