Unexpected (Short Story)

December 22, 2015 (2 years ago)
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I gently puffed my smoke. The hot room filled with lavender-scented candles, arousing up my senses, as I sat down, waiting for her. I am ecstatic, yet somehow, I feel nervous and somewhat disappointed.This wasn't my first time. I already been into bars, and places for merriment and satisfaction - frankly, I am a frequent customer. Drinks and other friendly engagements are only a cover for it - what I really want in these places are two things, sense of thrill, and pleasure. The joy of doing the forbidden tingles me down to the core, and to be honest, I am addicted to it. Ladies know me from many different places, and group together whenever I come. I do them, for the sake of my own enjoyment, and also, to satiate this feeling I felt long time ago - the feeling of betrayal I felt towards my first love.

I heard footsteps, nearing my room. I quickly finished my Winston and went to bathroom...

*knock* *knock*

She's here. I went and opened the door. She was shocked upon seeing me, since I never bothered to wear any clothes.

"C-come in..." I said in a stuttering voice. That was embarrassing, but I couldn't care less.

She's a thing of beauty - her skin glistened even in the candle-lit room. She's in her blazed spaghetti tees, and crimson skirt. I can see her hands trembling - a first timer i guess. She's sexy, and she somewhat reminds me of the woman who betrayed me a long time ago.

Forget it - am here for her services, and might as well indulge this feeling again. She wants to be payed anyways. She doesn't know me in the first place.

I came towards her aggressively. I kissed her and in also quickly responded to my lip's desire. I clawed my way to her back, removing her tees, while I went deeper in my kisses. Touching her bosoms, I went for her neck and savored her womanly scent. She smells the same - the same woman I loved long time ago, but I couldn't care less since I am doing this for my own pleasure.

I ran down my tongue near her breasts and licked her nipples, and bit them out of instinct.

She's feeling it. The moans are now getting louder as I traced the tip of my tongue going down on her.

"Unbutton it..."She responded obediently, and removed every last garment in her. I stood back for a bit, and viewed at her - looking at her body for a few minutes to prolong the moment, to remember each curve of this woman's body.

I need this woman right now. I plunged near her thighs, and carried her two legs. I began enticing her womanhood. Licking part by part, I deftly expressed my lustful desires in her.

"Uhhhh!" Those words intensified my sexual arousal even more.

"Aaaaah!" She shouted loudly as I moved my fingers inside out savoringher wetness and warmth. I felt a sense of urgency and suddenly, I parted her legs and rubbed my manhood in her girth.

As I about to enter her, she spoke in a soft voice....

"I am sorry, Jim...."

I was startled. I am already there in entering her, but her words gave a shock in me. How in the hell did she know my name?

I gulped, and let go of her legs entwined in my waist. My eyes hinted a gleam of tear as I gently spoke to the woman I am with....


From the moment she heard my words, her eyes widened, and she immediately took the blanket near her and covered... Read More

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