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Trysts with the One that Got Away / Scene 3

March 27, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Sorry for the long wait, guys. I do have a day job to keep up and had very little free time even for myself the past months. So to continue…



Having finished bathing, so to speak, we washed up separately, dried ourselves off and dressed up in the hotel robes sans underclothing. She was seated by the vanity and busy drying her hair when I came out of the shower. She gave me a cute smile through the mirror’s reflection as I drew near her. She stood up and turned, brought her hands to my nape and gave me a light peck on the lips while on tiptoes. I respond by lifting her up in a lover’s carry and took her to the bed.

I laid down beside her and we began kissing each other again. At one point, I broke off the kiss and told her: “You know there’s one thing I like doing, and actually good at, but haven’t done yet.”

She raises an eyebrow in suspicion and says: “What?”

I respond, “This”, and slid down towards the foot of the bed and push the bottom part of her robe aside partly to expose her creamy legs.

She has mentioned to me during one of our previous conversations that she has never really enjoyed either giving or receiving oral sex and this has been at the back of my mind ever since. I mean boasting aside, I have not had any girl who did not get pleasure from the tonguing I gave and her story was like a resounding dare to me.

So there we were and she was saying “wait, wait…” as she tried to push my head aside. I just respond by calmly saying “shhh…” as I gently trace the top of her right knee with the tip of my lips. Then I continue working my way up by sliding my lips and lightly kissing the front of her thigh, into her inner thigh and then moving to the other leg as I worked my way nearer and nearer to her crotch.

The protests slowly became soft moans while the hand that was pushing my head away became a gentle caress - signaling that I may now proceed and claim my price.

I hear the sound of her inhaling deeply as my tongue touched her wet lips. She crosses her legs that were draped over my shoulder and back as I bury my face deeper between her soft thighs. Her moans became louder and longer as I pleasured her with my tongue while my hands caressed and kneaded her breasts.

This went on until I felt her thighs clench my head between them and her body spasm. I knew she had finished her orgasm as she let out a long exhale.

I was going to get up to kneel in between her spread legs but she gestured for me to lie down, which I did obligingly. She propped up beside me with her arms on both sides of my waist and, to my surprise, brought her face towards my hard tool. I tucked some of her hair behind her ear to get a better view of what I thought, hoped, she was about to do.

I gently held on to her nape and watched her beautiful face as she parted her lips to take in my hardness. Her right hand held on to the base of my manhood as her tongue played with its head as she was only able to (willing to?) fit the upper part into her mouth. I expectedly felt the slight scraping of her teeth as I knew that this was not really her thing but the thought that she almost never took in a man’s privates into her mouth, and the fact that she was doing it to me now willingly, just made me even more excited.

I bask in the euphoria of experiencing something that no other man probably experiences from her for quite a bit before getting up and laying her down on the bed again. I unfasten her robe’s cord and I help her remove it as I also removed mine. Then it dawned on me that this is the first time I’m actually seeing her in full nakedness. The first few times we were together had always been under the sheets or underwater and though I had already seen all of her in parcels, this was the first time I am actually looking at this beautiful woman, my dream girl, in full without anything on. Needless to say another image gets burned into my mind for all eternity.

I am not sure how long I was staring at her but it must have been for quite some time and it was only her giggle that pulled me back to reality. I look at her and she has this meaningful look in her eyes and she was biting her lower lip ever so slightly. I respond with a slight smile of my own and by rubbing the head of my manhood along her slit. I stare back into her eyes and see her mouth gape as I slowly slid into her.

We hugged tightly and I can feel her breasts against my chest as I slowly moved my hips - feeling my manhood going in and out of her soft, warm, velvety privates. Our faces were inches apart and I could hear her soft moans and feel her breath on my cheek as she exhaled at my every thrust.

We would alternatingly kiss and stare into each other’s eyes and her eyes never lost this look in them, as if wanting to say something. Then finally, as we were both reaching climax, I bury my face at the area of the pillow right beside her cheek and hug her tighter to get leverage as I thrust into her deeper and more deliberately. She moved her head towards my cheek such that her lips were right up to my ear and then I hear her say: “I love you, Mike.”

It was so surprising that I felt myself stop for a second. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that would ever happen and I was not ready with an answer. Lame as it may sound but all I could do to respond at the time was to kiss her deeply in the lips and continue what I was doing. I felt her orgasm first and then I increase my tempo just as I reach mine and I fill her up for the second time that day.

We cuddled under the sheets after that. She rested her head on my chest and had her left arm and leg draped over me while I had my left arm wrapped around her.

“I meant it, you know.” She told me as she looked up to meet my eyes. It finally dawns on me that it was what her eyes have been trying to say. But at this point, I was still very much in shock and my usual calm demeanor, off-kilter. Part of me was very happy and wanted to jump for joy and just say I love you too, I love you very much, and I have loved you ever since we met. But a larger part of me was defensive and unbelieving.

Call it cold, call it stupid, call it wise but years (read: decades) of heartache and helping friends get out of love trouble has firmly established my brain’s dominance over my heart. It was firmly expending its dominance then as I clearly knew I could not, should not, fully concede because this was a path which would inevitably only lead to a lot of heart aches. I knew she was married and her relationship with my good friend at the time of her engagement still nagged a... Read More