Trysts with the One That Got Away / Of Points of View and A Tortuous Descent

April 29, 2015 (3 years ago)
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It was just like in the movies: there she was standing by the window, the fair skin of her bare shoulders glistening from the glow of the lights that lit the facade of this dark hotel room. Her soft womanly curves silhouetted through the sheet she had wrapped around her body while her bare feet padded softly on the carpet as she slowly paced the length of the window, watching the bustle of the Friday night traffic - like a goddess from old, surveying her subjects.

Her face showed neither joy nor disgust; but her eyes showed that her spirit was somewhere else, wandering.

I get up from the bed where I was laying naked, staring at this lovely enigma and quietly walked up to her.

I enfold her into my arms from behind and softly whisper into her ear: “penny for your thoughts?”

“Hmmm… That’s cheating,” she mutters back and she leaned in closer to me, nestling her head beside mine. “You should at least try figuring out what I’m thinking.”

I snicker inwardly at the remark and then I tell her, “Well, at first I thought you were just glowering at the traffic and dreading the drive home. But now that I am looking at things from where you’re standing, I realize that you haven’t been looking at the traffic; you’ve been gazing at the airport.”

“Hahaha! Well 10 points for Mr. __________ (she mentions my entire name),” she answered back, chuckling.

She raised an arm and held on to the back of my neck as we gently swayed from side to side, as if dancing to a tune that only the two of us can hear.

After a few moments, she spoke again in a quiet voice: “I was thinking how nice it would be if we could just go anywhere on a whim and not have to care about consequences. How I envy those people on those planes, going away to someplace else.”

And then, maybe realizing the she had just opened up too much of her inner thoughts by what she had just said, she suddenly moved her hand to my arms and tried to push them away – probably to cower in embarrassment.

My arms instinctively respond by flexing, keeping her sheltered in my embrace and I whisper in her ear: “Shhh… It’s fine… It’s fine… It’s just me. I won’t judge.”

She relented and after she calmed down, we went back to our dance.

“Where would you want to go?” I asked her.

“I don’t know, really. You know I haven’t been to a lot of exotic places like you have.” was her straightforward reply.

I knew she grew up in a middle-class family and though I really didn’t know all of the places she’s been to, I could surmise that she’s only been to Asia mostly.

“What about you? Where would you go?” she asked.

I pause for a moment, thinking back to all of the places I’ve been to and tried narrowing those place down to just: “Europe.”

“Yeah, but where in Europe.” She asked again.

“I’d say Italy.” I answer succinctly, and then quickly added: “Florence,” before she could speak.

“And? That’s it? Why Florence?” She prodded still.

“Well… As I tried recalling all of the places I’ve been to, I came to realize that I would most probably get to see and appreciate every one of those places differently if I were given the chance to go back and visit them with someone whom I… cared about.”

I cut myself off at the last part of the sentence. I almost said ‘someone whom I loved’ subconsciously.


Rewind a few hours before that scene and I’m back sitting in my office and staring out of the window. It was 5PM on a Friday and traffic was already building up.

I was contemplating about accepting the invite of the new hottie manager to go Crossfit when I hear someone knocking on my door.

I turn around to see who it was and saw that it was the original hottie, dressed in a white sleeveless silk top and a black pencil cut skirt that ended right above her knees and showed off her curvy hips.

“Sorry, office is closed. Please come back again on Monday at 9AM.” I told her jokingly as she came in.

She smirked and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not giving you any more work! I just wanted to ask if you would you, by any chance, be playing poker at Resorts tonight?”

Her left hand was holding my office door ajar while her right hand was on her hip, unwittingly posed like some model doing a chic office fashion shoot.

“I was actually in the middle of deciding what to do tonight before you came in.” I told her honestly. “Why, what’s up?”

She let go of the door and entered the room. Now, she’s infront of me with both hands on her hips and with one leg slightly askew. I chuckle inwardly and thought to myself: ‘and… another pose!’

The posed model infront of me then said: “Kasi I had my driver bring some documents down to Quezon City and now he’s stuck in very heavy traffic and he won’t be able to make it back here at the office in time for me to make it to my 7PM meeting with some of our shareholders.”

“Shareholders? On a Friday night? At Resorts?” I asked her, surprised and with one eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, guys from ______ (name of the company of one of our foreign shareholders) had a few hours layover transiting back to Singapore and they didn’t want to stay at the crappy Terminal 3 waiting area for five hours so they’ve arranged for a dinner ‘meeting’ with the boss. But boss doesn’t want to do the trek up to Resorts so guess who’s got short straw.” She ended the sentence by pointing to herself.

I chuckle again and replied: ”Yeah, alright. Gimme 2 minutes to fix my stuff and I’ll come get you at your office.”

I haven’t been to the Genting Club for some time anyway plus the trip to RW was not too hard ever since the Skyway access got opened. I would normally be there inside 20 minutes.

She smiled and said thank you before turning around to walk back to her office. As she turned, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the gyrations being made by her butt as she walked out in her high heels.

I grabbed my laptop and my office bag, shut off the A/C and lights of my private office and said my goodbyes to my team. I was going to her office but I see her already standing by the entrance to our section and talking to her staff. She now wore a gray wool blazer / trench coat on top of her blouse and held her bag on both hands infront of her.

She smiled at me when she saw me approaching and then walked ahead before I could reach her. I only caught up to her by the time we reached the elevator bank.

“I’m surprised you don’t have plans tonight.” She told me when we were already inside the elevator.

“Yeah well, I just bought the new PS4 and a new sound system to boot so I was actually looking forward to trying them out tonight and maybe the better part of the weekend. But then I saw the traffic building up and told myself nope, not gonna sit through that crap.” I tried to answer her as casually and as animatedly as I could. The fact that this was the first time we were alone together after that incident at my office did not escape me.

“You men and your toys…” she quipped. “You know, _______ (she mentioned the name of her husband) is exactly the same”.

I was slightly taken aback and my ego wanted to protest like, ‘hell, that guy’s nowhere like me!’ but then all I could really do was give an awkward smile and throw in an even more awkward joke: “Woman, you’d do well to remember that the only thing different between men and boys are the size and price of their toys.” I remembered that tag line on a bumper sticker somewhere and it just kinda stuck.

We were already near the car at that point and by the time we got into the car, we were just chatting about random work-related stuff, office gossip and her daughter. And within 20 minutes, I was already driving up to the valet parking area.

“Well, thank you very much indeed, kind sir. Much obliged.” She told me as she turned around to face me after we walked through the casino entrance.

“Would Madame require consort while she bides the arrival of her ward? One would gladly play squire if Madame so desires.” I reply in kind to her archaic sentence.

She laughs at my words and then tells me, “No, no… That would not be necessary as I have just acquired a message on this here magical box that my ward, as sir has aptly put, are already forthcoming and will see me at the Tavern of Impressions.”

“Well all right then, I bid madame farewell and a good evening.” As I feign a bow and while trying to take her hand to kiss, which she quickly pulls away.

“Thanks, Mike.” She leaned in instead and gave me a peck on the cheek before walking towards the mall.

And as always, I could not help but get fixated at her gyrations as I watched her walk away.

She looked back at me and smiled when she’s already gone some ways and I smile back before walking away, myself.

So there I was, left for the night by my lonesome. I caught myself sighing at the thought and then I shake my head to myself in disbelief at that one moment of emotional fragility.

I gather back and lock up my sentiments before heading up to the Genting Club where I immediately see several familiar faces hanging at the sofas near the TV area. I smile as I breathe in the sights and smells; it was the perfect place to recharge the manhood which I felt I lost at the lobby of the hotel.

I order a double shot of single malt on the rocks from the bar where one of the floor managers, whom I was close to, approached me and chatted me up. He even offered me a complimentary room for the night as they weren’t particularly fully booked. I told him I’d think about it, depending on my state of drunkenness or if I’m able to snag a girl to share the room with. He chuckles a reply before making his way to his other clients.

After that, I head to where the guys were and we say the customary ‘hello’s’ and ‘kumusta’s’ before they go back to the topic at hand. The topic was about this new spakol somewhere in Mandaluyong which then progressed to recommendations on starlets and models for hire. Funny how even some of the richest people who could afford models commanding prices upwards of 100k per pop would still enjoy the services of an ordinary spakol.

Don’t get me wrong though, topics here do also include more serious stuff like politics and world economy. Gossip is also very much prevalent in any societal class and, while others might gossip about which celebrity got which artist pregnant, the gossip here was whom the administration is selecting to run and what the opposition is doing, and what’s the real deal on the latest political scandals.

It all just depends on the mood.

When I thought I was suitably tipsy (I like to be a little drunk before playing), I headed to the cages to get chips worth my usual purse limit before proceeding to the tables to find a game of Texas Hold ‘em table needing an extra player.

I was able to find one without much looking. I plopped my butt down on one of the stools and then ordered more scotch from the waiter and got to playing on the next round.

I’ve been playing for maybe the better part of 2 hours and I’ve blissfully forgotten my earlier incident at the lobby as I was up by almost 15k at this point, when my phone started vibrating in my pocket.

I pull it out to see who would be calling me on a Friday night. I got so engrossed playing poker that I actually forgot I drove her here in the first place.

I gesture to the dealer that I need to pass the round before standing up to take the call. “Hey, you! How’s the meeting going?”

“Hey Mike, can you come get me?” her voice slurring and she seemed out of breath.

“Hwow, are you okay? Where are you?” I asked her, the smile on my face turning into a scowl.

“Still here at Impressions. I don’t know what happened. I think I might have had a little too much to drink.” She answered.

“Okay, just wait for me there. I’ll be there quickly.” I answer as I walk back to the table.

“Sorry guys but I got a bit of an emergency. Need to cash out.” I told the other players at the table as I gathered my chips.

I went straight to the cages and, as I was waiting for the cashier to hand me my money, I remember the complimentary room offer.

So as soon as I got my money, I search for the manager whom I was able to locate quickly enough. I tell him I was going to be taking him up on his offer and he was more than glad to oblige.

I was advised to proceed to the Concierge Desk at Marriot and tell them my name and they’ll give me the key. He’ll call ahead to have them prepare everything for me.

I thanked the guy and handed him a sizeable tip.

Based on the time log of her call up to the time I got to impressions, total time for me to arrive was about 18 minutes. By that time, all of my adrenaline had already burned up any traces of alcohol in my system.

I saw her sitting alone at one of the long tables. She was slumped down and she her head in her hands while her elbows rested on the tabletop.

I touched her gently on the shoulder and said, “Hey. Are you okay?”

She looked up at me and I see that her face was visibly flushed. “Not really,” she answered almost inaudibly and still slurring.

“Let’s get you out of here then.” I respond before grabbing her by her elbow and by her waist as she gingerly stood up.

When she got to her feet, she removed my right arm which was supporting her by her waist and simply grabbed (more like hugged) on to it with both hands as she transferred her weight to my arm and leaned her body to my side. I guess it would be less embarrassing for her if I held her this way, rather than my previous but more efficient method.

I took her bag and held it with my right hand (which was also supporting her) and used my left hand to support her as we started walking out of the restaurant.

“Did I interrupt your game?” she asked me as we walked out of the restaurant.

“Nope. It’s fine. I was up anyway so I wasn’t really chasing losses. Where are your guests?” I replied.

We were out of the restaurant at this point and walking towards the hotel side. I was really concerned that somebody - a friend of hers or worse, her husband’s, might see us because we were out in the open. I only hoped that the relative distance of Resorts World from the rest of Manila and the difficulty to get to this place would decrease the chances of my fears happening.

“They had to catch their flight. I told them not to worry because I already called my husb…” the last part of her sentence got cut off as she forced back a gag.

“Okay… Okay… just breathe…” I tell her as we kept on walking. Her drunkenness was really making it hard to walk and the high heels she wore weren’t helping either.

She was already breathing heavily as we entered the elevator and as the elevator doors closed and we started moving up, I willed the elevator to go faster so we can reach our floor immediately.

When we got to our floor, I just tell her: “sorry we’re just moving too slowly,” before lifting her up in a lover’s carry.

If she was even going to protest, she had kept it to herself as she held on to my neck while I walked as quickly as I could to the room. I thought that since we were already on our floor, the likelihood of us being seen by someone we knew didn’t seem all that probable anymore. Or at least, the risk of her vomiting all over herself and the carpet outweighed the risk of being seen by someone we knew.

I set her back down when we got to the door because I couldn’t reach the card key in my pocket while I was still carrying her. I see her already removing her high heels as I opened the door to the room.

To my male readers, you might want to pay attention to these next few points. These are from my experiences of handling dozens of drunken women over the years.

First thing to consider is to save the dress, especially if it’s a dress from some known brand name or something bespoke. Believe me, she will thank you heaps if you save the dress from stains. So when we got into room and while she went straight to the bathroom, I went straight to the cabinet to fetch a robe. After that, I went to where she would logically be – knelt infront of the toilet. Thankfully she hasn’t started vomiting yet so I had time to help her put on the robe. She looked at me weirdly because I was putting it on backwards, such that the opening was at the back. The logic is that this would ensure that the front stays fully covered up to her neck.

Second thing is comfort and cleaning. I grabbed the towel mat and placed them near her knees so she had something softer to kneel on other than the cold, hard, marble floor. This is also convenient for cleanup. Get a secondary towel for wiping her face and for cleaning any stray vomit on the toilet seat.

Third, if she has long hair, hold on to her hair. Once she starts vomiting, she will most probably be be holding on to the toilet seat with both hands so any stray hair will either get dipped in toilet water, get puked on, or both.

Fourth, after she’s been able to expel the alcohol which her body was no longer able to process, rehydration is key. I find that Gatorated does the best job in doing this. Plain water is good also but it may cause a feeling of bloatedness if one takes too much too soon. And bloated is not a feeling you would want at this point. Berocca also does a very good job from my experience so a tag team of Gatorade and Berocca is ideal. Mint candies also help as the simple sugars in the candy would help the body metabolize the alcohol in the bloodstream more quickly. Plus the mint is good in freshening the breath after all that puking.

Fifth, cold towel helps refresh and lower body temperature which alcohol unavoidably raises. I knew enough to ask the concierge to bring up a bucket of ice to the room, back when I was getting the key. Although I think they didn’t understand me quite clearly since they brought up an entire wine bucket complete with stand, while I was only expecting a small ice bucket. No matter, I only really needed the ice anyway.

After the gag reflexes stopped coming, she flushed the toilet for what must have been the fifth time and I help her get back up. I hand her one of the towels, which she ten uses to wipe her brow and her mouth.

We both walk out of the bathroom and I help her sit down on the bed before going back to the bathroom again to prepare the cold towel.

“I’m a bit concerned, why do you have a room ready?” I hear her saying from the bedroom in sarcastic tone. I can almost see her raised eyebrow by the way she uttered those words.

I laughed as I walked back to the bed and said, “Feeling ka ha. It was offered to me by one of the managers here and I accepted it when you called, all slurry and shit.”

“I thought you might need someplace to freshen up and rest.” I added as I got to the bedside where she was still seated and handed her the cold towel before sitting myself down on the carpeted floor infront her.

She snickered a reply and told me, as she held the towel against the back of her neck, “Ikaw ang feeling! I was thinking baka may na pick-up ka na or may balak ka mag pick-up kaya ka may room dito.”

I had to laugh at that. Oo nga naman. There is that possibility when seen from her point of view.

“Nahhh…” I answered. “None of that. Poker was the only plan tonight and then home once the traffic ebbed enough so I won’t have to drive for more than 20 minutes.”

“You were waiting for the traffic to ebb back to the 90’s, maybe?” she retorted quickly.

Well at least she’s got her wits back, I thought and then I snickered a reply.

“Come and give me that robe, smart ass.” I tell her as I get up again to grab the 2nd robe from the cabinet. I also grab 2 of the clothes hangers while I was there.

“Let me hang up your clothes first.” I tell her as I placed the new robe beside her.

She was taken aback and said, “Excuse me?” in an incredulous tone.

I only realized then that I was being too forward and did not notice that I was getting too much into the boyfriend act and had actually implied that she, nonchalantly, undress infront of me.

“I meant you might want to hang up your clothes first while you rested so you don’t mess them up.” I quickly tried to explain to regain composure. “I’ll be outside of course.” I added, quite weakly.

“Okay…” was her only response. She still had a very genuine scowl on her face.

I simply sighed in exasperation before walking out to the living room. The room that was given to me was a 1 bedroom executive suite which had a living room that was separate from the bedroom.

I plopped myself down on the sofa and turned on the TV. I didn’t even notice myself dozing off but the next thing I knew, I was woken up by a weight that had suddenly landed on my lap.

I open my eyes and see that the room was already darkened, save for the lights coming from the TV and the bedside lamp from the bedroom.

I look up and there she was, sitting on my lap and facing me. She was still wearing the robe but I noticed that she had already showered because I could still smell soap and her hair was still damp.

“I’m sorry about earlier.” She told me as she brought her hands up to my chest.

I take her right hand from my chest and hold it in mine, “That’s okay. It was my fault.” I answer while my right hand goes to caress her at the waist.

She turned her head to gaze upon our hands. She wasn’t really holding my hand. It was more like my hand and the grip from our interlocked fingers kept our hands together in place as her hand dangled freely from where they were. Like an embrace where only one person had their arms around the other.

She breathed in deeply, so deep that she seemed to sob. And then I see a slight smile form from her lips right before I felt her hand embracing mine back.

She moved in closer and rested her head upon my chest. The fragrance of the hair wafting upon my nose.

“I’m a bad person.” her grip tightened as she spoke the words.

“No you’re not.” I replied instinctively.

“Yeah, right. Let’s see you explain this away.” She answered back, her grip still tight.

“Whatever we’re doing wrong,” I said, “is limited to just a single aspect of our life. It may be immoral for me to act upon the feelings I have for a married woman, but that’s only one part of my life.”

“I’m still a nice guy most of the time, right?” I added in jest.

“That is so lame.” She says.

“I know… Still, it’s not like I bear ill-will against anyone.” I was pertaining to her husband.

We lay there quietly for a few minutes before she spoke. “You make me happy, Mike. And being with you makes me happy even long after we’re no longer together, even when I’m already with somebody else.”

She raised herself up from my chest and gazed into my eyes. “That should be good right? That this makes me a happy person?” Her eyes were watering as she finished her sentence.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I held the back of her neck and kissed her deeply on the lips. She kissed me back, her sobbing as she did.

I broke off the kiss to look at her and she half sobbed, half laughed while wiping the tears off of her face.

“I’m sorry.” I told her. “We can go if you want.”

She replied “No,” almost under her breath and this time, she was the one who held on to the back of my head with both hands and then kissed me deeply. I should say, passionately, because this was simply the most intense kiss I have ever gotten in my entire life. As if that kiss was in itself a validation that yes, this is me kissing you and this is me saying I want to kiss you - I love you.

I return the kiss and wrap my arms around her body with my palms resting upon her back. I twist my torso to the side and gently lay her down on the sofa, all the while maintaining the intensity of the kiss and returning each and every passionate touch of our lips and the loving caresses of our hands – my way of replying; no you are not alone for I love you too, so very much.

I took it all in: the inaudible conversation of a million words that was being conveyed by all the heat and passion of that one moment of pure abandon.

And by the time all that heat was spent, we found ourselves panting while gazing into each other’s eyes.

I stand up from the sofa and was about to lift her up but she stopped me. Instead, she stood up by herself, untying and removing the robe she was wearing as she walked back to the bedroom.

I watched the hypnotic gyrations of her backside for the third time that day but this time, I was watching them naked.

She moved the blankets aside and laid herself down on the bed. I gazed at her in naked glory and she kept her eyes locked on to mine while I hurriedly removed my clothes. I was beside in myself in desire as the sight of her fair smooth skin, her breasts and trimmed privates beckoned and titillated. The seductive hunger in her eyes reminded me of those of a prowling lioness who’s about to jump her prey. Ironically, they prey was the one jumping this lioness.

I lay myself on top of her and immediately kissed her, like a starved man devouring his first meal in years. I wrapped my arms around her back and cradle her head on my hands as I continued kissing her. She had her hands on the back of my head as well, caressing and fondling as she returned my kisses.

At the same time, I had my crotch firmly pressed against hers and I was moving my hardness along the slit of her wet privates. She reached down and pointed my shaft in the right direction and I heard her go “haaaaaaahhhhh…” while arching her head back into the pillow as I thrust myself deeply inside her.

She wrapped her legs around my hips and crossed them on my back as I continued my thrusts in and out of her wetness. The sensation of her tight, wet fold around my dick brought pure bliss and ecstasy. I continued with long, slow, deliberate thrusts that pulled my shaft almost completely out before thrusting back in balls-deep. The facial reactions she would make, her beautiful agony, coupled by her moans of ecstasy and her nails digging in to the meat of my back almost pushed me over the edge several times.

After some time, she pushed me down on to the bed and went on top of me. I propped myself up on a couple of pillows so I was semi-sitting up as she straddled my lap and started lowering herself down on my shaft. She hugged me by the neck and moaned “uhhmmmppphh…” as she took in my entire length.

She rocked her hips back and forth when I was fully inside her while she had her hands on my shoulders for leverage. This gave both my hands freedom to fondle her breasts. I did, and this got her moaning more and had her increasing the speed of her movements.

“Ahhh… Shiiittt… I’m cummiing!” I tell her.

“No… No… Not yet… Lapit na rin ako…” She tells me in between pants. She was almost out of breath.

“Okay…” was the only thing I was able to say as I tried all my best to hold back my orgasm.

She wrapped her arms around my head again and she whispered into my ear, panting and under her breath, “cumming… cumming…”

I let go of my own orgasm and after a few seconds, I feel both our bodies convulse as our orgasms meet. I wrap my arms around her back as well and thrust my hips up as my orgasm erupted.

A few moments later when our climax have waned; I feel the grip of her embrace subsiding and I was able to slump myself back down on the bed. She laid herself down on my chest while still straddling my lap. I could feel my dick softening inside her pussy, although enough of the shaft was still inside her that our bodies were still connected by our privates.


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