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Two Sons, Two Lovers

April 1, 2013 (5 years ago)
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Two Sons, Two LoversNOTE: This text is of the highly erotic kind, describing the making of an incestuous relationship between a mother and her 2 teenage sons. It includes detailed descriptions of several intercourses taking place, oral sex, taking on both her sons, pregnancy with her sons, milking/lactating and breast feeding scenes.
All the sex taking place is consensual, and romantically written (if I may say so myself).
It is a story, true or false, for you to judge, concerning one of the most taboo subjects, INCESTUAL relationships between mother/sons and INCESTUAL PREGNANCIES.
If you dislike reading stories about family members having sex or if you are under the age of 18 (or the legal age if different from this), a sensitive person or a watchman of moral law, then don't read any further and forget that the word and act of incest even exists...
For you who like reading about these fascinating subjects.. welcome to read further......
Chapter I
After all that had happened, I still considered myself lucky. Of course, there had been very tragic moments in my life, but they seemed only to have given me more strength, and trust in myself. Nature had of course influenced me and somewhat turned me into a sad person, but this day changed it all for me, I started to live anew. I had only lived half my life, I was still young... Let me tell you how it started...
My name is Annabel, but everyone calls me Anna or just Bel. We, that is, my then 15-year-old-son John, and his 1 year younger brother Tim, lived out on the planes of Texas. We had lived there ever since the dreadful accident that changed my life in a brutal way. It was only 2 months after the birth of Tim. My husband and I had been married for almost 2 years, loving each other immensely, but life isn't always kind. Michael worked at a big ranch and was chief when it came to handling cattle, however in a dreadful moment he was smacked against the boards by a bull, leaving him all paralysed. One week later, Michael died.
The owner of the ranch was a very kind man, he understood the tragedy, he knew I was alone, without any understanding parents to go to, with 2 children to take care of, and only 22. So he arranged for me to live in a small, but old cottage, which was situated in the outskirts of his land by a beautiful pond. It was a lovely house, which Michael and I had rode by several times, admiring, hoping that one day we could live together in a lonely but romantic place just like that.
The first years the owner visited me quite often, lending me some powerful hands belonging to his workers, to make some repairs, but later we met only once or twice a month in town. But as I said, he was a very kind man, too old for me to love but he never tried to take advantage of me and the situation in any way, and for that I respect him greatly.
Living in the cottage was fantastic, most of the times, however, getting to town was difficult, since you had to drive on a small dirt road for 4 miles, and being so far off in the countryside made life pretty lonely. There were no neighbours closeby, only uncultivated fields, but I didn't mind. Even though the town was quite large, there were no men who would marry me, I was only 22 and looked great at that time, but having 2 children, didn't attract any of them... I tried, I wanted and needed a man, but no one wanted me, so I was left alone, with my children, raising them, waiting for life to pass by, being forgotten.
Time passed slowly, I took occasional jobs as a waitress, assistant shopkeeper etc. I didn't really need the money, since I was granted a sum of money from my husband's parents and then there were the social welfare money. In other words, I managed myself.
I and my two sons had a great life together, we used to play games, cards, listen to music, going out and ride. I really took my time taking care of them. Together we built up a special bond, a special love. My sons never quarrelled with each other, like my brothers did all the time back home, instead they shared everything, they went together and stayed together. I was very proud of them, since they did very well in school too.
However, this specific summer I'm going to tell you about, changed our love for each other. It turned into a love I had missed for so long...But let's start at the beginning....
* * * * * * * *
Chapter II
It was my birthday, I was turning 36, the boys and I had decided to take a ride out to the lake for a pick-nick, sort of. We had a great time, laughing, making jokes, eating and drinking. The wine bottle I had brought was finished pretty soon, of course I didn't want my sons to drink alcohol, but inviting them to drink a glass with me couldn't be bad. I was feeling very joyful, maybe it was the wine that did it...
"Let's take a swim!", I heard myself exclaim.
"Yeah, why not?", Tim responded.
"But, we don't have any swimming suits with us" said John.
That was true, but what did it matter, besides I didn't feel like I wanted to wear a swimsuit. I felt like I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. I hadn't gone skinny dipping, since my husband was killed. After all this day was special, at least to me, and I wanted to amuse myself...
"What difference does it make" I asked, "there's only us here, and I've seen you naked before! Let's go skinny dipping!"
That was also true, but I hadn't seen my boys naked for years. Even though we were an open family, I was raised to respect the privacy of someone, but what difference would it make now.
This day however, I'm sure it must have been the wine that got to my head and the warmth, but as I started peeling of my clothes, one by one, I started to feel.. ...excited...
Michael, my husband, was a city boy, raised in Houston, before he had moved out to work in Texas. For me, he was the first man I had ever been with, even after his death. However, Michael wasn't a beginner at making love, he showed me a lot of things, letting me explore my own as well as his body. Teaching me the differences, showing me the secret of the love-act, things I had only heard about or dreamt in my wildest dreams... He introduced me to a completely new dimension. Of course, coming from the country, I was pretty naive, and, you could say, prude and strictly raised, knowing that sex was taboo, and somewhat a sin. But Michael changed this within me, I learned that all the lectures my mother had had with me about sex, sin and duty, was falling apart. My first orgasm, that was actually the second time we made love, changed all my ideas and theories about sex, it became something pleasurable, a game, in which you couldn't loose, you would feel good with any outcome. And he taught me that as long as everything felt good, there was no bad in it. Michael also taught me what stimulated men, but he also taught me what could stimulate women... This was one thing I got very aroused from, at first undressing in front of Michael with lit lamps, scared me. I was ashamed of myself. But he showed me that it was something that really turned him on, and that started to turn me on to, knowing that just by displaying my body to him when undressing, could make him go crazy... so crazy that we would keep the bed rocking the whole night, then keeping it warm till noon the next day, when we would get up only to eat and again have even more sex... But as I have already told you, that ended some 14 years ago, and since then I have been all alone in bed...Loosing all my trust in ever having any man again, and my rule was to first get a steady relationship, then sex. I had become sure that I would be alone for the rest of my life in bed, but how wrong I was...
The act of undressing in front of two males, may be they were my own sons, started to turn me on... Soon I was having only my bra and panties on...And slowly, as provocative as only a female can be, I peeled them off, standing all nude on the blanket, my long, brown hair hanging down in a pony tail, covering my left breast. I hadn't paid any attention to it, until I was this naked, but my two sons had started taking off their clothes, they were staring at me with huge eyes that looked like they would pop out off their skulls any minute. It wasn't until now, when they slowly took their jeans off that I saw the tent formation in their underwear...They had hard-ons! And I mean reel hardons! My hart skipped at least for beats, and I had a hard time not looking at their crotches...Looking up I saw them eyeing my body, and meeting their eyes, they blushed, doing there best to hide their erected penises. I felt a little embarrassed I hadn't awaited this reaction...Here I was standing all nude, like I had only in front of one man earlier. Now I was starting to have these strange sensations a woman gets when wanting a man... NO! I couldn't think this way! These were my sons!
"I'll run ahead I said..." slowly, not really wanting to, I turned around and headed for the water...I needed to cool off, to cool off bad! To get rith of my horny feelings, feelings towards my sons!
I tried no to look, but seeing my boys coming towards me 20 yards away, I watched them closely. I eyed them in maybe the closest way I had ever inspected them.
Ooh, how tall and beautiful they were, John was only 15, and yet so tall, shoulders broad like his father's, the muscles he had gotten from working on a ranch part time were playing on his body as he moved, his body, which already showed the masculine power it possessed. Girls would chase him in a year or two, he was really handsome, every wet schoolgirls dream... Puberty had come, and already set the marks on him, he looked gorgeous. It was strange how fast he had grown to be a man, I hadn't realised he was a man till now, admiring his male flesh, watching his semi-erected penis, which had already received the cute dark-brown bush above it. Then we had little Tim, only 14, looking so innocent and sweet, still a child compared to John, I couldn't see at this distance, but I couldn't figure out whether he had any blonde hairs covering his... his...manhood... but... they were no children any longer... they were men, at least if you judged by their young and beautiful erected... ooh what was I thinking of...I hadn't seen a man naked for 14 years, and for 14 years I had made myself happy in bed, with my fingers, imagining it was Michael, my husband making love to me, however lately I no longer enjoyed it as much, imagination didn't have any effect on me any longer. But now I felt really horny, for the first time in years, it must have been the wine that was playing a game on me...
I held my breath and took a couple of strokes under the water, feeling the coolness around me, seeking deeper water. By the time I surfaced, John and Tim were in the lake, swimming towards me.
"Come on you two! or maybe you're chickening out?" I tried to ease up the tension the odd situation had created, and I knew Tim couldn't resist a challenge, always wanting to win every possible contest. So he lunged himself towards me, taking a pair of quick strokes, then as he approached, he stopped a few feet away from me. Then SPLASH, a rain of water drenched my face as Tim hit the water with his palm...
"What are you doing?" I yelled at the sudden attack, laughing...
"Let's se who's chickening out?" He yelled, giving me several more splashes. Then there was war, me and Tim splashing water on each other and suddenly John was in the battle too, only he was on my side... Timmie fought bravely, but was doomed to loose, not liking it, he took a couple of strong strokes, and off he went...
"I'm going to take a swim...I'm heading for those rocks, to get a sun-tan" he said, lunging himself towards a couple of rocks some 100 yards away, along the shore, probably setting up a new challenge.
"Be careful.", I said, like any mother would...even though I new my sons were good swimmers.
"Sooo, we won!", said John happily.
"Sure did", I took a step closer to him, feeling the soft sand tickling my toes, the waterline at my shoulders...
"Oh, you little...", I never had the chance to speak out, another splash, now it was John who were giving me a hard time.
I tried getting away, but he kept scooping water on me, so I I went for the kill...but I ended up bumping against him, my big, soft breasts pressed against his naked chest, my long legs against his muscular, but then, there was his semi-erected penis, between my legs, barely parting my cleavage, slightly pushing at the entrance...twitching, tickling my clitoris, following the rhythm of the undulating water movements... I was melting from the treatment...and he was growing...his penis reaching full stiffness, full erection, really deserving to be called a manhood...
We stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity, which couldn't have been more than a few seconds. His eyes meeting mine, hot glances exchanged, talking through them with each other, expressing what we both so sinfully wanted. Then nature took over our oversexed bodies which ached so bad for relief. John started to hump me, even though he hadn't entered me, he was running his penis in the crack of my womanhood, his eyes, glassy like mine with the hot lust, passion-burning, no more logic, no more sense, no more moral. Pure animal lust, owned our bodies... I WANTED him, I wanted him NOW. Feeling his penis play in my crack, was exciting me a lot, I was going to cum... I realised I wanted him inside! I wanted him where I couldn't have him, where no mother was allowed to have her son after once giving birth to her child...I wanted him in my pussy, deep, deep where his father once planted him. I wanted to have sex with him, I was hot...
I moaned, looked at his closed eyes, the eyelids fluttering as he was experiencing great pleasures from feeling his stiff penis running between my slippery vaginal lips, his hands were at my waist, keeping me close to him, his lower body working in a fast rhythm to satisfy his eager need, the need to mate, he was beyond rational thinking, his entire body shaking without control, seeking that ultimate lust.
He's my son! echoed in my head, I can't do what I'm about to do! It would be a great sin, it would be incest! I thought, but feeling his penis bumping against my hole, almost entering, stimulating my erected and hypersensitive clitoris, made up my mind... I wanted him as much as he wanted me...
I grabbed his penis with my hand, the other one went around his buttocks. When he felt that he couldn't hump anymore he opened his eyes dreamily...
"Ohh...please... don't make me stop mom, it feels so good...I've never felt this good before...just let..."
"Shhhh...", I hushed him motherly, "I know my love, I want to help you...I only want to make it even better...for us..."
Slowly, like in a trance I directed my sons virginal penis against my love cave, letting it part my fluttering butterfly- like lips. I was trying hard to find a good reason to tell him I wanted to stop, one final effort to stop this depraved incestuous act, as a mother and grown-up, it is my duty to see what's right or wrong, but I was blinded. I could not see nor hear anything but only feel his pulsing penis in my hand, guiding it towards my welcoming hole...
When finally it was positioned, I slowly started pressing his penis against my overheated womanhood. I could feel the entrance muscle, starting to soften as I applied pressure, dilating as his penis pushed forward. There was a sudden 'Pop' and his mushroom tip sank inside me, I gave out a loud moan of pleasure, simultaneously I heard John gasp...
For more than 14 years, no one had been there, and for the first time I was doing it with someone else than my husband. For the first time I was letting my son enter me, letting my son fulfill our pleasure strive of lust, to tame my pussy in heat, letting happen the most perverted thing a mother could do with her son, to have intercourse...For the first time my beautiful son made love to a woman, and it would be me who was going to be his first...I was enjoying it, I tried to convince myself that it made no difference whether he was my son or not, and after all, he would still fuck some woman someday, so why not making it with someone who loves you most in this world, someone who won't cheat on you, someone with patience and the will of teaching the act of lovemaking...I've allways tried to give my sons what's best for them, now I would only give him the most beautiful pleasures a boy can receive...that couldn't be wrong as both enjoyed it, yes I would receive pleasures myself that I had for missed for so long, but we would have a great time together...Part of my brain desperatly tried to convince the other, why I should let this happen...but it was finally the feelings from 'down there' that made up my mind...
It was bigger than I had expected, I think it was even bigger than Michael's had been. It felt wonderful having his mushroom tip just inside my entry muscle, enlarging my soaking wet canal, twitching. I was still holding his penis, when he couldn't hold it back any more. He pushed his big rod to the bottom in one plunge, slicing through my tight, oversoaked vagina like it was melting butter. I joined him in with a loud moan from the sudden thrust, then I felt it coming, beginning in my toes, legs starting to go limp, my vagina starting to contract, I was climaxing...The scene of making love to my own son in the a lake, seeking sexual fullfillment like never before, was highly erotic...It was the peak...
"mmmpph...mphhh....I' it to me... my son... do it....fill me up...", I couldn't talk, only give out guttural noises. In the frenzy I grabbed my son around his buttocks and started pushing his body tight against me. He got the idea and started humping me. He didn't last long, my orgasm-cramping vagina massaged his young, inexperienced and virginal, member merciless. He was so excited he gave me short humps and stabs with his mighty penis for only 5 or 6 times, but who cared how long he lasted, I was already coming hard. In the dizziness I was in I heard my son moan, pressing himself tight against my body, my breasts flattening against his boy-hairy chest, nipples erect, his penis filling me up to the brim.
"'s going to happen...ohhh...", then, as I was climaxing I felt a sudden twitch in his member, then another and another. I could feel the so familiar and for such a long time missed hot clinging juice filling my pussy and I realised that my loving son was shooting me full of his sperm, his incestuous sperm...our bodies shuddering with the intensity of our orgasmic pleasures, our genitals matching each other. Every time John's cunt-embedded penis spew out a new gooey load of his hot incestuous seed deep inside my belly, my pussy would clamp tightly around his flesh, milking merciless for it's precious honey. In the frenzy, I found myself squeezing his buttocks hard, then moving my hand to his small sac, starting to squeeze it gently, feeling the two nuts inside, small and tiny, but yet so manly, contracting as they were pumping out potent seed. By squeezing his sac in time with his contractions like Michael had taught me to, my pussy milking his penis in time with every outburst of his, I was helping his throbbing penis on its way to relief by squeezing out the virginal spunk his fresh testicles had produced for this heavenly act, the act of sex. It felt like my vagina had its own life, like its only goal was to dry-suck my beautiful son's and lover's lovemaking penis...
We stayed embraced for what seemed like an eternity, the water gently licking our overheated bodies, the small waves making my big, womanly, soft, breasts, bouncing against my son's chest, nipples still erect, the excitement still showing, like a reminder of what we had done. John's lovemaking penis was still buried inside my now sperma- soaked pussy, however, it's present size and glory had diminished, but not the knowledge of the sinful, and yet so wonderful act we had done. It was now that it really started flushing my body, after the pleasure had subsided so much that I started to think more rational. I knew what incest was, I had read about it, and even seen some debates on our new purchased T.V. I knew it was an act of depravity, the ultimate thing a mother could do to her son. It was bad, forbidden by church and law. How could I let it happen? Giving in for my personal needs, sexual needs, I had for so long kept secret and hidden to myself? How could I let my own son loose on my body, the way I wanted and needed a man? Yes, maybe he had wanted it too, but after all, he was so young and innocent he didn't know what was wrong or right, he just followed his instincts, his sexual wrong I had acted...
"Ohh...what have we done..." I whispered in his ear, my brain getting aware of the fact I still had my hand firmly around his sac, still holding it gently. Slowly, almost reluctantly, I let go, feeling the shame flush...John was still holding me close to him, his hands around my buttocks in a steady grip, however he was more weak than I, and he didn't resist when I slowly parted from him. It wasn't until his penis slid out of my cum-filled vagina, that he awoke from his dreamy state... he blushed, looking me in my eyes...
"I'm so sorry...I...It's my fault...I...I don't know what got into me...", I heard myself stammering, tears filling my eyes...
" could I let it happen..." now I was crying openly, ashamed of the dirty act I had just of the most deprived things a woman could could I forgive
I felt two strong hands embracing me, John's body pressed tight to me... "It's all right mom, it really is...don't felt fact...I've never, ever, felt this good in my entire life!"
* * * * * * * *
Chapter III
I was in uproar for the rest of the day. Tim appeared pretty soon after our love-session, and we had to drop the subject. However, my mind was split, I was very distracted and my head was in turmoil. During the ride home, I could feel my still sex-aching vagina get stimulated from the movements in the saddle...but most of all, I could feel John's virginal sperm, which he had deposited inside of me only minutes earlier, squishing and squelching out of my tunnel of love only to soak my panties, making them stick and clib between my thighs. Thus reminding me of our lovemaking...
At home, I tried to do my chores, fixing some dinner, washing, but my mind kept wandering away, reminding me of the sinful but yet so pleasurable act earlier. I needed to be alone for awhile, to think my situation over. I couldn't even look my own son in his eyes any longer, avoiding eye-contact, feeling shame and guilt flushing my body every time my eyes met his, every time I had to talk to him.
I wanted to talk with John about what had happened, but I couldn't. I had wanted to clear some things out, maybe to tell him I was sorry, that we should forget all about it, on the other hand I wasn't able to conduct such a discussion in the state of decomposure I was in...I was really happy when Tim was around, it felt much more easier...
That night John came to me. I somehow knew it would happen again, and yes, I was hoping for him to come. I knew what the sex-urge was, how hard it was resisting it, how easy it was to give in. If I needed it so bad, then how much more did my son need it? I knew from experience what the sex-drive meant for a youngster...I knew that by letting him take a bite from the forbidden apple, he would want it all, and he would come after more. I knew I wasn't strong enough to stop him, I wanted it as bad as him, missing it for so long... That night when my son came into my room, I knew our lives would change. Nothing would be the same...ever.
I was lying awake, thinking of the day, remembering the wonderful few moments I had had on my birthday, the moments of pure love my son had given to me, the loving moments, so dangerous and immoral, but so pleasurable and heavenly. However they were blurry. Blurry with the feeling of guilt and sin. Then I couldn't remember everything straight. Maybe it was the wine or maybe it was the pure excitement...
I was fingering myself for the second time since I had gone to bed when I heard my bedroom door open.
"Mom, are you awake", hearing John's whispering voice really startled me, I was hoping with all my hart that he would come to me, knowing how sinful it would be...I had awaited him, like a woman awaits her secret lover at night...
"Yes, John, I'm awake...".
I could see the shadow of his body in the pale moonshine shooting through our window. He sat down on my bed, facing me.
"Mom, are you still mad at me?"
" John, how could I be mad at you? Why do you think that?"
"Well...after you know...what happened at the lake, you haven't talked to me...or... don't even look at me..."
"Come here John.", I sat up in bed, and hugged him motherly, as I had done for so many times, only this time I felt other strange feelings overwhelm my body than just motherly love. Oh how I wanted my son, the man that I had given birth to, the man I had nursed, the man I had washed and taken care of. The same man was now driving me crazy with animal lust, feelings I couldn't show to my son. I wanted him, but at the same time I knew how wrong it would be...
I hugged him closely to me, rocking our bodies, feeling the warmth from his chest spread to my breasts through my thin night-gown and my son's payama, my nipples getting erect.
"No, my son, it's not that I'm mad at you, it's just that...what happened at the lake today shouldn't have happened. It was bad of me to let things get out of hand. Maybe it was the wine, I don't know really...You're big enough to know about what happened today, to understand that a mother isn't supposed to do such a thing to her's bad. They call it incest, something forbidden by law."
"But mom, you didn't do anything to me, it was something that just happened...I wanted it to happen to, it's really my fault, and I'm sorry you're mad at me..."
"No John, at that moment I wanted it to happen, but it's a bad thing to want that. But you's awful long time since I've been with...someone...a woman needs a man, exactly like a man needs a woman...I guess I got too crazy to think... I'm not trying to excuse myself...I know I can't...but I just want explain..." concience was loosing the grip, without thinking, my hands were caressing John's back, occasioanlly gripping his buttocks, my body pressed tightly to his..."Oh John, forgive me, please do...I wanted you so...I wanted to feel a man, even though you're my son." I was pressing myself even tighter, my body squirming, my mouth kissing his eyes, his beuatiful and innocent eyes..."I'm sorry of what happened, but I needed you so bad, I understand if you...I..if you wont forgive me...I needed you!". Feeling his body so close to mine, his warmth, his breath and most of all, his building erection, made me loose my mind. I was so horny I couldn't think straight. I was like a youngster once having had sex. I could go on forever... "I'm sorry John, I'm so sorry...we shouldn'" I found my hand patting his erection gently thru the pajama pants, feeling it grow to the wonderful size I had once felt inside of me. My mouth kept talking what my brain told it, however, it didn't mean anything, for me in that excitement, it was only empty words, meaning absolutly nothing, it was pure nonsense...
Suddenly I felt his young, strong but manly hands, covering my big, soft breasts, kneading them thru the thin silky fabric, like he was kneading dough. His mouth meeting mine, lips cealing around eachother, my tongue probing the entrance to his mouth, finally finding its way, meeting his tongue, playing in his mouth in a hot and passionate but so forbidden kiss. Not the motherly kiss on the cheek, but the kiss of two lovers, hot, excited and lustfilled, ready to make up...
One moment we were fondling eachothers bodies. My hand reaching down to his crotch, squeezing his stiff penis thru the payama pants, simultaneously, John's hands sqeezing my breasts, his hands working freneticly, fascinated by the size and softness, like all boys were fascinated by female, mature, breasts.
The next, I was on my back, his body covering mine. The moon painting out the contours of his face, eyes burning with heat, moans, panthing and hot touches exchanging. He started humping me, but we still had our clothes on. Our mouths met, his hands still fondling with my breasts...then I felt his member jerk fastly, his body getting stiff, climaxing. The pajama and my nightgown getting wet, his sperm soaking the material, letting my slit feel the dampness of his cum. He hadn't even entered me, not even touched my skin, his penis was still in his pajama pants. It was so hot, so erotic. So fast, but it didn't end with this...oh no...this was only the beginning...
I was caressing his hair, kissing his face tenderly, keeping him close to me, feeling the hot wetness spreading between our genitals as he was climaxing...loving him.
After a minute or so, he regained his senses, only to find that my hand had reached into his sperma-soaked payama pants and was stroking his limp, cum-dripping rod. It felt so strange feeling his sperm covering my fingers as I formed a fist, playing it along his limp memeber, trying to awake his manhood. I was masturbating my very own son, trying to make him hard for another act of love, preparing him for me, getting his penis stiff so he could make love to his very own mother, like he had once done before. I had heard from Michael that boys were oftenly very fast when reaching orgasm the first times...but what they lacked in experience, they made up when it came to the number of times...I still hadn't cum, and I needed it bad...Like Michael had once tutored me, John was ready to go for a second round pretty fast. Again John started to hump, this time it was my closed, semen smeared fist, but I had other plans than masturbating my son, it would be different from the first time...
"Wait John, let's do it the right way...take you're clothes off..."
In a second we were naked, me on the back in the bed. This was the moment of truth, now was the time. I had longed, but mostly feared that I wouldn't be able to resist this situation. I wanted to feel his naked skin close to mine, I didn't want any silly material being in our way. I wanted him as close to me as possible, skin to skin, geniatals to genitals. I wanted his penis inside of me. I knew that what had happened at the lake earlier this day, could maybe be 'accepted' as an 'accident', you might forget and forgive. But after this night, the relationship between me and my son would never be the same innocent one, like before. Letting it happen the way I wanted it, our lives would change, our relationship would turn into something very serious and dangerous. People would hate me, lynch me, others would kill me if they found out. We wouldn't be just mother and son, from now on there would be something so much more, we would be lovers. Incestual lovers.
I parted my naked legs, exposing my flesh. Opening up like a flower to my son. Again John's body covered me, his naked skin touching mine, his chest mashing my breasts. There were no words exchanged, only moans as I grabbed his cum-dripping penis by the root, showing it's way. His penis didn't have a hard time finding home, the place where he had allready been today. Nature took over, and I let go of his rod, as his hard manhood entered my slippery and awaiting cave of lust. It was a fantastic feeling when his penis slid to the bottom of my pussy. I grabbed him around his buttocks, massaging the boyish but so manly and firm muscles. Our bodies were squirming with excitement, obscene lovemaking noises coming from our soaking, overheated genitals as my son started a steady but firm humping of my pussy.
My juices were flowing, freely, making his digging penis enter me so easely, tickling my overexcited clitoris, building up the huge orgasm I was seeking, The orgasm I was waiting for, the climax I had fantasized about all evening. The entire act was so beautiful, so passionate and romantic, so hot, that it can't be explained in words. Every time his penis left my lustcraving pussy, it felt like I wanted to scream to my son, to put it inside me. And every time he pushed his penis inside me, wonderful sensations I had missed for so long exploded inside my hot body.
The rhythm increased, his penis stabbing my fleshy, gaping hole mercyless. I was soaking wet down there, juices pouring out of me, we were like two animals in heat making up.
Then, one deep plunge, and he remained as deep as he could inside of me, touching the entrance to my womb with his mushroom tip. Then I felt his hot member twitch and a welcoming warmth spread inside my belly. He was in heaven, humping me freneticaly. Every time a new jerk came in his young member, he pushed his penis to the hilt, almost trying to penetrate my cervix. And every time he did so, another warm, creamy load of his fresh semen entered my womb. Moans of pleasure, bodies squirming, body fluids exchanging, it was so hot and passionate, that only true lovers can understand the intensity, the tenderness and beautiful love with which he was planting his young and so fresh sperm, deep, deep inside my most secret and hidden place.
I knew this was the moment for me, soon everything would be over, and I really needed the climax I had been waiting for so long. I inserted a hand between our coupling bodies, and started to massage my clitoris, feeling his penis still twitching and jerking as it was spilling more of its precious creame inside.
"Ohhh... John....don't stop, please, go on...I need to cum...please go on..."
I don't know from where he got his strenght, or how he could hear my whispering voice in the aftermath of his orgasm, but slowly he started to hump my body again...and with the help of his semi-erect penis and my oily fingers of his sticky seed, I was able to climax, finally feeling that tickling feeling in my toes, spreading upwards my legs, down to the centra of love, my penis-filled vagina.
"Ohhh...John...I'm going to cum...anhhh...don't stop...annnhh..."
Uncontrolably, my cum-filled hole started twitching and squeezing my son's young penis, finally I had found the end of my strive. I was sqeezing my lovers buttocks hard, pressing him close to me, trying to insert his softening penis even deeper inside...kissing his mouth, washing his face with my lips...I was in heaven... content...satisfied...relieved...
"Keep it inside of me...don't take it out...", I wanted to feel his flesh in mine
We had rolled so we were on our sides, facing eachother, embracing, naked, skin touching skin, kissing, his hands fondling with my breasts, his limp penis still inside my cum-filled cave.
We were both dozing, feeling the aftermath take our bodies to a dizzy, state of relief...I was again starting to get these thoughts back, about the incestual copulation. Only this time I more or less accepted it, after all, both of us wanted it bad. Time would tell how things would go, time would tell...
"Ohhh...thanks mom... It was wonderful...I really mean that"
I hugged him even closer to me, mashing my big, soft breasts to his chest, our crotches pressing even tighter...kissing his eyes so lovingly, that it wasn't hard to understand it wasn't just a kiss, a motherly kiss, but a so much more demanding kiss, a lover's kiss...
"You were wonderful...I should be thanking you...", I said to him.
"Yes, my love"
"Mom, could we do this again, I mean, tomorrow...or some other time?"
"You can't have enough of it, can you?", I giggled... "We'll see about should go back to your room now, what if Tim doesn't find you there tomorrow morning?"
"Can't I stay with you just for a little...please?"
"Allright...but you have to be in your room tomorrow morning, before Tim wakes up..."
Soon our whispers died, there was only fondling, kissing and touching...then John fell asleep...
That night, I was up thinking a lot, I guess I needed that. I was thinking of how everything had developed, from just a 'skinny-dipping' to a love session in my very own bed. Not only my bed, but the bed in which I and Michael had made love for thousands of times. The same bed in which my husband and I had given the first sparks of life to John and Tim, the same place I had given birth to my sons. It was here, that I had now made love to my oldest son, it should have been Michael, and not John I was making love to...but maybe this was what life was supposed to destiny. Perhaps it was my destiny to enjoy sex with my own flesh. John was my own blood, my own meat, and now not only my own son, but my own lover. John had been inside me, where only his father had been. The place where his semen had created John, the place where John came from. The same place was now being used by John, he was giving me the same wonderful treatment his father was giving me when he was alive, he was filling me up with his loving sperm, like his father had once done...
It didn't come to my mind until now, that I could get pregnant with my son. After all, I was only 36, and John was a virile man, potent of having me pregnant. I really couldn't risk that. I would have to go to the doctor and get a receipt of pills...I knew that from now on John would want it all, he would want me often, and I wouldn't be strong enough to stop him, I would comply, my flesh needed him so bad...
I could feel him snuggle up at my breasts in his sleep, the same breasts I had once offered him to nurse from when he was a baby, his penis finally slid out of my protective sheet, landing on my bare thigh. It was all wet from our mingled love-juices, some drooling out of my suddenly unplugged vagina, running in the crack of my womanhood. Slick, clinging cum, my son's sperm, the result of our lovemaking, formed a pool beside his resting penis...
Finally I fell asleep, strange dreams flying thru my head, dreams of lover...
* * * * * * * *
Chapter IV
To wake up from an erotic dream is a very beuatiful and sexy experience, it makes you feel like having butterflies in your belly all day long. But to wake up, only to find they are true, is somehting even more erotic. That was the way I woke up.
John was at it again. His morning erection playing on my naked thigh as he was dryhumping my slender leg, playing with my soft breasts. Only this time, he wasn't only fondling with them, he was sucking my nipples like he had done once before, when he was a baby-boy and I used to nurse him.
I put my arm around him, caressing his dark-brown hair. He looked up at me with his beautiful and innocent eyes and almost smiled at me with them, then he concentrated on sucking my breasts again. It felt so good, it reminded me of how much I enjoyed this when he was a child, when I could produce milk for him. He was sucking harder and harder, like he expected something from them, something I couldn't give him any longer...
After a minute or so of this treatment, I noticed his erecting member had started to pump out some pre-cum on my thigh, smearing it out, tickling my nakedness... I knew he was not far from excitement, but I wanted to do something special this morning than just let him make love to me in his 'unexperienced fashion'. This morning I would teach him something new, that could be enjoyed very much...Something Michael had taught me and done with me...
Slowly, not disturbing his session, I rolled on top of him, straddling his belly, my big breasts hanging down in his face. He tried to enter me, but I was way to up on his belly for him to reach the place he was looking for.
"Good morning my love, would you like me to show you something?"
He let go of my saliva dripping nipple. My breasts bouncing against his innocent face, his head in my cleavage.
"Can't we just...just do it? I really need it...I need it bad!"
"I know you do my love, but I want to make it even better for you...I want to show you something that feels very good to you, I promise you'll enjoy it at least as much as making love...and honey, it's called making love..."
I spoke to him in a soft seducing voice, letting my big soft breasts play on his face, my body riding his belly, my wet womanhood leaking love-juices on his skin, smearing him with it, like I was giving him massage. I knew I was still a sexy woman who could turn on most guys, so I pouted with my lips, and whispered "I just want to please you the best way I can..."
I didn't wait for an answer...gently, not disturbing the beautiful moment, I slid down his belly, til I reached his magic pole, letting his penis provocativly run in the crack of my womanhood. He started stabbing me with his love-tool, jerking his hips upwards to meet my vagina, but I was prepared for this. I continued down his legs...moving as easy and gingerly as mist, facing him, looking him in his eyes, leaning forward, thus letting my big breasts hang loosly, dingling and swaying in rhythm with my movements.
"Part your legs honey..."
Slowly, like in a trance he did so. I let his penis play in the crack of my breasts, giving them a squeeze from each side. Mashing his rod between my softness, watching some of his crystal-clear pre-cum dribble out of his hot-looking penis glistening, his sexy purple-coloured mushroom-head, between my pale flesh. It was fascinating, so beautiful, so simple, naked skin to skin. Again he started stabbing me with his manhood, sliding his penis up in the soft, fleshy cleavage. Again I was prepared for it and continued my strive downwards.
I lay down on my belly, straddling his leg, letting my wet softness play on his naked shin as I rode his muscular but still boyish and almost hairless leg, my clitoris springing to full attention, my breasts on each side of his thigh.
I looked him in his beautiful eyes, smiling to him, smiling that seductive smile I knew could drive Michael crazy with lust. I didn't feel obliged to this, I had never been with Michael either. It was something I liked to do, I knew how good it felt, and I wanted to give all possible love and pleasure to my son, thanking him for the wonderful awakening he had given me. I knew that the love between us, the way it had been just a day earlier, would never come back. Our love was not only the natural love between mother and son, but the sofisticated love and affection as for two lovers, the game of giving and taking. The game of giving an receiving pleasure in the most exciting way. I knew it was wrong to do this kind of things, but I somehow accepted it, understanding that I liked it, my son liked it, and as long as no one found out, we could both enjoy this great time for as long as John wanted. Of course, there would come a time when John would have to go his own way, to find his life companion, his own girl to love and care for. I would urge him to do so, he couldn't get stuck with me for the rest of my life. Maybe it was good for him to have an older, more knowing woman guide him in the intricate world of sexuality, to show him everything and to teach him the beauties and the most pleasurable ways. Maybe this could help him in the future. And after all, would it that bad besides the mere act of incest if it was with the person who loved him the most, a person who he could rely fully on, a woman who would do anything for him, any request, his very own mother? Someday he would be someone else's lover, but until then I was his and he was mine, that was what mattered at that point. What we were doing, wasn't hurting anyone. He liked it and I liked it.
Maybe today, I would have proceeded differently, I don't know, but I probably wouldn't, after all, knowing of how great our relationship has great it still is...
So I proceded with my illegal but so pleasurable seduction of my willing son.
I lowered my head down, opened my mouth and let my son's wet penis slide inside my hot warmth.
I watched my son deeply in his eyes, that were as big as onions from the sudden surprise, his body jerking as I had entered his love-shaft inside my craving mouth, his jaw hanging loose, mouth open.
I could smell the muscy perfume from his love-tool, my nostrils fluttering with delight and anticipation from the so familiar and longtime missed smell. I could taste his manly secretions from his rod, still just keeping him inside my mouth, letting my saliva soak his shaft, washing his member and letting it mingle with his lovely penis extracts.
Gently I started twirling my tongue over and around his mushroom tip, feeling the sharp edge, playing with my tongue over his pee- hole, wandering down along his penis, I explored each vein of his lovely member.
John had a hard time holding still, his eyes had closed, his head was leaned backwards, his hips trying to hump my face. I knew this was the time, his moans got louder, his body squirming faster and more violently...I sucked, I sucked for dear life, like it was the only thing that would keep me alive. I was nursing my own son's penis like he had once nursed my breasts, awaiting the moment of truth, his milkish semen, like he had once sucked my breasts dry for motherly milk. His hands were suddenly around my head, pulling my head down on his rod. I knew what he wanted. I started moving my head up and down, like I would be fucking him. Fuck, what an obscene word, but it was the most appropriate word for this act.
It didn't take my son more than a few seconds before I could feel the so familiar sweel of his tip, his pre-cum dripping out of his member. A sudden, "Ohhhhh....ohhhhh....", then I felt a hard twitch, a jerk, and I could sense the hot sticky seed pump inside my eagerly sucking mouth. I wanted his first blow-job, to be the best ever for him, something to look back to. Maybe his girlfriend wouldn't like to do this to him when he got one, so he would have something very memorable... I grabbed his small sac with my hand, and with every jerk, I squeezed gently his testicles, feeling them work freely as they were pumping out potent spunk in my mouth. And with every jerk of his penis, I sucked as hard as I could, forcing his ejaculating penis pump out all the bitter and salty taste of my lover's cream, emptying his testicles, the fresh load of his wonderful milk filling my belly.
At first, oral-sex to me was pretty discusting, however Michael had shown me that it could be one of the most pleasurable things for both women and men. After doing it a couple of times with him, I learned to keep his semen in my mouth, after that I stopped spitting it out. From not really liking the strange spicy love-cream, I learned to love the taste of it, I learned to enjoy swallowing it, feeling the gooey hotness dribble down my throat, tasting every drop of it. I became an addict to it.
John was shaking with excitement as he was climaxing, every muscle apperead on his young body, showing he was a young man, and not a boy any longer. His manhood was spewing out his manly juices, filling my mouth as he was jerking uncontrolably. I tasted his sperm, enjoying the spicy and bitter taste of caviar, his hot cream running down my throat as I swallowed. I enjoyed feeling his gooey load ejaculate in my mouth. It was so hot to know I was drinking his cum, the essence of masculinity, the essence of life, the essence of my own son.
His cum had stopped oozing out, his penis was semi-erect, still in my mouth. His body had relaxed, the squirming had stopped. I was still holding his small sac in my hand massaging it carefully, the other hand around the base of his penis, in a firm grip, keeping it hard by not letting the blood leave his love-stick. My tongue was playing on the tip of his rod, washing it with my saliva, cleaning it up.
He opened his eyes, our glances met. I sucked all the excessive liquids that covered his hardening penis, and swallowed, once more tasting his muscy aroma. Then I let it slide out of my mouth, slowly I crawled up to his side, my hand working on his growing penis, masturbating my son.
"Did you like that John?", I asked him, with a whispering voice.
"Ohh, yeah mom...I..I never knew you could...could do it that way...", he was looking at me like he still didn't believed what I had done...
"Ohh yes John, there's a lot of ways one can receive plesures from, this is only's called oral sex..."
I looked him deep into his brown eyes, he was so beautiful, I never thought I would wake up beside a man again. I never thought I would receive and give pleasures to someone in the night as well as in the morning. I never thought that John would ever agree on it, it was out of the question. Now when we both had accepted it, I knew this would come to last. He was so beautiful and virile, a young stud. I almost laughed at the thought of comparing him with a young wild horse...
I bent down, my breasts falling down on his chest, and I kissed him. Feeling his mouth pressed tight to mine, I let my lips open, then I started to play on his lips with my tongue, forcing it into his opening mouth.
Suddenly I felt his hard penis play on my thigh, he was ready to go for another shot. But I wanted something else...
"John", I whispered, "would you like to do a favour to me?".
I rolled off him, lying on my back, I took his hand, parted my slender legs and guided his hand down to my wet hole. I started massaging myself with his hand, and soon he caught it. He started playing with his fingers on my mound...making me part my legs even more.
" feels so with your fingers... uuhhhmmm...", I was so hot, my liquids pouring out of me as he was playing, still very uncertain of himself, with my love cave.
Slowly, not wanting to disturb him, I crawled up in bed, my head resting on the pillows...his head was at my belly. I put my hands on his head, gently pushing him downwards...
"Ohhh...", I heard him whisper. He was down between my opened legs. Looking directly into my pussy, the place he had once come from. It felt so strange to have a man between my legs again, to have my own son look into my most secret place, but I didn't have any second thoughts. His hand was making miracles down there...
I accomodated myself with the pillow under my head so I could see the entire act. Gently I started caressing his dark-brown hair, the same colour as my pubic hair, watching his surprised gaze on my pussy. In the amazement he had forgotten everything, so carefully, not disturbing his view, I grabbed his hand and started to move it on my flesh in circles...
Slowly, I parted my legs as much as I could, bending the knees and bringing the legs up towards my belly, finding, that it was the same position I had once had when I had given birth to John, only now he was a big boy, with manly desires, a stallion between his mother's legs.
He gave out yet another "ohhh", when seeing my pussy open up in front of his face, my inner lips protruding, my cave appearing to be seen by his eyes for the very first time.
"mmmm....John...move your hand like feels so good..."
He somehow got it, and started moving his hand with fascination, feeling my soft womanly flesh, slick with juices, play under his fingers.
Not disturbing his fingering, I parted my lips with my fingers, making my hard and bloodfilled clitoris appear.
He was only inches away from my steaming pussy. He was looking at it like in a trance, watching the entrance to my vagina expand, thus making the hole appear.
"Would you like to put your finger inside of me John?"
"Can I...I mean..."
"Sure honey...I would love that, just be you don't scratch me..."
I felt his unexperienced index finger probe at the entrance, then it found it's way in, sinking into my slippery slit like it was melting butter.
"mmmmhhh....that feels really good...", I moaned, feeling his finger slide in as far as it could go...
"'s so wet mom..."
"Yes John, it becomes that way when a woman gets's designed that way to make the pecker enter more easier into the do know what those things are..." I wanted to ease up the tension by talking a little to him...
"I...I know what pecker is...but not the other...the other word"
"Well, it's where you have your finger right now...some call it vagina, others call it cunt...but I prefer pussy...", I moaned when I felt his finger bend inside my vagina. "mmmm...move it in and out of me and wriggle it just like that you would with your makes me feel good that way...the same way it makes you feel good."
He did as I asked him, watching in fascination as my pussy would respond to his finger. Each time he pushed it in me, my entrance would sink inwards almost collapsing, and each time he withdrew his juice covered finger, my pussy would follow his finger outwards, like it didn't want to let go of it...
I started to massage my clitoris with my fingers while my son was in my pussy with his. He was right, I was so wet between my legs, the sex-act so far had made me all excited, making my juices flow frow my cave, some dribbling out, smearing my slender thighs.
"mmmmmm...uhmmmm, feels so good John...rub this little bud here with your thumb while you play with your finger....ahhhh....that's the way....mmmmmm...."
John was a quick learner, fascinated by what he saw, looking in trance at the strange process that happened only inches away from his beautiful face.
He was doing what I loved the most when Michael was fingering my pussy, I had learned that I enjoyed feeling a finger or a penis inside my pussy while he was tickling my clitoris with his other finger or thumb. Now John was giving me the same treatment...and I wasn't far from orgasm...
"mmmm...that's right...put in more.... finger...", he did what I asked, and soon I felt another finger slide into the depths of my pussy, accompanying the other as he expanded my hole further...
"ahhhh...faster....faster John..."
Then it came, so fast and mercyless, like a tornado, taking my body up to heights of plesure and relief. My pussy clamping around his fingers, jerking and twitching as I came in a ravaging orgasm.
I was caressing his hair, his fingers had ceased playing in my sensitive hole, my pussy still giving an occasional twitch in the aftermath of the orgasm.
"What happened mom, did I hurt you or anything?"
"No John, it felt marvelous..."
"Can I play more?"
I smiled at him softly, played my hand on his hair, enjoying the sense of the aftermath...
"Yes can play with my...pussy...", it felt strange to say that word to my son, even though he was looking straight into my juice dripping hole. " can play with my pussy every time you'd like to..."
"Really mom?"
He inserted one of his fingers into my sticky hole, sawing it in and out of me, like moments earlier.
"Anytime you'd like, it will be ready waiting for you..", I moaned feeling his little finger wriggling inside my sensitive flesh, "play your thumb on the little bud...that's what drives a girl crazy..."
"You mean this..?" he asked, looking up at me.
"Yes lover, it's called clitoris...that's were the woman gets very excited when touching her..."
I looked down at my son, he looked so concentrated, so occupied and devoted to what he was doing, transfixed by the act...
"It's so beautiful..." I heard him whisper.
"Would you like to do something even more beautiful, something that would give me even more pleasures honey?"
Gently I pushed his head towards the entrance to my pussy. I felt a little hesitation at first, but then he gave in. This was what I had waited for...
"Please John, lick me down there..."
I saw him look up at me, hesitantly, like not believing what I was asking him to do, then his tentative tounge touched my fluttering lips.
"...mmmm...yes John...that's with your tongue on that little bud...", I showed him that I meant my clitoris, "...ahhhh...yes....".
He was a quick learner, and I didn't have to instruct him what I wanted him to do. It came so natural for him. I felt tears coming in my eyes from the excitement and love for my child. The child that now so affectionatly was giving me such a pleasure, like only one man before had ever done.
I watched in fascination as he was flickering his tongue on my clitors, rewarding me with loving feelings, playing in the crack of my pussy, and then occasionally he let it dart in and out of my steaming cave, my juices pouring out of me...
"...uuunnhhhh...unhhh...yes...that's right...go on...faster... faster my love...I'm"
I felt the familiar tingling in my toes, then came the torrent, my pussy exploding in pleasure as it was cramping around his little tongue. My legs had locked him up between my thighs, forcing his face tight to my lips, my hips grinding without control against his beautiful face, smearing my juices on his face, my pussy almost wanting to take his entire head inside of me. To have him inside my womb like I had once so long ago.
My entire body was shivering as waves of lust took control of me, mercyless making it twitch and jerk with lust and wonderful feelings...I was in heaven...
Slowly I awoke from the trance I had been in, finding that John was plying with his fingers on me, occasionally giving me a lick while he was stroking his erected member.
"Thank you good..."
He stopped masturbating and looked up at me with his beautiful eyes.
"I never knew girls could like it that bad...I only thought boys...I thought girls hated these kind of least... that's what I've heard...I mean..."
I smiled at him, caressing his hair again, motherly, like I had done so many times before.
" I told you my love, you have a lot to learn...girls will like it as much as boys will. Only they hide it...they don't want to admit it..."
"Yes my son, what is on your mind?"
"Could we do it...I we did it yesterday... I really need it...could we? Please mom?"
"Sure honey...I can see you need it...I guess it's that way when you're young...come here..."
I opened up my arms, he crawled up, his body moving like a mist, his body pressed tight to mine, my breasts crushing under his weight...
Momentarily he started humping me, however, his penis was just playing on my belly. I lowered my hand, gripped his wet penis, and showed him the entrance...
"That's it lover...push it in slowly now...ahhhhhh...." I didn't have to wait long for him to enter me. He burried his love stick to the hilt in me with one mighty plunge. I was so well lubricated that it went in and out so easily.
He came soon. He had only been humping me for half a minute or so, then it was too much for him. The rhythm increased as he neared his climax, then with a sighing "oohhhh moooom..." he burried his member as deep as he could, his small sac smacking against my buttocks, his body started shivering as he exploded inside my pussy, his hot sticky cum spurting deep inside my waiting hole....Surge after surge of love-juices erupting as I was squeezing his buttocks, pressing his crotch close to mine, our genitals being one, grinding against eachother in a strive of sexual relief.
I didn't let his member go limp, after all I hadn't orgasmed with him inside me yet, and I really wanted him to make me cum one final time.
His penis was still twitching when I rolled ontop of him, our mouths meeting in a deep kiss, my drooling tongue playing inside his wet mouth, meeting his tongue.
I slid down his body, til I reached his semi-erect penis. I looked up at him, he was in heaven, his eyes squirming as I saw drools of beautiful white sperm still dribbling out of his mushroom-like slit.
I took him inside my mouth, sucking his sensitive penis as hard as I could, sucking out all the excessive spunk out of his hot member which mixed with the juices from my hole he had been inside only moments earlier. I let the liquids play on my tastebuds, enjoying the taste of our mingled cum, then swallowing. With my hands I was holding his little sac, squeezing it gently while working my other hand up and down rhythmically, masturbating him.
"Ohhhh...moooommm....", his hands were pressing my head down on his penis, and I knew what he wanted. Slowly, but still with the sucking motion, I started moving my head up and down on his shaft, thus turning my mouth into an artificial vagina, only that my hot mouth was sucking him hard like a vagina could never do.
I could feel the taste of his pre-cum, and knew this was the time. I let him go out of my mouth, watching as a string of cum and saliva clang between his penis and my lips. Eagerly I darted my tongue out and cut it, lapping it up, letting my tongue move lightly on his mushroom tip, tickling his purpour coloured penis.
I gave it a final kiss, tenderly my lips closing around it while my tongue played on it, leaving a large amount of juices and saliva. Then I proceeded with the strive for relief.
I straddled him, in a riding position, my big breasts hanging only inches from his face. Grabbing his penis with my hand I played with it in the crack of my slit, then finally guiding it to the entrance, positioning it. I was so wet with the previous cum, still oozing out of me, and his penis so wet with my spit and his cum, that when lowering myself on his intruder, it went in so easily that it felt like it was meant to be inside of me forever.
Gently I started riding him in a slow rhythm, feeling his big shaft plunge into the depth of me, every time I lowered myself down on him.
I looked him in the eyes, saw the hot glances of an animal in heat in my son. I lowered my upper body so that my breasts reached his face, bumping against it, guiding them so he could suck on my nipples.
"Please John, play with my breasts...please suck on them... anhhhh... that's right..."
John was more than eager to fulfill my wish, the passion was so tremendous that no one can understand how good it felt, only true lovers. There was no right or wrong, no legal or illegal, moral or immoral act. It was pure lust and desire. Love and affection for my son.
I orgasmed twice, while I was riding him, then he came inside of me, once more filling me up with his loving semen, the evidence of how much he loved me.
After our wonderful love session, and some more playing, we got out of bed. It was still very early, and John reluctantly tip-toed to his room after trying to stay "a little while longer". I persuaded him, after letting him suck on my motherly breasts once more, to go to his room, and go to sleep, after all, it was Monday, and that meant he would have to leave for his summer-job and besides, I needed some sleep too.
I sprawled out on the bed, naked, the sheets clinging to my body from the sweat and the cum, and I started caressing my swollen and somewhat soure pussy. Sticking a finger up inside me, I could feel his seed from the two climaxes. I played a little with myself, tasting the cum from my pussy, savouring the taste and remembering the wonderful moments only minutes ago. I thought of going to the bathroom and wash myself up, especially my genitals, to minimize the risk of getting pregnant, but I put the idea aside. I knew my son was fertile, but I reasoned it would after all be too late for that now. Besides, I liked knowing I had my son's spunk inside of me, even though I knew it was a hazardous game, it kind of thrilled me, knowing I could get pregnant...

Chapter V
When I awoke, it was almost 10 o'clock, and I was amazed at how long I had slept. I checked John's and Tim's rooms and saw they were gone. John worked on a ranch a few miles away, and Tim had a summer-job in town at a supermarket. I took a shower and fixed myself up.
I started the week by doing the regular chores, which included laundring, cleaning the household, making myself some lunch and taking care of our stable which consisted of 4 beautiful horses and 2 cows.
Since Tim worked at the supermarket, he did all the shoppings, so I didn't have to bother going to town for groceries. Tim would take it with his motorette. When my boys got home I would have supper ready for them, and we would all eat together. Then we would play some cards, watch some television, and eventuallly we would go to bed, only that from now on John would share my bed. Every night from now on he could stay with me, to make love with me, to sleep with me like lovers do. I had a hard time all day long, thinking of John, wanting him every minute. I had to finger myself several times during the day, to relief myself.
It seemed like my longing was rewarded. It was about mid-day. I had just eaten some lunch and gone out to the stable getting some hay for the horses, and started feeding the cows when I heard the sound of hooves outside. At the entrance I saw John leading Blackie, his horse inside the barn.
"Hi Mom!"
"Hello John, you're early today..."
"I guess so..."
He led the horse into his box and unsaddled him, getting some hay for him...then he turned to me.
Now when he was finally here with me, I didn't really know what to do...
"I didn't expect you this I didn't make any food... but I'll make you something if you want to...I mean if you're hungry.
He had gotten to me and was standing only two-three feet away from me. Looking me in the eyes. I had a hard time enduring his glances and had to look in another direction.
"I'm a little hungry...but that could wait..."
"Well...maybe you'll help me fix the horses...they sure need some brushing...especially ought to take care of him better..."
He was still looking at me, then I felt his strong arms around me, pressing me tight to him, my breasts feeling the warmth of his sweaty shirt. His body was shivering like he was cold, but I knew he wasn't shivering from that reason. His warm cheek against mine, his young beard-stubble tickling me, while his warm breath was panting close to my naked neck.
"Ohhh mom...I love you so much...", I heard him whisper in my ear.
"I love you too, honey...I love you too...but this is so wrong...we shouldn't be doing this...I shouldn't feel what I feel for you, not in this way...". All day I had thought of John, of making love to him, of receiving his delighting penis, but now when I saw him, I had again received those feelings that this was was so...
"mmm John...."
He had knelt in front of me, his face pressed against my crotch, grinding, like he wanted to enter me with his head, his hands around my thighs closing me in tight against him.
I leaned backwards, against the wall, parting my legs, closing my eyes, letting it happen I would for so many times to come, over and over again...
John got under my skirt, his hot breath tickling my crotch, his steamy breath wettening my allready damp panties. I started caressing John's head thru the fabric. If it wouldn't be for the strange bulge forming between my legs no one could guess that there was a man down there... It was so exciting to feel his face on my mound, his lips wettening the thin fabric of the panties, my vagina letting out juices of lust, soaking the thin material.
" feels so good John...please...take off my panties...I want to feel you close to me... please..."
He did as I asked him. After a bit of struggle, I could feel the enprisoning panties slide down my calves. I stepped out of them and finally I was free...
John proceeded directly, his tongue snaking inside the cleavage of my pussy, licking up all the wonderful juices I was producing, occasionally letting it enter me.
I came very intense, my legs barely holding me up, almost collapsing ontop of him as he darted his tongue in and out of my climaxing pussy. I couldn't help it, but for the first time in my life I screamed. I screamed like I had never screamed before. It was like a roar, from an animal in heat, a roar of exctacy. My hole body shivering...then came the wonderful aftermath...
I don't really know what happened after that, but I found myself on my back. My bra was unsnapped, my left breast hanging outside the unbottened shirt, John's mouth sucking hard at it. My skirt was up at my waist, my naked legs spread wide and my lover's body between them, his hips moving up and down on me as he was pounding his member in and out of my slippery cunt. Then I felt him plunge one final time, and he came with his warm seed deep inside my belly, squirting his loving spunk into my womb...
I don't know who, but it sounded like my voice, told him to go on, to 'fuck me again'. It was the first time I had ever said that to my son, the first time I had uses such a coarse language, but I was in such extacy, I didn't think, I only wanted pleasure.
I entwingled my legs around him, locking him up inside of me, his mouth meeting mine, tongues exchanging juices. Then I started my vaginal massage on his shrinking penis. I knew I could do miracles this way...and I did. The cramping of my pussy around his precious member, working tight like a clamp around him, got him hard in moments and soon he was pumping my cumfilled vagina anew. After what seemed like an eternity of pleasure, we came together, his penis filling my already cum soaked vagina once again with his lovly cream, shooting deep inside me.
We lay close to eachother for a long time, playing with eachothers' bodies, feeling the warmth spread, our sweat mingling in the warmth while we were playing with our soaking and glistening genitals. We didn't speak, we only touched, examining our bodies. It was like magic in the air. It was true love and devotion. What can be more beautiful than a mother's love for her child?
"It was fantastic John, I...I've never felt this good in my whole were wonderful to me." I hugged him close to me, enjoying feeling his warmth, his slick rod in the crack of my cum dripping vagina.
"I love you mom..."
"I love you too honey..."
Together, hand in hand, we went to the house to fix ourselves up. I really needed it. My panties were all wet due to the John's and my cum leaking out of me. It felt strange walking around with cum soaked panties, my son's cum squishing between my legs, if felt nasty!
I made John some late lunch while he was taking a shower and then it was my turn...
We were startled when we heard the sound of John's motorette approach. We were completly lost in eachother. Time had passed so quickly, it often does when one has a great time. After eating and showering we lay on the sofa in the living room, John sprawled out naked. It seemed like he couldn't get enough of me. He asked me if I could 'make love to me with my mouth, like I had in the morning', and I was more than happy to oblige. His penis was all red from the daily adventures. After all, he had cum 5 times already today and I was fascinated he had the power to get it erect. I wished I could be young and vigorous like him again. But he did get hard, and once more I tasted his sperm, if not as much creame as earlier, I enjoyed tasting his precious seed that seemed to have drained the last times he had ejaculated.
After I had given him as much pleasure as I could, I lay back on bed, my morning robe open, legs parted while John licked my fresh pussy, his hands fondling my swollen breasts.
Now, when we heard the motorette, the romantic trance broke, he looked questioningly at me, I looked at him, seeing his face glistening with my juices.
"Tim is coming!". With that both of us got up, there was an instance of panic. "I'm going upstairs to get dressed" I said, John had already started to put his clothes on.
It felt odd to have Tim around. In some ways it was good, I could do some thinking, to try and accept that I was having a relationship with my son, and not only mother/son, but sexual as well as a relationship based on two lovers feelings towards eachother. I also needed some time to calm down. My pussy was hurting a little, all swollen and red. On the other hand I got so nervous and impatient to have Tim around. Most of all I would have wanted to be alone with John, to have him for myself.
I was afraid of looking at John, fearing that our sinful relationship could somehow be understood.
When I was doing the dishes from supper, John came into the kitchen and hugged me tight to him fom behind. I could feel his erect penis thru his pants, pressing tight against my buttocks. His hands were around my breasts, sqeezing them hard, his breath tickling my neck and ear while he started humping my buttocks with his enprisoned member...
"Wait John, not here...not now...Tim could come in by mistake... do you understand?"
"Can't we go to your room and...make love?" he asked with a whispering voice...
"We can't do it now and here, we'll have to wait...but I'd love to be with you tonight, if you'd want that I mean. You could come to my room after Tim is asleep...remember to lock our door...".
That night he came to me, and we made passionate love for hours, feeling eachother up, tasting eachother. And from now on he came to me every night. John didn't go to his summer-job anymore, he said he wanted to be with me and to make love to me all the time. At first I protested, not wanting him to get obsessed by me, but I needed him as bad as he needed me.
Not only did my love for him increase, but so did his technique when it came to sex. He learned to hold on to the wonderful feeling before orgasm, to prelong the time before climaxing, thus giving me even more pleasure. He became a great lover.
First thing in the morning when we awoke was that he gave me one or two fresh loads of his semen inside me, and such was the last thing before going to sleep in eachothers arms. During the day we would make love like animals, anywhere, everywhere and in anyway possible. He learned there were several positions, however he liked the missionary and me riding him the most. He was fascinated by my breasts, he could lick and suck them for hours, that until he learned about breast sex...
I knew what the result of our lovemaking would be, I was afraid, afraid that people would find out, that John would get angry at me, but I wanted it so bad, I couldn't stop it from was my destiny...
* * * * * * * *
Chapter VI
"John, there's something I have to tell you..."
"...go ahead mom."
"I'm pregnant!"
He stopped sucking my nipples and looked up at me, a string of his sticky saliva hanging from his mouth to me erected and blood-filled nipple, our glances meeting, a questioning expression on his face...
I had been as startled myself when I had missed my period several days. I had gone to the pharmacy to find out with a self-test. Even though that during the last month we had been making love like rabbits, I couldn't believe that I was really pregnant. Several times per day, and night, my lover would deposit his potent semen in my womb, and each time he did this, I was hoping it would be the heavenly moment that I would get inseminated. Little did I know that one of his tiny wriggling and little seed, the peek of his manhood, would catch and start growing inside my fertile womb, even though I was always full of his cream. I remember that at first I insisted on having my panties on when walking around in the house and doing the chores, but later on I discovered that it wouldn't be possible. The cum that oozed out of me would force me to wash panties every single day since they got all sticky and then turning hard as his cum dried. So instead, I was naked under my skirt, besides, this would leave me more acessible to my son whenever he wanted, or had recouped his power, to enter me anew, which was very often. It felt odd to walk around with his spunk drooling out of me, squishing around and trickling down along the insides of my thighs, wettening them. It seemed like it would never stop leaking, it was like I was so full off his precious honey, that my pussy had turned into a well of semen. Any time it was about to drain, it would be refilled with fresh and newly produced baby-making juices, with such love and care, millions of seeds wriggling their way towards my egg and with only one goal. To make a baby inside of me, inside his own loving mother.
I caressed his head, pressing his head in tight between my soft naked breasts.
"Yes John, I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant with our child John. You're going to be a father..."
I held his head in my hands, and looked in his eyes. "I thought you would be happy John."
He cleared his throat, looking a little wild at me. "...well, it...I mean...I didn't really think that you... that you would get... pregnant... I've heard there are...ways... not to... I mean... that's what I've heard...that's what I meant"
"Ohhh John...of course there are ways...but don't you understand? Don't you see how much I love you? I love you so much that I want to have your child, I want to bear the fruit of our love. You know I've always wanted many children, but Michael didn't have the time to stay with me...he died so soon. I have missed a man by my side for so long, someone to love and care for, someone to enjoy pleasures as well as sorrows, someone to share parenthood with. Now you darling can be all this, my new loved husband. If not married to me, then at least the father of my children, head of the family. You are my man from now on, and I am you're woman...I love you John and I want to be together with you for the rest of my life...I care for you soo much..."
There was silence...we were both thinking...I knew that want I wanted could never be true...he wouldn't be mine for always... I would grow old...soon age would show it's mercyless effects on me. I was still young, I had learned this from John. I was 36, and was pretty good-looking and John had made me feel even younger with his tender love and affection...but now, I knew that soon I would a couple of years I wouldn't be as attractive to him as now and someday he would find someone else to love...someone his own age...a girl to marry for real. But then we would both have something in common, our child to love and to care for...
"I thought you were prepared for this, to be with me, share my bed every night. To love and care for our child like you care for me...maybe...maybe I was wrong...but I wanted to show you how much I love you...
"I love you too mom...", he hugged me close to me and I could feel the calming warmth from him spread to my body..."...but what if someone finds've said that...what we're doing is against the law...that you could go to jail if someone ever found out, that they would take me away from you...what if they find out you're pregnant? Won't they send you to jail? I don't want that..."
"They won't John, they will never do one except you and me has to know about our child, it will be our secret..."
"But won't everyone ask? I mean they know you have no husband. And I've seen that pregnancy can't be hidden..."
"They will ask...but that is not a problem..." and so I told him about the plans to go away for awhile, to go on a holiday. After all, we hadn't been on a holiday for 3 years...and I did have some savings for a trip, which had never been made...
I must say I felt a lot of guilt. After all, I should have discussed an eventual pregnency with my son before. But I wanted to bear his child so much, and I was afraid he wouldn't want a child, so I didn't bring it up. Now I was afraid he would feel like I had used him, only to get what I wanted. He was right, there were ways to protect oneself from getting pregnant...a mother wasn't supposed to have her son as a lover, further on, having a child with him was even worse. It was playing at a high risk...
For the first time in weeks, I had cooked a deasent supper. And for the first time, John didn't come to make love to me, and this scared me. I knew from earlier he enjoyed having sex while I was working in the kitchen. Every day when I was making some lunch or supper he would sneak up behind me, pull up my skirt, and make love to me from behind, my breasts swinging free over the sink while he squeezed them. Then he would either spurt inside me and let me lick his penis clean, or he would put it between my breasts, sliding it up and down in the cleavage as I was pressing the flesh together, and squirt either on them or inside my mouth.
Sometimes we would make love in a chair, me straddling his lap, facing him as he sucked my breasts or I would be on my back on the kitchen table, him standing between my parted legs, massaging my breasts, finally spurting inside me.
Half an hour later he would come again, and repeat the coupling, leaving me all sour and sticky with his cum. But so satisfied and content.
Today he did neither of these things with me.
I was in bed crying. I thought I had lost him. It was late and for the first time, he hadn't come into my room to spend the night with me like he used to do.
But then I heard the door open, and the sound of his slippers on the floor as he got in, closing and locking it like he had done for so many nights...
"Mom, are you awake?"
"mmm"... I was relieved...maybe after all I hadn't lost him...
He got under the covers, embracing me for the first time since I told him the news, and it felt like it was an eternity. I pulled him close to my naked body, feeling his loving warmth which I had learned I couldn't live without. I couldn't help it. I fought, but to no avail. I could feel the tears flooding my eyes, then I let go...
"Mom! You're crying! What's wrong mommy?"
"...if you only knew John...if you only knew..." I caressed his soft brown hair, like I had done for so many times before, caring for him with all my heart, with my whole body...
"...know what mom?...what? Tell me what's wrong...
I couldn't help myself, but the words came out in a torrent... "Oh John...I was so afraid you wouldn't want me anymore, that you wouldn't love me, because I'm pregnant... I was afraid you would hate me, for using you...that you would feel I didn't want you, but a child..."
Again the tears came, his young face shining in the beautiful moonlight. Oh how I loved him! Why did it have to be this complicated to love him, just because he was my son. It wasn't just that, it was what I felt inside... I felt so strange, happy but sad... it was my concience, almost killing me slowly. I knew what a dreadful thing this was, I had conceived a child with my own son, and what scared me was that I had wanted it...and I didn't regret I had thought he hated me...
"No mom! That's not true! I love you so much, I would never do such a thing to you. Never. It doesn't matter whether you're pregnant or not. I would love you as much! Why did you ever think that I would hate you?"
"...I got afraid John..."
"After I told never came to me like you did never made love to me again..."
"But you're pregnant...I mean...I thought that if you're couldn't make love...that's what I've heard..."
I now understood how silly this situation was... how could he was such a was ridicolous.
"Oh John...this is so could you know...of course I can make love to you! I want to, I love to...just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean that you can't make love to me. I was afraid you didn't love me anymore..."
"Can I really...make love to you...even though you're pregnant? Could we make love when your belly gets big too? Wouldn't it hurt the child?"
"Yes! of course you can...each and every doesn't matter if my belly gets big...and the child won't get hurt by making love...not if you're can have me anytime you want to, day or night, if you don't find me unattractive when I get big, that is..."
"I will never think you are unattractive are the best and beautiful there is!"
"Oh darling, you're so kind to me..." I led his hand to my breast, which I knew he loved to play with and let him squeeze it like he loved to do...then I said:
"Here, let me show you just how much I love you...and what we can do..."
That night we made love like never before. I applyed all my skills, all my devotion. I wanted to show him how much I loved him, and in how many different ways I loved him...I took him inside my mouth, sucking him as hard as I ever could, then when I knew he was about to climax, I pressed my fingers tightly around the base of his wonderful member, thus prolonging his orgasm time after time. When I finally let him erupt inside my mouth, he was begging me to let him, and how he came...his young and virile body exploding like a volcano, shooting his manly juices with such powerful jets I had never thought was possible...
Then, I rode him. My breasts hanging loosly on his face, bumping against it, my nipples playing in his mouth as he sucked them hard, his hands either squeezing them or my buttocks in rhythm with our lovemaking. Again I repeated the procedure with my fingers, thus holding him back for what seemed like an eternity. I was so wet, so horny, that I came several times before finally matching my orgasm with his, at last letting him creame on my insides with his baby-making juices, letting jet after jet of his seed enter my already pregnant and life bearing womb. It was so beautiful, so romantic and lovingly. Two lovers, mother and son, giving oneselves to eachother, showing the utter devotion and affection to eachother's bodies. Pleasing, and receiving pleasure as we again and again made love that night. Two animals in heat, making up, mating.
* * * * * * * *
Chapter VII
As we had agreed, John, Tim and I went on vacation. I knew of a very beautiful cottage close to the wonderful beaches of the Mexican bay. It was in a somewhat deserted town, but it was very beautiful and romantic there. I remember the day Michael had taken me there, when we were on our honey moon. We had spent most of the time making love together, in bed, in the water, on the beach, everywhere... It was the most wonderful time of my life...
Even though it was early month of July, I found out it was unoccupied, so I hired it til the middle of August, thus we would be staying here for almost a month and a half. John and Tim were so excited. We hadn't been outside our town for three years, at that occasion we had gone to see Michael's parents. However, not soon after that they moved from Houston to New York, the distance too long for us.
We went there by bus, finally arriving at the landlady who owned it. I was amazed. She was almost 80, and she remembered me and Michael from our honey-moon, over 15 years back in time...
We had a wonderful time together. The days passed too rapidly, but for the first time in my life since Michal's death, I was happy. Tim had borrowed a bicycle from the landlady, and was out fishing or in town most of the time while John stayed with me. We used to make love somewhere on a deserted beach without name, between the warm rocks, feeling the water wash our overheated bodies as we lay lazily ontop of eachother. The same deserted beach where I and Michael had once made love onto. Then we would make love in the water, reminding us of the first time we had done it back home. We were lucky, the weather was fine, although, somewhat too hot.
Everyday John would ask me when the result of our breeding would show, when I would give birth to our child. He was so cute, so wonderful, serving me like I would be in my last week.
At night, John and I would tip-toe out of the cottage down to the beach. There we would make love for hours without risking getting caught by Tim.
In the morning Tim would wake us up with the so familiar 'Hey sleepy heads...wake up!' and he rushed to town on his bicycle doing whatever boys do when they are together. Thus he left us, day after day, on our own. If we weren't making love, then we would be fondling eachother. If we weren't fondling eachother we would stay close together, naked skin touching naked skin.
But everything must come to an end, and so did our vacation. It felt like we had spent 7 weeks in paradise, and we were all very sad when leaving. The landlady told us several times to come back next summer, and I promised both her, my sons and myself that we would do so. Tim had made quite a lot of friends while going to town, and I must say I was amazed at how many children came to wave us good-bye when we took the bus back home.
Once back home, John and Tim went back to school. At first, like all children, they didn't want to do it. But as time passed, they got into it. I made it clear for John, that he could make love with me anytime he wanted, day or night, as long as he didn't cut classes, and did good in school. If he failed one of these conditions, our love-making would stop promptly. I knew he wouldn't want that, and the truth is, neither did I, but he did good in school, and it apperared he took my words pretty serious. Tim was also doing great, and whenever he had a problem at school, his big-brother would come help him. They were very close to eachother.
Me on the other hand was busy fixing the house. I thought that going away for a month or two would keep it nice and clean. But when I got home I found out it was so dusty it needed a good cleaning.
I went to a doctor, for consultation, and everything looked fine. Even though I hadn't started growing yet, it wasn't more than 2 months since I had gotten impregnated, I started feeling the familiar signs... My breasts had swollen a little and gotten somewhat more heavy, my vaginal juices had changed it's consistency to a more clinging and sticky substance, and I had gained some weigth. Soon, in less than 7 months, I would give birth to our child.
John was very happy to know everything was fine with me, and that the pregnancy went normal. Since I knew that too much inbreeding wasn't good on animals, I went to the library and read some from a large book of medecine. A chapter included something called 'genetical defects of the child' or something like that. It treated several kinds of handicaps, some due to the woman's old age when conceiving, but it also said something about close-related pregnancies and childbearing which caught my eye. I must say I was very scared when I read that in some cases, children where the parents were close-related, showed some 'genetical defects' which could be amplified by the parents unknown and unseen defects, leading to handicaps of different levels. There was several examples including studies made on pregnencies between cousins, as well as father and daugther, but it said nothing on pregnencies between mother and son. I was very afraid that our child would have one of these 'defects', so I went to the doctor again, telling him that I would like to do a complete check-up with tests, because I was worried that I was old. He believed me, and did all the tests necessary, giving me the result I was fine, and so was the child.
In bed, John never ceased satisfying himself with me, as well as satisfying me. He was a great lover, as he was a man and coming father. He had become so manly, so responsible. He knew how to take, but also how to give, and he gave me all his tender love. We made eachother happy every night. At first I was afraid, but then both my desire and John's pleas made up my mind, making me dare make love to him when Tim was home and awake. We used to sneak into the bathroom or into the stable and make up, then returning like nothing had ever happened...
One of the most wonderful things we used to do when Tim was out with some friends, was to get undressed and take showers together. It was during these very educative lessons of anatomy that John learned everything there was to learn of the woman body. Here I would lie on my back while John was between my fully parted legs, playing with his fingers inside my pussy, sawing and stabbing my cave with them like it would be his wonderful penis. He could feel me up for hours that way if I wouldn't stop him, playing with his tongue on my slit, directing the hot water spray towards my exposed clitoris. Sometimes he would just stare at it, while opening up my vagina to his view by pulling it open with his fingers, looking inside it, like he wanted to get a glimpse of our growing child, deep inside my tummy. Peeking inside the place where he had once so lovingly planted his own very special seed, which had united with my awaiting egg, caugth, and started growing in all it's splendour. The same place where he had once been planted by his own father in the same loving and caring way.
Then it was my turn to give him my tender touches. With my fingers, lips and cosy warmth of my mouth I would drive him insane. I taught my lover how to control his climax, how to enjoy making love even more. He had learned to hold on for a very long time if he wanted to...and by doing this he would give me wonderful nocturnal pleasures as we lay in bed for hours making love...
* * * * * * * *
Chapter VIII
We had been home for almost 5 weeks when it happened. It was more or less inevitable...
end school until an hour later on Fridays, thus leaving us all by ourselves. We went up to the bathroom, like we oftenly did these days, and started caressing our bodies, playing tightly against eachother, letting the cool and soothing water run down our hot flesh.
John whispered something in my ear while sliding his manhood between my naked thighs.
I lovingly fulfilled his request when getting down on my knees in front of my son's erect penis, parting my lips, and taking his tool inside my silksoft mouth. I heard him give out a moan of pleasure as I knowingly played my tonuge around his tip, swirling it, tasting every drop of pre-cum he was producing.
Together we had made lovemaking not only pleasurable, but an art as well. Together we had discovered new things with our bodies, revealed things to eachother about ourselves. We had learned what felt good, and how to stick to this loving feeling, holding on to every second of it. We had learned eachother's signals. I knew exactly what to do to make my sucking as pleasurable as possible. John on the other hand knew exactly how to stimulate me to madness, keeping me on the verge with his fantastic tongue and magic fingers. And when it came to the penetration, he had learned how much pleasure he could give me by changing rhythm and motions, especially rotating his hips. I had learned how to use my vaginal muscles anew on my new lover, clamping them tightly around the intruder, welcoming it with lovely milking and sucking motions.
I felt he was close, and wanting some pleasure myself, I sat down ontop the bathtub, parting my aged, but still slender legs. John knew what I wanted and expertly performed his pleasure giving on my slit, playing with his wet fingers inside it while licking my erect clitoris. The secret place he had gotten to know so well.
Then it was time, time for the actual lovemaking. I stayed in that position while John got down on his knees, his member pointing straight at the entrance to my pussy. Then he entered me, sawing inside me so mercyless but so wonderful, like he had done for more than 4 months each day, and night. His hands massaging my breasts, that had swelled some, allready showing the early signs of my pregnancy, his fingers occasionally reaching down for my clitoris which he had learned how to stimulate so expertly.
"Ohh John...don't...don't stop..."
He knew I was close and with that he started off with an intense pounding inside my soft flesh which had become so slippery from the water and the excitement.
When I finally came, he moved down between my legs, sucking in my exposed and sensitive clitoris between his lips while my climax made my whole body jerk with wonderful spasms...
I felt the aftermath of the orgasm overflow my body with that loving and pleasurable tiredness...but I knew John needed me. Slowly, not disturbing the wonderful moments, I got down on my knees again, facing Johns erection, wet with my own love liquids and the spraying water from the shower. Once again I took it inside my mouth, sucking at the so sensitive and purple tip, swirling my tongue, then milking it hard with my sucking motions, tasting my own juices on his love pistil.
His panting grew louder and faster as he approached his climax. I looked him in his glassy eyes, and I knew what he wanted. I leaned myself backwards, parting my lips, holding his member in a tight grip inches away from my mouth, my other hand tightly squeezing his sac. Then the first squirt came, entering my mouth, and another and another...his hands grabbed my head, holding it in place, as strings of clinging sperm formed between my lips and the tip of his penis.
I had learned that, even though it felt a little strange doing this, John liked seeing me when taking his semen in my mouth, seeing me play with it on my tongue and lips, then swallowing it. He said 'it made him cum harder', and it sure did. I had gotten accustomed to taste his sperm several times a day and night, and I had more or less become an addict to it. It made me happy knowing I could please my son even greater by putting on a little show...
After playing with his love cream for his eyes to see, he moved my head towards his penis, my lips engulfing it, sucking the last oozing drops of his cream, swallowing the baby making milk, with which he had so lovingly inseminated me more than 3 months ago.
NO! It couldn't be. Oh NO!... my body jerked as the vision in the doorway finally was registered in the corner of my eye. It couldn't be!!!...
I tried to hide myself, wanting to warn John, whose penis was still inside my cum soaked mouth. I didn't manage to say a word, only letting him slide out of my mouth as I turned my head to see the figure standing in the doorway, a drop of sperm dribbling from the corner of my mouth, landing on my naked breast. John was still in the aftermath of the orgasm and didn't notice the presence until I finally, whispering, managed to pronounce the name of my son, arrows of pain striking me...shame, guilt and fear.
Finally John noticed his brother as well, he tried to hide his nakedness, but to no avail. What we had done only moments earlier, was a fact. Tim was all red on his young face, then instantly he turned around and left the bathroom, leaving me with my hart beating like it wanted to leave my body.
We quickly washed off and dried ourselves, not a word exchange until we were clothed, me only having a robe on which had gotten somewhat wet from my still water soaked body. Then John broke the silence...
"Ma, what should we do... I ...I...he saw us...", he was nervous, almost shaking, looking both afraid and expectantly at me, and I knew it was me who should deal with it.
"I...I really don't know...I... I'll take care of it... whatever you have to...go to your room or do anything..."
With that I rushed out, to 'take care of it', but how? Tell my son that what he had seen wasn't true, that it was an accident... what should I tell him...but most of all there was the question how it was possible that he had entered the bathroom when the door was locked? I allways took that precation...never leaving anything to chance...
"Tim?", I knocked on his door, but there was no answer, so I entered. He was looking out his window, not paying any attention to me.
"Tim..." I waited for him to give a signal, to tell me he knew of my presence and wanted to talk or listen to me, but there was no such signal, he just kept staring out his window.
I got closer to him, putting my hand friendly on his shoulder. I didn't know how to tell him, how to start...but I had to say something...
"...what you...saw today, was...was never meant to be seen by you, by anyone. I have taught both you and John that there shouldn't be any secrets or things hidden from the other members of the family...however...this is one thing I never wanted you to see..."
I waited to see how he would react, but he showed no sign of reaction...I figured since he didn't want to talk and wanted to be stubborn, maybe I should do it the hard way...
"...I have also taught you about tell me, why did you unlock that door...and don't tell me you didn't because I know it was locked...and I have taught you it's a bad thing not to respect privacy, and it's a bad thing not to knock before entering someones room...especially the bathroom"
Finally he turned around, his eyes meeting mine, ogling me. I had never before in my life felt such a shame and guilt as his young and innocent eyes met mine, looking hurt and somewhat betrayed.
"It was because I wanted to know. I wanted to see if it was true...true that you were...that you were doing it with John."
His face turned red, showing the blushing as he said that.
"But I never expected it to be true..."
Now, once again I felt the devastating feelings overflow my body, hopelessness, disgrace and pain.
" is...and I can't deny it...what...what you true...but I am ashamed of it, I don't know what to say to you...or what to do...I never wanted you to see me this way... Ohh Tim...why did you have to open that door..."
I could feel the tears fill my eyes...why...why did he have to see me...I had taken precations...I had done everything in my power to keep it a secret...why?
"Tell me...why?!"
"Do you really want to know? Do you? It was because I wanted to see with my own eyes if it was true or not... ever since the time of you birthday when we went swimming there has been something wrong. I saw you and John...but I was too far away swimming...and I never thought you had really done it with him. After that, something felt wrong. You didn't talk to me anymore, you just kept yourself away from me, not wanting me to be around."
I felt a burning pain as he reflected on that. I knew I was not only guilty for the mere act I had been discovered doing with his brother, but I was guilty for neglecting my duties toward Tim. It was true. Sometimes it felt like I just didn't want to have him around me any more. I just wanted to be together with John all the time, avoiding Tim. Now when he said those words, it felt like I more or less had wanted Tim never to exist. My tears started running down my cheek as I no longer could control the burden.
He saw the tears, but went on...
"Then, 1 week ago, I went to the bathroom at night. I heard some strange sounds coming from your was you and John's voices...moaning...these sounds came in the morning too, and John never returned to his bed. In fact he hasn't slept in it a single night since I heard the sounds the first time...and your bedroom door was allways locked. Then sometimes you would lock yourselves up in the bathroom several times a day, sometimes the shower was on, sometimes don't know much about these things...but I wanted to see if what I... suspected was true..."
His eyes met mine, looking at me questioningly and demanding.
"Now I know it's true..."
I sat down on his bed, feeling destroyed, finished, tears running down my cheeks uncotrolably, soaking my face which I covered with my hands, giving up, my sobbing the only sound in the room except the constant buzzing of the fan.
After what seemed an eternity, I felt him beside me on the bed. Then his arm came protectivly around me.
"...I...I'm so sorry Tim...I...what will you...think of me...from now'll hate me for seeing me do it with your brother... ohh Timmie...I'm so sorry..." sobbing went on as a new torrent of tears flooded my face.
He pressed me close to him, finally I let go, I needed a shoulder to cry on...and it was here for me...
"...I'll never hate you mom...I could never do such a thing..."
Then I was in his arms, and he in mine. Mother and son consoling eachother.
I had calmed myself. We were still in Tim's bed, his arm still around my shoulders, pressing me against him. I still had my head on his shoulder, but when parting a little from him, I saw the tent in his pants, he was hard. Then I realised that my robe had parted somewhat in the front, and in the position we had been in, he had a full view of my naked breasts.
I moved away from him, closing the robe around me, but his arm was still around me, pressing me close to him. Then his other hand moved down to the front of my robe and opened it, just like before. I was surprised by the sudden act of his, but got even more surprised when I felt his hand move on my naked skin, only to finally grab my swollen breast in his hand, squeezing it gently as he continued looking down my cleavage.
"Tim, what do you think you are doing?", with that I grabbed his hand and pulled it up from under my robe, trying to break free. But he held me too tight.
"No, wait..." once again his hand started it's voyage down my cleavage, parting my robe so that my breasts hang loose, fully exposed, only to be grabbed by his hand.
"I love you mom...I love you so much that I could die for you..."
Once again I took his hand away, looking him in his eyes.
"Please don't..." I heard myself saying.
"Why...can't you see...ever since we were at the lake and I saw you...naked...I've had these thoughts...I've dreamt...each night, thinking of you...but I never thought you would want me...but now...when I saw what you and John were..."
"Tim, this doesn't change anything between us. What happened between me and John is a separate thing. Don't even think that what you dream of would come true. It's bad."
"Why mom?"
His hand went back to my breast, this time I took it away and held it in a steady grip. Suddenly I felt his lips around my nipple, sucking at my breast, nursing me like he had done so long ago. I let go of his hand and tried to pull his head away, but his hands were around my back pressing me tight to him...
"Please Tim. Don't do this...please stop..."
But he didn't, and I gave up, feeling the tears filling my eyes. After several moments I felt his body pressing me down in bed, and I knew what it was all about, I knew what he wanted to do. His hands worked febrile on my robe, finally parting it fully, then his hands went down to his pants, working on his belt...
"No Tim! Don't do this...stop...don't do this to yourself...don't do this to me...please Tim...stop right now before it's too late"
He didn't listen to me. Somehow I managed to get him off my upper body, only to find myself covered with his body, pressed down against the bed again.
"I wan't you mom...I need you..."
"No Tim...don't...stop...let go of me...", my voice trying to make him obey hands pushing his shoulders away trying to part him from me, trying to stop the horrible act which was about to come...
"Why mom? You did it with John...why won't you do it with me?"
I heared his angry voice close to my ear as his body pressed down on me...
"No's not the right're my's bad..."
"So is John...and if you've done it with him...I saw you...I even saw you take his thing inside your mouth, I even saw him shoot his stough in your mouth...if he can do it, then why can't I?"
With that, his jeans were free and he lowered them a few inches.
Once again I tried to break free, but I didn't succeed, it felt like all powers I had, had left me when Tim had found me in the bathroom with John.
As his pants was pulled down, I felt his manhood spring free as it hit my belly, the same belly which he and John had once been inside, and in which John's and my child now was growing. I surrendered, feeling the shame and guilt overflow me, as the tears ran down my cheeks to my ears, into my wet hair.
Yes, it was true what he had seen, it was true that John was not only his brother but my son as well, but did that justify the act Tim was trying to perform on me. What did this make out of me? A monster?
I felt his penis tickle the entrance to my slit, then he pushed, missing my hole, once again pushing, failing, then with one plunge he entered me, the depravity fulfilled, the penetration a fact. A pain striking my body as he reached as deep as his young erection could go, but the pain wasn't physical, it was mental. I felt that all I had done these years for my sons, my love, affection and all tenderness was gone. Tim would come to hate me, he wouldn't want me to be his mother, but a sex object. He would come to hate his brother... all the love that had been between us would die, just because I had had a weak moment on my 36:th birthday...a day I would never forget.
I was on my back in bed, Tim's limp body covering mine, his warmth spreading to me, his panting mouth close to my ear. It was done, we had reached the point of no return. I had let my own son, so fragile and innocent take me, do me like he had dreamed. I had read boys fantisized about making love with their mothers, I knew that John and I had fallen for the temptation. But there was no intention of mine that I would let little Timmie do it...but now it was a fact, as clear as the virginal and incestous sperm I had in my belly. My son's forbidden seed. The seed which was supposed to be available for any woman, except me. But now it was inside me, it's way blocked by his semi-erect penis which he still had plugged inside my flesh. He would remember me forever, as the first woman he had been inside...his very own mother...something he could never tell a sole...
"I love you mom, I love you so much..."
"No Tim, don't say that...don't say that..." I whispered in his ear...
He emptied himself once more after that, this time it wasn't as febrile as the first time. He was ready in moments after his first time, just like John was, like any young boy. But there was no pleasure for me to gain, I could have let myself go, float along, to share the wonderful moments he was having, but I didn't want to, I couldn't allow myself to do that...
I was caressing his beautiful hair as he still lay ontop of me, his member still inside my sperm soaked cave. I could hear his calm breathing in my ear as he dozed off in the aftermath of his orgasm.
Was this it? The end of the past? Would he ever love me the way he did before? Would he think of me as his mother, or would he treat me like a thing scared me. He didn't love me the way John did, he had seen me with his brother and wanted the same as well. He didn't se me as a lover, a true lover, but a...a bad woman...a whore...
It was the first time Tim hadn't listened to what I told him. I had asked him, begged him not to do it, but his urge was too great. It was the first time I had been taken against my will. No, this wasn't a rape, one shouldn't think of it that way. It had been different with John the first time. I had wanted him, needed a man, and he was the only one who loved me so much. I guess it could never had been Tim. He loved me as much as John, but I didn't see the man in him that I saw in John, the man I needed so bad. I saw a child, innocent and afraid, naive and too sensitive. He had been obsessed by me when we had taken that stupid bath in the lake. Now when he found out about my relationship with John, he wanted it too. He wanted me as well. What scared me was that he didn't even listen to me, he crossed my will. On the other hand I knew that what he had done, would never had happened if he hadn't found me with John in that dreadful moment. When seeing what John was doing he wanted it as well, he was after all young and unexperienced...he thought that if John could do it, then it was allowed for him too...I knew, that if I would have been able to stop the process, then he would have hated me forever and he would hate his brother...I don't know how he would react now... after he had gotten his will thru...
But what did it matter any more...what was right or wrong... it was done, and there was no return... no way to change history...
On the other hand I didn't want to become something my two sons could use whenever they wanted. I still had my pride, I didn't want to be a hole in which they would put their penises and relieve themselves inside...I didn't want to be...a whore...even though it felt like I was one at this very moment...
Tim had moved so he was beside me, his limp penis hanging on my naked thigh, still coated with our mingled juices. He was sleeping by my side, embracing me, his breathing sounding calm and satisfied...the warmth tickling my nipple.
Gently, not disturbing his sleep, I got up from the bed, wrapping the robe around me. I was exhausted. When walking to my bedroom, I could feel some of the semen Tim had deposited inside me trickle down my leg as it gushed out of my vagina from the friction and pressure from the sudden movements. Again I was reminded of what had happened only moments ago.
I finally found John in the old barn. He was taking care of Blackie his horse...
He turned around instantly then ran up to meet me, embracing me, seeking some sort of confort.
"Oh mom...what do you think will you think he will tell?"
I parted myself from him, looking him in the eyes...
"No, he won't...even though I wish he would..."
"How can you say something like that...what about us? What about our child?"
"Ohh John...I don't know...I don't know if you want me anymore...or the child...I'm so confused..."
"What do you mean mom?"
Finally I couldn't hold it any longer, my tears flooding my cheeks as I let my head fall, looking straight into the ground.
"John..Oh John...the reason...why he wont because he's a part of it now..."
"How?", I could feel the sound of fear in his voice, like he knew what would come next and what I was about to say...
"He did me...I had to let him do it...otherwise, I don't know what he would do...I was afraid John..."
"WHAT?!, you did what?"
"I couldn't help it John...please believe me when I say I didn't want it to happen...but Tim wouldn't listen to me...he wouldn't tell anybody...he just wanted one thing, me..."
"How could you ma?! How could you do it?"
"Please John...try to..."
"...understand?", he interrupted, "Understand what? I loved you mom! How could you do this to me...I thought you loved me. All the talk about me being your man, about being lovers...hell, you're even pregnant with me and Tim right in front of my nose..."
I could see the tears forming in my son's wasn't until now I realised the extent of the damage I had done...I wanted to hug him to confort him, but my effort was rewarded with a push.
"I'll kill him!", he said...starting for the house, but I jumped in his way.
"No John...stop right wasn't Tim's fault...I let it was my fault..."
"You're just saying that to protect the ashole!"
"No John...No, please listen to me...he was jealous of you... he has known for a long time what we were doing..."
"But how could you let him do it?", John almost yelled at me...
"Please...listen to me John...try to understand...if I wouldn't have let him...then I don't know what crazyness he would have done...what he would have could have ended really bad..."
His tears flooded his face as he let go...
"Mom...I thought you loved promised me I could be your man...I thought that meant that you would be the only one with me like I would be with you...ever..."
Finally he hugged me close to him...his body shivering as he let his anger and dissappointement show...
"...yes John..."
"At least, promise me you'll never do it with him again... ever...promise me that..."
"...I can't know he will come for more...just like you...he's not different from you..."
"But I don't want him put it inside you...again...I could never make love with you again..."
"I can't make that promise John...I can't...he won't listen to me...just like you didn't listen to me the first times...he will want more of it...and if I stop him, I don't know what he might do..."
"But mom! You're mine! Only mine!"
"Yes're the only one in my hart...but when it comes to the other part...I will always be there for you...but at worst..."
"No! I don't want him to do's disgusting..."
"What's disgusting John...please be reasonable...I'm only trying to protect us...what when he finds out about our child...don't you think he'll put 2 and 2 together... what do you think will happen then...It will never be like with you... but you have to understand that he might want me to do these sorts of things with him...but never forget...I love you more than ever...and I will allways be there for you...anytime..."
"No...never...I don't want to share you with anybody!"
"I'm sorry John...I don't know what we could do otherwise... it's the only way..."
I never expected the discussion to take such a turn...never did I think that my eldest son would slap me in the face and call me a "fucking whore"... never ever...

Chapter IX
Since that dreadful day everything changed...maybe it was so that I was a whore...I don't know...since that day, John stopped coming to me...he was almost never home...always busy doing something else...he didn't even talk to me. I tried to, but he didn't answer more than yes or no, sometimes just a grunt...
Tim, well he was the new boss in the house. He did everything to help me out in the kitchen, even cleaning the house...just to get one body.
Even though it felt like he was more or less using me for pleasure, I knew that he loved me enormously...and I knew that what he was doing when he tried to help me out was to show his appreciation...his love...but it was difficult to accept it in the strange form he wanted it in.
I can't say I didn't really enjoy it...I was...even though I am ashamed of it. At first I didn't...everything was mechanical...only to make the act as quick as possible... giving him what he wanted, letting him use my hole for relief, feeling cheap and dirty afterwards, hating myself. But after a couple of days I found it more and more pleasing, and when he started experimenting with my body with his hands, I had my first orgasm. I was very ashamed of myself...but I figured it didn't really matter any longer if I held back. John didn't make any allusions to wanting me anymore. It all started the first night...
I was alone in bed, thinking of what would happen in the future with us, a shattered family. John didn't come this night, the first one since we had started making love. I knew he wouldn't...what I didn't expect was to hear Tim's voice at the door.
"Mom, are you awake?"
I hoped he would go away if I wouldn't answer him, but he didn't...
Soon I felt the so familiar movement in the bed when John used to come to me at night, only this time it was Tim.
I could feel his trembling little hand land on my breast heavily. For the first time in what seemed like ages I was wearing a negligee, but it didn't stop him. In a moment his hand crept under it, gently sqeezing my breast. Later I found out that Tim was as fixed to my breasts as John.
Everything I had thought of, telling him how wrong it would be to continue didn't have felt like he owned me and my soul, like he hypnotised me...I was lost...
It wasn't long till I could feel his hands pull up my neglige, then his hard pre-cum leaking penis vibrating in my crack with excitement. He was so feverish as I felt him seek my hole, his member bumping around between my legs and in the slit. Then he entered me.
Like with John the first times, he was very fast for reaching climax. It didn't take him more than a few strokes. Once again he emptied himself inside me, only this time it wasn't virginal juices any longer...even though it wasn't John's, it was from my own son. And once again like with John, he was ready to go again in minutes.
After that I sent him to his room. Reluctantly he left, I told him I needed to be alone. I didn't expect him to listen to me, but he did...maybe it was because he had gotten what he had come for.
I lay on my back in bed, legs and arms sprawled wide as he had left me when going to his room, the cream he had deposited oozing out of my cum-soaked and used vagina, running in the crack of my buttocks til it met the sweaty and sticky sheets.
I didn't feel like a whore. No, a whore would at least get some money for the time and usage of her body...I felt like a hole, something anybody could use whenever they wanted a fuck! I was disgusted by myself and my own body.
The weekend felt like it would never end. I was afraid John would turn to doing stupidities. All day long he was gone, sometimes coming home very late. I tried to ask him where he had been, but he just grunted 'what do you care about me'. I tried to show him how much I loved him, but he was as cold as ice towards me.
The days and nights I belonged to Tim. He never let me out of his sight, and he never kept feeling me up and actually making it with me several times a day.
As I already confessed, I got to enjoying it during the nextcoming 2 weeks. Well, maybe enjoying it would be the wrong word...I got to love silently await the moment when Tim would get hard again to do me...I couldn't tell him, like I had told John when I needed it... which was after all, most of the I quietly awaited his lovemaking sessions with me, playing the role of doing it reluctantly...which I couldn't play for a long time...
John had made a sexaholic out of me, an addict to, when he refused to even talking to me, I gave myself completly to Tim, not caring anymore what was wrong or was the strive for pleasure that counted, nothing else.
Once again I started my training and teaching, showing my new lover the wonders of lovemaking. I did everything with him that I had done with John, tasting his juices, as well as letting him taste mine...and my was he eager and a quick learner, he became quit good too, at licking me...
But a part of me was always thinking of John...and the growing child inside me, which we had produced...
It wasn't til about 2 weeks later that John couldn't hold any longer. I don't know if he just needed some time thinking, most of the things had happened very fast, or if it was just his sex urge that got too strong...nowadays I don't care...
It was Friday evening, John had taken Blackie out for a ride when he got home from school...and as usual I was in bed with Tim as soon as he passed the door.
Tim had acted like a sex maniac. As soon as he had entered the house he had attacked my breasts, sucking them hard, squeezing the soft flesh mercyless. Then he lapped at my slit for over 10 minutes giving me 3 wonderful orgasms, him drinking my juices.
Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me up to my bedroom, guiding my overheated body which was like drugged from the sudden session of ours.
Seconds later we were in bed, his little member wriggling inside my maternal vagina like a worm. And what a worm! He spewed his hot sticky liquids inside my womb with a serene expression on his face, while I was urging him to press it even deeper inside. Then with a "make me hard, mommy" I started using my vaginal muscles on his shrinking penis, milking it with my most feminine muscles, squeezing it to life as it was filled once more with blood, rising and invading my depths once more as it had been doing for the last 2 weeks.
Tim was like John before he got more experienced. The first time was very quick, I didn't get too much pleasure out of it, but after the initial orgasm, Tim could hold on longer to his pumping, thus giving me wonderful climaxes every time, and this time wasn't any different.
After my womb had been sprayed and filled with a second load of his love honey, he lay ontop of me, panting in my ear, his body relaxed, his chest mashing my breasts, but I didn't care of him not supporting his weight, my hands caring more for the firm buttocks which I adored, feeling the tightness and the muscles, rotating his hips by holding on to his buttocks, feeling his soft member play inside my pussy.
"ohh mom...that felt...sooo good...I love you so much..."
" was honey...and I love you too..."
"...but I love you even more...I love you so much that I want to be with you forever, I want to kiss you, feel you up and do what we just did...forever..."
I giggled...
"Ohh Tim, you're so sweet, so young and beautiful...what you're saying is soo lovely and beautiful, but you'll have to find a girl of your own, a girl your own age...the girl of your life, to marry and to have kids with...I cannot be that girl, I am no girl, I am an old woman...
"No mommy, you're not old! And I don't want anyone else, I want you, I want to marry you..."
I hugged him close to me, feeling his body snuggling close to mine...
"Oh Timmie...your tongue is as sweet as honey...but it's not only the words, it's what it can do between my legs too that make it so wonderful"
We lay like that for a couple of moments, just breathing, then I heard his voice whisper in my ear, he only whispered when he wanted something special, and every time it was the same pleasure he wanted me to give...
He rolled off me, laying on his back and I got down between his legs, kneeling, feeling a steady flow of sperma and my own juices flow from my overfilled vagina. I grabbed his semi-erect penis at the root, squeezing hard to make it erect. My other hand worked with his little sac, feeling and playing with the wonderful testicles which were producing the heavenly love cream, the milky and bitter-tasting honey he had pumped inside my tunnel only moments ago, the same kind of baby-making cream with which John had inseminated me.
I lowered my head and took his manhood in my mouth, tasting the bitter, but spicy spunk which coated his member. It was so sticky with our mingled love liquids, but tasty, it was a taste I had learned to adore, making my saliva flow. I made slurping sounds as I either let him slide in and out of my mouth which I used as an artificial vagina, or I sucked as hard as I could, feeling his reviving hardness.
It was when I looked up that I saw John's figure in the shadow of the room.
I let Tim's penis slide out of my mouth, watching John, a large amount of the excessive saliva and his whitish cream running down his shaft. "Hi mom..."
Tim's head span around as he heard John's voice, his hands trying to hide his erection.
My first intention when seeing the figure was to hide my nakedness too, but I realised how silly that would be, silly because John knew all about what I was doing, both with Tim and sexually. He had done the same things with my body, so there was no reason to hide oneself.
But what really caught my eye, was what he was doing. First I didn't notice it, but then I realised he was stroking his fully erected penis. And he was as stark naked as little Tim and I.
He slowed down and stopped as he realised that I had seen him.
"Hello John...have you...have you been out riding?". It was such a stupid question, but I really didn't know what to say to my son. I didn't expect this to happen...
"Mmmm...I mean yeah...I...I took Blackie out for a ride...I guess he needed to get some moving in his legs...and I guess I needed some thinking rode down to the lake..."
He made a short pause, expecting me to say something, but I didn't know what...I just nodded.
Tim was listening, not moving an inch, his penis limp, still in my hand...
"...I...I've been thinking of what you've know... and...I'm sorry...I really am...I'm so sorry I have been like this...I mean...the last days..."
"It's okay John...I think I would have acted the same..."
" know...I'm sorry that I called you these bad things... I really am...please forgive me mom..."
"ohh John...don't be's okay, it really is..."
"I've missed you mom...", I could hear the sadness in his voice as his head hung down.
"I've missed you too John...ohhh...come here..."
He came to the bed, the sunset outside playing on his muscles as he embraced me. I never thought that I would feel him close to me again, ever. But when I felt with what intensity he was embracing me, I knew he wanted me as bad as I wanted him. We were meant for eachother, we needed eachother to feel secure, loved and pleased.
I shivered as I felt I rivulet of sperm leave my cunny, running down the inside of my sensitive thigh, remembering me of little Tim. I looked at him, seeing his questioning expression, still he hadn't moved or said anything.
I again uptook the attention of John. I could feel his hard trembling penis pressing up against my belly, leaving trails of whaterish pre-cum on my naked skin.
I knew what he needed...
"John", I whispered in his ear, "would you like me to make it good for old times?"
So I commenced my develish act, the act of a depraved mother, the act of becoming my own two sons private whore. At first the thought disgusted me, but now nothing mattered. It wasn't til a week ago that I had really started fantisizing about it, now it would come true. At first I had been very angry with Tim for spoiling my love affairs with John, but now, after having him inside me, I knew what I wanted. I wanted both my children, I wanted them to be close to me, closer than ever. I wanted my children inside of me, I wanted them to mature with me, to prosper and develop sexually. I wanted to give myself completly to my children, to give them not only motherly love, but motherly love combined with the most wonderful love two, or three human beings could share. I was so happy, by doing this, I didn't only do my sons a favour, the favour of letting them relieve their so strong urges they posessed inside and letting them fulfill a young boys most devoted fantasy, making love with their very own mother. But what I did was receiving as much pleasure as my children. Now my most devious dreams would come true. It was a dream that I had had when first having sex with John, but the love that was founded between us made me forget all about it. But now, after having had intercourse so many times with both my sons, did it really matter if I could get one final wish through? The wish of beeing surroended by young studs, to be loved and taken care of by my lovers. To be taken by my two lovers continously. Whenever one tired, the other could finish what the first one had started. I had so much love to give and I needed so much love, that I had become an addict. I don't think any woman could feel more satisfied at my age, an age wich could create conflicts. But the thought of my young lovers which soon would follow the road I had so secretly but hideous led them onto and the knowledge of the child that was growing in my womb each day, made me feel young again. It made me feel like I was a woman anew.
I knew how wrong this was, not only that people thought it would be wrong, but it was. One man for one woman, was the right thing. But that didn't seem enough for me...I wanted more. I wanted it all. Now, when finally the circle was closing, I realised that everything I had put in plan the last week would soon pay off, soon the family would be complete, and my strive for pleasures fulfilled. I would be fulfilled.
Slowly I pulled John down on the bed, his shaft sticking up like a flag-pole, swaying with the blood-pulsing. I opened my mouth and engulfed my lover's tool, which I had for so long missed. What I only moments ago had done with Tim, I was now doing with my other son. Tim staring at us, probablay not believing what he saw me doing right in front of his eyes. It seemed like John had lost all thinking of privacy. He didn't care if his brother was seeing what he was doing either...
I sucked him hard, I sucked him gently, I did my best to please my son, tasting the salty pre-cum as it was pumped out of his penis. His hands were on the back on my head, pressing it down and then relasing the pressure, thus showing me how he wanted me to make it. It was so wonderful to feel he was back, that he was together with me.
He didn't last too long, after all, it was his first time with me for a very long time, and it was the first time for the day...
His moaning grew louder and louder, and I applyed my hardest suction, as I felt surge after surge of his tasty sperm wash down my throat. Not one single drop was lost as I swallowed every precious little wriggling seed he offered me, then I cleaned him, making him hard again...
I got up beside him on my knees, looking at him, smiling, then I invited him to use my nether hole. I wanted him to do me from behind, I had heard Michael call this a 'doggie-making', and I knew why, I wanted to be take like the bitch I was, a bitch in heat...
He was at it instantly, his penis burried inside me to the hilt. There was never a question of lubrication. I was so wet inside with Tim's cum and my juices that the mixture functioned as lubrication. He started humping me in a steady rhythm which I had learned to love, and looking down between my legs I could see his penis slide in and out of my slippery and messy pussy. Every time it was pulled out it was coated with his pre-cum, my juices but most of all the two loads of sperm Tim had injeceted inside my love canal only moments earlier, which was running down to his sac, dripping down on the sheet. I came hard, exciting scene, knowing I was taken by my other son only moments after the first had cum inside me, feeling my whole body becoming one with my vagina, trembling with excitement, travelling once again to nirvana...
This was the way I wanted to be taken. Fucked, that's right, the most dirty word of all, fucked like a bitch in heat. Like a dog.
When it subsided, I found John was still at it. I looked at Tim who was sitting at the end of the bed ogling us. I could see his hand working on his purple coloured penis, fully concentrated on what we were doing.
I smiled at him, knowing what I would do next...
"...mmmmm...ohhhh.....mmmmm....Tim...come here...and I'll help you out..."
He looked surprised at me, not really understanding...
"C'mon lover...let me do that...come to me...come to moma..."
He came to me, lying on his back, me taking his hard penis in my mouth anew, the place where John had spurted only moments ago.
It wasn't til now that I noticed how different my sons were equipped. With only one year between them, one would expect them to be almost in the same state of development. However John was very much bigger, in every way that is. I never tried to estimate my son's love tools, but now I realised that John with his almost 7 inch penis would outdo Tim's little 5 inch pecker. Today I know that one oftenly say that it's not the size that's important, but any woman who is really hot, wants to feel herself filled up, stoughed with manly meat and John was more than capable of doing so with his thick member. On the other hand, having Tim's thin little member inside me, wriggling like a worm, together with the knowledge that he was in fact my own son and a really a very young boy, made it very hot.
At first I didn't want to accept the fact that it was my own two sons who attracted me, I was having my love affair with John because I loved him, like lovers ought to show their love to eachother. But after Tim started having me the same way, I didn't care anymore. I knew that I loved my two sons very much, not only because they were my own children, but what we had was a special bond. They were fascinated of me because I was their mother, doing things only mothers in their hottest dreams would do with them. Further more, I was their first love, and would be so til the end of time, they had been virgins when first having me, making our love even more special. Me on the other hand was fascinated by the vigour of my children, their sexual urges which never seemed to end. Then, again, knowing they were my own two sons, so very young who was having sex with me, made me feel very hot. It was so taboo what we did, mother and sons endulging in an incestual relationship, feeling eachother's bodies, sucking and licking and really having intercourse.
I could feel John plunge himself in and out of my cum-soaked cunny, occasionally feeling his stabbing penis hit the bottom of my vaginal tunnel. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain as the wonderful mushroom tip parted my cervix, thus entering my womb which had swollen and expanded to accomodate the pregnancy of our child that was growing inside. I moaned each time he did so, trying to concentrate on giving pleasure to Tim as well.
I swirled my tongue on Tim's little penis, sucking as hard as I could, feeling every little blood-swollen vein on his member pulsing. If it wouldn't have been that he had already released his sperm twice, I'm sure he would have climaxed long ago.
I could feel my orgasm building as I started to loose concentration, I was getting closer and closer, and for each plunge of John, I moaned louder and louder. He knew I was going to climax soon, and he increased the tempo, like always, he wanted us to match our orgasms.
Then it came, like a wind takes a leave up, high into the sky, my toes curling, my whole body shaking, trembling and jerking as the inevitable orgasm took me in it's control. I knew I could not stop it, and I wouldn't have wanted either. I just let myself go, feeling the most wonderful sensations nature could give, letting it rule my body.
During my orgasm, I felt Tim's hands around my head pressing my head close to his crotch, litteraly 'fucking' my mouth with his growing member, the sign that it would shoot it's nectar soon.
My pussy started clamping and milking John's invading member, he started stabbing me with short in and out movements in a fast tempo, as he understood that I was climaxing. I gave out high guffing moans with each penetration of his feeling the orgasm rule my body stronger and stronger, my whole body trembling. My hypersensitive cunny gave out obscene sounds with every movement of John's penis. Squelshing sounds from the two loads of sperm that Tim had dumped inside me, but also my own juices running freely. Loud smackings could be heard from our copulating organs as he poked and rotated inside me in every possible way, making me squelsh with orgasmic lust.
Far off in the distance I heard a '!', and then my mouth was flooded with Tim's spunk, each jerk filling it even more, but I was too far off to even think about swallowing it.
The cum he was shooting started to boil and run out of my mouth as I was making gurgling noices from the moaning, noices which today reminds me of a little newborn's gurglings, gurglings with delight.
I don't remember much of what happened after that. What I do remember is very cloudy and I was very confused when it happened, the whole world tumbling around me, time standing still. I could hear myself screaming with pleasure, not caring who, where or what I was.
I remember feeling Tim slip out of my mouth. Then I felt hands squeezing my breasts hard, pulling me close to John, who was kneeling behind me, his penis working like a locomotive inside my cunny, in and out, in and out. I felt Tim's cream running out of the corners of my mouth, tickling it's way down my chin, dripping down in the cleavage my handcouvered breasts formed.
I remember hearing an animalic grunt in my ear, then came a deep plunge into my vibrating pussy, John's tool entering deeper than he had ever been inside of me, parting my cervix, entering my womb. With a moan, I felt a warmth spread deep inside my tummy as I felt his first load of sperm inject Then he pulled himself out halfway, and with a slow but even deeper plunge than the first one he ripped past my cervix, a gurgling scream erupting from my throat, Johns tool squirting more of his baby-making milk, the wonderful sticky honey uniting with Tim's, John's wriggling seeds mingling with Tim's. It was so hot, so fascinating, a human wasn't supposed to feel such heavenly feelings, perverted feelings, orgasmic feelings and pain. Each time John gave my body a huge plunge, I was tossed forward, my torso bending forward as his belly slapped hard against my buttocks, trying to enter me as deep as possible, stabbing me like he wanted to go through me...At the same time his big, manly hands were kneeding my swaying and slapping breasts hard, sqeezing them like it would be dough. My knees were bending, I couldn't support myself, and if it woudln't have been for his hands around my breasts and his penis fully embedded in my climaxing pussy, I would have collapsed. I was like a leaf in his hands, which he was tossing and flipping in every possible way as he emptied himself hard inside me. I don't know if it was my brain that fooled me, but I thought I heard a bestialic roar unite with my sporadic screams of lust each time he pushed the tip of his penis inside my womb and spurting a powerfull jet of semen where our child was growing. Then everything went black.
I awoke slowly, coming to life like from a trance or a deep sleep. I was alone in bed. I felt so relaxed. 23.36 said the red digits of my bedroom clock. I must have slept for over 3 hours, without even waking up once...I sighed, feeling every little muscle aching tiredly, my mouth, breasts, but most of all the places around my slit and inside of it. But it was a pleasant tiredness. I was naked, sweaty, my skin showing spots of dried semen. I still had the bitter-tasting cum-flavour of Tim's sperm in my mouth, and I could still feel the wetness in my pussy. I mused, I felt like a little school-girl after touching herself for the very first time. I felt like an innocent little girl who had for her first time found out about boys. Even though I had been a virgin when marrying Michael, my dead husband, I had 'fooled around', letting boys feel me up in the breaks at school. We had played games like, 'I'll show you mine if you show me your's'. Then we had played doctor.
I felt in need of a shower really bad. I went to the bathroom, taking the sweaty and cum-stained sheets with me.
I had a hard time washing myself. Especially my cunny, since it was very sensitive. It was almost unbearable to turn the water spray towards my open pussy, washing the insides clean. My lips were all red and swollen, and my little rosebud weren't to be touched. I thought back at what had happened earlier in bed. It was something I had only read of. They called it multiple-orgasms, and I am pretty sure I had one of these at that time. I had never experienced anything like that ever. Everytime an orgasm subsided, I was rewarded with a new one. But it was somehting I would come to know very well in the future
I watched myself in the mirror while drying myself off, watching my breasts and belly which clearly showed I was pregnant. At least to my eyes.
I've heard that some women looses all interest in sex once they
get pregnant. They feel ugly and are disgusted by their own body. But seeing myself in the mirror I was excited to note that my belly had swollen, I was excited to know I was still a fertile woman, with possibilities of giving life.
There was a discrete knock at the door.
"Mom, are you allright?"
"Can I come in..."
I first thought of wrapping my towel or robe around me, but then I thought that would be silly after all we had done.
He opened the door only to find me stark naked.
I saw his eyes enlarge as he looked at me, he was ogling my body.
"What are you staring at?", I heard myself asking very seductivly.
"...uh...well...I had forgot how beautiful you are ma..."
I smiled at him, turning to my side, inhaling, drawing in my belly to make a sexy pose.
"Do you really think you think I still look sexy to you?"
" really are gorgeous mom..."
"Well thank you John, you really know how to charm a lady..." I said smiling at him. "But do you you think I will still be sexy when my belly and breasts starts growing...?"
"'ll just be even more sexy..."
I moved close to him, putting my hands on his hips.
"You know're very handsome yourself..."
"You think so mom..."
"Sure honey...your so are a reel hunk as we used to say at school...", I mused when thinking of how he resembled to the boys his own age a long time ago that we girls used to discuss and refer to as 'hunk' if they were cute...unfortunately it remaind on that stage until I met my big love...
"I've missed you John...", I said, looking him in the eyes, caressing his beautiful brown hair.
"I've missed you to ma..."
"I don't want to loose you honey...never again...I was afraid you would hate me forever...we have so much to give eachother. You are my son, and we shouldn't be hating eachother...please John...never leave me like that...Besides...", I took his hand leading it down to my belly which had swelled some the last 2 weeks. "...besides...I need you...both as my man, but also as the father of my child...I hope you haven't forgotten about that."
"Oh no could I...I'll never leave you again...I promise..."
I was going to seduce him, even though my vagina hurt a little from the previous action I would let him do me at the end, but first I wanted to show him all my womanly charms and affection, so that he would know forever how much I wanted him and how much I loved him. But I would show him how bad he needed me, that I wasn't cheap, oh no, that I could make him beg me for it...Now I had the leading part. Then, only when he was going crazy after me would we make love like madmen.
"John...could I ask you something..."
"...yes mom..."
"What do you think of me..."
"You're gorgeous mom!"
"No...I mean, what do you think of me...after all I have done... you know that a mother and a son should never indulge in such acts we have...they should never touch eachother like we have, or furthermore make love..."
"You know I don't care what people say...we've talked so many times about this...I love you mom, more than're the best..."
"...but what about me doing it with did call me a you think of me that way still...?"
"Oh no mom...I...I told you I was sorry for saying that..."
I was holding his head between my hands, looking him in the eyes, caressing him with my glances.
"How did you feel when you saw me together with Tim?"
There was no answer, so I went on...I pulled him closer to me, our faces only inches apart as I put my hand on his crotch. He was hard. "...did it excite you? Dit it make you feel hard like you are now"
He turned all red in his face. It was the first time I had talked 'dirty' this way. But I knew that sometimes men liked that. And talking dirty of myself made me feel hot.
I started unbuttoning his shirt, looking him straight in the eyes.
"...did you like what you saw John? Did you?"
"...I...I guess so..."
I pulled his shirt of him and proceeded with unbuckling his belt and then pulling open his fly, lowering his pants and underwear a couple of inches, freeing his member that slapped hard against his belly when it sprang free. I formed a fist around it, and started stroking it gently, smearing out his pre-cum.
"Did it make you so hot you didn't care if I had done it with Tim?"
"You said earlier that it was disgusting to know he had been inside of me...didn't you lover...?"
He just looked foolishly at me...ogling my body...
"You got so excited you wanted to share me with Tim right away? Didn't you honey?"
I grabbed his penis at the root, then guiding it in the hot juicy canal my slit forms, letting it run along it while squeezing him with my thighs, feeling his juices wetten my soft skin.
I heard him moan from the treatment, but there was still no answer. I moved my hand so it was pressing his penis up against my hole, letting it sink inside my fleshy lips, burrying the tip of his leaking shaft in the little depth just outside the entrance to my penis longing vagina.
He tried to hump me, but I pulled away slightly.
"Would you consider sharing me with Tim in the future as well? If I beg you to?"
"Yes mom..."
"Won't you feel disgusted to know that you're putting it inside of me where he has been and filled me with his cream? Won't you honey?"
I heard a guttural 'no' as he tried to enter me anew, only to find out I was prepared and deflected his invading member...
"You know honey...Tim will spend a lot of time with me in the future as well...I'm not sure I will be alone when you come to my bed anymore...are you sure it won't bother you if you find me and Tim making love..."
There was a loud moan as I started massaging his little sac, feeling the two nut-sized testicles that had produced the sperm that had gotten me pregnant...
"It might be so that you'll just have to jump in between, when Tim has finished or when he wants me to suck you think you could handle that lover? Do you...?"
"Oh mom...please..."
"...please what John?"
"Let me do it with you...don't do this to me...I don't care about Tim, or what he does when he makes it with you..."
"Do what John? I just want to make know I don't want one-night-stands know even said I wasn't a whore...didn't you...?"
"Yes mom...but please..."
"...soon lover...I only want to you still love me? Do you honey...or do you just want to use a hole?"
"...ohhh mom...I love you...but please..."
I bent down and kissed John hard, I 'frenched' him as we used to say at school about kissing boys this strange way. It was something the older girls did. My tongue swirled around John's, just like it would have been his penis in my mouth... finally we broke the kiss...
"Then let's get started lover...make love to me hard...make love to me like you used to do. Put it inside of me and fill me up with your baby-making cream just like you did when you got me pregnant. Do me..."
With a strong and mercyless plunge he entered the depths of my pussy. The sensations so beautiful, not long after that we came together, joining an orgasm, a serene expression on his face as he pumped the essence of his manhood in me once more this evening.
But the night was young, it was Friday night. That night my bed was used very well. Finally, after several lovemakings, both with John and Tim, we fell asleep, all 3 of us. Or should I say 4?
* * * * * * * *
Chapter X
Time passed, winter arrived. It was cold and windy outside, but in our house there was allways warmth and love. Tim and John was doing good at school, and they had really looked forward to their Christmas Vacation. I was very happy myself. Whenever my son's weren't at home and I didn't have any chores, I would go into town and meet with some old friends in a cafe. I felt like I was again alive, after so many years, thanks to my lovly sons. Of course, word got by that I was pregnant. But I knew what to tell them, that I had rehearsed a long time ago. I told them of the wonderful man I was going to marry soon. I told them I had met him on vacation this summer. It was an old and dear friend of mine. I made them believe I loved him immensly, and that he wanted many children around him. Then I told them lies of how wonderful he was, that he worked at this big oil company, allways busy. Some thought I was too old to have children, but I told them we both wanted them. Others asked why I didn't marry him before having the child, but to them I said that we would. Soon, I said, I was going to leave town and make a family with my husband to be...and people accepted it.
Tim was the first to find out about it, after all, he had read about these things at school. Five months pregnant he came to me and said...
"'ve grown...I mean your...your belly..."
I looked at John, who nodded in approval. I guess it was time to tell him, he would figure it out sooner or later anyway.
When he heard that I was having a child with his brother, John, he just said one thing: "Wow..."
I did have to explain the same thing to Tim, as John had thought so wrongly of. A pregnant woman can, and if she feels like it, should have sex with her partners if they want to and they don't get disguested by her being big. And they did want to make love to me. Me being big only made me 'hotter' as both John and Tim used to say.
My sex life was great, as were my two son's. I did anything to please them, and they did anything to please me.
I had never before seen my two sons so happy. They were so eager, so positive when it came to loving me. They were allways ready to make love with me, and I was more than ready to let them.
When awaiting my two sons to come home from school, I put on sexy clothes I knew excited them. I had bought some underwear, which looked very hot on me. But most of the time during their winter vacation I was nude, in my bed, mostly on my back, one of my lovers humping me while the other rested or had his penis in my eagerly sucking mouth.
They would never cease attending my body. I was allways full of manly flesh, allways feeling young experimenting hands on my body. But most of all, I allways had a fresh load of cum from both my sons, mingling in the depths were it was deposited with the previous. Bathing our growing child with the essence of love and care. Precious drops of the most delightful and wonderful thing a man could produce.
When going to sleep, we would end up making love for hours, finally falling asleep, one lover on each side of me, their mouths and hands still nibbling and caressing my breasts, their legs around mine, their wet penises on my thighs, leaving trails of semen from my happy pussy as their fingers were playing in my crack.
Sometimes at night I was awakened by feeling a penis slide in and out of my creamy and motherly cave, only to be rewarded with yet another injection from one of my own boys' young semen. I didn't care who it was, just as long as we both felt good. If I was too tired, I just went to sleep, letting my boys have their fun, while their humpings gave me pleasant dreams. Sometimes I didn't wake up, I dreamt I was making love, but I couldn't tell in the morning if I had dreamed or not, since there was allways someone between my legs.
In the morning I would be awoken by a penis playing on my lips, hot salty, pre-cum wettening my mouth while another penis was playing at my nether lips, wettening me, preparing me for the love session that would follow.
Their morning erections lasted long, and they oftenly had to empty themselves more than once before they were through with me for a couple of hours. All to my great satisfaction. They sometimes took turns, stopping moments before erupting, replacing eachother, making the act last very long. After I had come several times, I just dozed off, lying sprawled out on the bed, feeling my wholes being used, not caring what was happening or being done to my body, only feeling the pleasure, the ultimate pleasure a woman can feel. A dream all women have, to be loved and attended by not only one, but two pleasure giving studs at the same time. To feel oneself drift off into a heavenly emotional state...accompanied by the undulating humpings of the bed as my sons took places hoovering my body, my vagina letting out obscene lovemaking noises. 'Clatchings, smackings and gurglings' could be heard as they fevereslhy pumped my cum filled vagina.
It was early February. I was alone at home, doing the chores, when I suddenly felt the pain in my belly. Then it came again and again. I tried calming down by lying down in bed, still warm from the morning lovemaking. It was after my two sons had both relieved themselves in me that I felt the first signs of birthgiving. But it was too early, it should be one week or more until...
Everything went so fast. I called the doctor's office, he sent the midwife and a nurse over to my house. Since I was alone and wasn't in condition to drive, I would give birth at home.
After 2 hours it was over. In my exhausted arms I was holding a little creature, so innocent and beatiful. She was asleep, my beautiful baby-daughter.
When my boys came home, I was in bed. The nurse had helped cleaning me, and taken care of the blood-soaked sheets. Even though it was the third time I was giving birth, I had been very worried. Anything could go wrong...But now, holding my beatiful child in my arms, close to my naked breasts, I was happy. For almost nine months I had been carrying this child in me. It had become a part of me. It was my own flesh, as much as her father was my own flesh. The pains I had had just a while ago letting my child leave my cozy womb, was nothing compared to the happiness I was feeling, to be a mother, a mother of a beautiful baby-girl.
They both stood in the doorway, looking at me. I was so tired, I could only produce a quick smile, closing my eyes.
Parting them, I could still see my both sons standing in the doorway, ogling me and the child under the cover, sleeping contently between my breasts.
"Don't you two gentlement want to come over and see the child?"
Like in trance they moved closer, being welcomed by a tired but content motherly face.
"Look's your daughter...our have become a father my love..."
I peeled off the cover, presenting the little miracle we had both produced with such love and care, the result of our lovemaking, the most beautiful thing two lovers can make together.
I saw John and Tim starring at the newborn baby-girl with huge eyes, not saying a word.
"What's wrong with you two, have you never seen a little child before? Don't you like your daughter John?"
"...but what John?", I started getting a little afraid something was wrong...
"...she looks so strange..."
"...well...her skin is like a know all folded and stough..."
I almost started to was so odd...
"Ohh John. All children that are newborn look like's normal..."
After doing the regular tests on the baby-girl and myself, finding out everything was normal, we finally started making love again. It had been more than 2 weeks since I last had felt the presence of a young penis inside of me, and I was really happy when my sons uptook their lovemaking with me, even though it hurt a little at first. I knew I had lost some of the tightness of my vaginal muscles with the birthgiving, but what I lacked in tightness, I tried making up by squeezing their members with my muscles and sucking hard with my mouth. They were allmost fighting over who would enter me first, but finally we were at it again...
However, my two lovers did new things to me, things I had never thought were possible to do...
They would play with my cunny more intensly, but in a new sort of way. It all started when they fingered me down there. Instead of just pushing one finger in and out of me, they pushed two, three...finally, finding out it didn't hurt me, they were pushing all fingers in my cum lubricated puss... Read More

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