tuesday tornado

March 11, 2014 (4 years ago)
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it was the kind of fall i'd do over and over again
being pushed away from you, with intentional force
my back landing on the cushion we bought home under the rain
my heart beats fast like raging horses

gravity would do what it do best
pulling you on top of my bare chest
my legs just automatically bends
to welcome you inside the nest

the tingling effect of thy tounge on my ears
nibbling my buds , almost bringing me to tears
nails digging in your bare back
oh fuck, i've been waiting for this kind of attack

between sucking and licking, pumping and dripping
i guess that what happens after a long time coming
lying, bending, found ourselves spinning
nothing beats good old grinding

and just when we are about to lose it all
your proud soldier would stand up gallanty tall
moving in one swift move, deep in my hole... Read More

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