Trysts with the One That Got Away / After the Rush and The Make Up Sex

March 20, 2015 (3 years ago)
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A lot of things changed after our trip from Hong Kong.

 But perhaps I should catch you guys up first on what has happened to us since I started recounting this story:

 The girl, let’s call her M so as to make it easier for me, is already married and even has a 3-year old son already.

 Me, the perpetual bachelor, I am still unattached and greatly enjoying the freedom and benefits of a man with more than enough money, power and lots of free time.

And then there’s my friend. You remember the guy whom I told you about at Scene 1? That same guy whom M was having an affair with at the office even though she was already engaged to be married? That guy caused M and me to grow apart.

 See this guy, let’s call him V, is besides-himself-head-over-heals-smitten over M. I mean l liked M very very much. But this guy, he was bordering on obsessed. So much so that getting him to get over M was like helping a drug addict get over coke or heroin.

After M got married, V was devastated and broken. He resigned from our company and went jobless for half a year until we were able to knock some sense into him. He got another job at another company and got on with his life and even started dating.

V was trying to move on with his life.

I was really happy for the guy until I found out that he started seeing M again when I accidentally ran into them at this out of ways restaurant in Ortigas. They saw me and I saw them but we did not acknowledge each other. After that, V called me to explain and assured me that they were just going out as friends because they both didn’t want to waste the years of closeness and friendship they’ve had. I told him he didn’t have to explain and that he was a grown man anyway so I’ll let him be. But I also reminded him of what happened the last time.

 And then things started getting out of hand. I saw V more and more at the office and it seemed like M was back at her old antics having V around her fingers and having the guy do things at her whim. The new people at our office even thought that V was M’s husband. Then I saw from V’s Facebook page that he’s broken off with his girlfriend and found out from the girl that V’s even filed for resignation already.

So I confronted M one day, privately, and told her to try and lay off V. I asked her to take pity on the poor sod so he could get on with his life the same way she’s gone on with hers. She told me, unsurprisingly, that V was just a friend – to which I retorted that I did not think V looks at it that way. She just glared at me and then I walked away.

That same night, me and a couple of friends did an intervention on V to try and talk some sense into him once and for all. This was going to be the last straw and the last time I would try to save his obsessed butt. Thankfully though, he acceded to our rehabilitation plans which included him revoking his resignation, telling his girlfriend the truth about the breakup and simply hope for the best for reconciliation and, most importantly, cutting off all communications with M. We even got him a new phone number and had him block M on all of his social media accounts.

Needless to say, M was furious. I got very very long SMS messages about me being dirty minded and too meddling and how I should stay out of the business of other people.

I blissfully ignored all of them.

Meantime, V did go on with his life and is actually getting married soon to the same girlfriend. The girl helped him get over M once V became very open about it and now, even I am convinced that they’re both really in love with each other.

Me and M on the other hand, haven’t really spoken much personally ever since. We’re still officemates and colleagues and we’re very much able to maintain professionalism and work well with each other. Actually, you wouldn’t be any wiser that something this deep happened between us if you saw us at work.

Then things started getting busier again. We’ve recently expanded divisions and have hired new people on the team to work with us.

I’ve been eyeing the head of this new team. To describe her: well, while M might be likened to Anne Hathaway – sweet, sophisticated, classy and a fair-skinned beauty; this new exec would be like Mila Kunis – fiery, sporty, intense, and a bronze beauty.

M was used to being the princess and the beauty of the group and I could feel that she did not fully appreciate sharing the limelight with this new girl; though she didn’t really show it.

Apologies for the long primer, here’s the story:

Our office is located near a bunch of nice restaurants and I would normally take my clients in any one of these for dinner and drinks. Advantage of this is that I could just walk back to the office to get my car as I have my own parking slot at our building and so I wouldn’t have to look for parking elsewhere.

One particular night after a drinking session with some government officials, I went back to the office to grab my things before proceeding to the parking floor. When I got the office (I’m sure a lot of you are guilty this as well), even though it was already nearing midnight, I just had this overwhelming urge to check my mails when I saw my laptop.

So there I was, piss drunk but had enough constitution to still be typing away at my keyboard, when I heard a crashing sound at an office near mine followed by a female voice saying “shit!”

 I recognized the voice as being M’s but I was surprised to hear it because she was rarely at the office at that hour.

So I get up from my chair and head to her office to investigate further.

 The center section of our department’s area was already darkened as the staff who resided at the cubicles there were long gone by now. The only lights came from the desk lamps from the executive offices which lined the sides of the room (that’s where the windows were) and from the nearby hallway leading out to the elevator banks.

When I turned towards the place where I thought I heard the sound emanate, there was M knelt down on the floor barefoot and picking up a bunch of papers. Her desk lamp lay broken on one side - it must have been the one that crashed.

“Hey, are you alright?” I muttered in a low tone.

“Ay! Oh My God!” She exclaimed, surprised that somebody suddenly spoke and then her face turned sour when she realized that it was me. “Oh, it’s you. No thanks, I’m good.”

 “Okay…” I answer back, palms up as if in surrender while turning to leave.

 I go back to the email I was composing when, after a few minutes, she enters my room and stars bellowing at me.

(WARNING: The next few lines will seem like it’s taken straight out of a Pinoy telenovela, but I kid you not, these are all true. You cannot make this shit up! These are approximations of the gist of what she told me and what I can recall or the ones which my brain hasn’t blocked out for sake of my sanity. So for those guys who are irritated or cannot stand cheesy stuff, you may skip this part and go right to the sex.)

“So, what? You think you’re all high and mighty and better than me?! You’re just gonna leave me alone after what happened just because you don’t want to share me with V?!” She was standing inside my office, red faced, fists clenched and still barefooted.

I actually thought she was kinda cute like that. So instead of meeting her anger, I slowly turned my chair to face her and calmly told her: “Okay, I know you’re drunk and you’re not too good with alcohol. I’m drunk too so why don’t I make us both tea? Care to sit down?”

I saw her head twitch and bob a bit; probably because she was taken aback at how I reacted. She was definitely rearing for a debate, so she wasn’t ready for that type of a reaction.

I get up to start the hot water and to prepare the tea pot (I have a liquor cabinet as well as a coffee machine and a tea set inside my office) while she sat herself down on my visitor’s chair.

“Ano ba problema, Mike? What do you want?” she spoke again after about a minute of silence.

“You know what my problem was. I asked you plainly, maawa ka naman kay V and let the guy move on. You’re already all set with your life, let him have his.” I reply to her, still calm as I could, as I served her tea.

 “Other than that, I got no problem.” I added as I sat back down on my chair.

“So why have you been treating me like shit?” She continued glaring at me.

“Of course not.” I quickly retorted. “I just haven’t put you in the center of my universe anymore.” I added, calmly this time.

I took a sip of my tea and then spoke again just as she was about to open her mouth to say something. “You know I like you a lot and I respect you, but I’m sure you also know that you’ve been making it hard for me to do so. That’s why I’ve elected to simply minimize contact with you.”

She was calming down at this point as I saw her finally rest her back on the chair and her breathing grew slower.

“You left me and then you took away V.” she muttered almost under her breath. Her head stooped with her eyes on the floor as she held the teacup with both her hands.

I stood up from my seat and walked around my office table and knelt infront of the chair where she was seated so I could catch her gaze.

“I moved on, yes. But I never left you. If you ever needed anything, regardless of what happened, you know I’d be there for you if you needed me. But I had to move on because there was nothing left for me to hold on to.” I told her while continuing to hold her gaze.

 “I took V away from you because you wouldn’t let him go. Unlike me, the guy could not, would not move on. But he has to. He has to go on with his life and not be left in this – whatever you might call this is. This won’t be there for him when he’s all shriveled up and old, would it? But you and I, we’d most probably have our own families then - families who would be there to care for us.” I was already cupping her hands in mine by this time while I have my hands resting on her lap. She was still holding on to the cup which was half empty now.

She looked down on the teacup again as I remained kneeling infront of her, my hands still holding hers.

 “I miss you.” Her voice cracking when she tried to speak again.

“I don’t really miss him anymore and I don’t want to miss you at all, but I miss you!” She added, this time with a more audible voice but with tears already running down her cheeks.

All the time we’ve been apart, I never really felt I missed her. I was too busy living my life. But at that point, with me kneeling on the floor, looking at this usually strong and composed woman be all broken down made me realize that I did miss her. And for this woman to bring down her defenses and admit things like she did, says a whole lot.

I stand up and take her into my arms. She was still clinging on to that cup like a little girl would cling on to a teddy bear when she’s scared. She was sobbing quietly as I held her close.

“Okay, enough of that.” she finally said after a bit as she broke off from me. She put down the cup on my table and wiped off the tears from her face with her palms then she gave out a sigh and smiled at me.

“Have a good weekend, Mike.” She said, back in her own natural and composed tone.

Then I blurted out something I knew should never have been said. But then the words just sort of erupted out as if my heart reached down my lungs and threw the words out even as my brain protested with all its might.

 “I missed you too.”

This was quickly followed by a mental, “Oh shit…”

 She was already at the door but she hurried back towards me and… gave me a slap on the face.

Man, I think that was the first time I was ever slapped.

“What the fuck, Mike?!” she was in tears again.

I grab her and lift her up so our heads are at level with each other. Then I kiss her hard on the lips.

She also kissed back, hard. Her hands grabbing the back of my head and her legs crossed around my waist, holding me tight.

I lift her up higher and lay her down gently on my office table, still kissing all the while.

Then I broke off from the kiss, hiked her skirt up and pulled down her panties.

She was protesting: “No, Mike. It’s been a long day…” when she saw that my head was headed toward her muff. But I didn’t care.

“Ahhh, Mike… Ahhh…” were the next words I heard and felt her caressing my head as my tongue had its way on her clit and her pussy. Her legs crossed around my back and I could feel her soft inner thighs pressing against my cheeks and the brushing sound of my day-old stubble rubbing against her soft skin as she squirmed and convulsed while I frantically pleasured her with my tongue.

It was as if all of the pent up emotions and longing surfaced all at once and I was trying to pour it all out by giving her so much pleasure.

 After I don’t know how long, I surfaced from her nether region and began undoing my belt and my pants.

 As I was doing this, I see her staring at me and then she bit her lip and also started unbuttoning her blouse. She opened up the front to show me her chest which was covered by a beige bra.

I had my boxer brief down around my ankles by this time, with my hard-on on hand. I pointed the tip of my dick at the entrance of her wet lips and asked her: “May I?”

She gave me a slight nod and said: “Yes.” And then she followed it with an “Always…” as I saw her eyes close and her mouth go agape while my hardness entered her.

The feeling of her soft, warm, wet pussy enveloping my hardness for the first time again that night almost had me cumming instantly. Thankfully, I was able to bring back control and get into a rhythm.

 I push up the bra that was covering her chest. Her boobs were never that big but they have always been firm and well rounded. These are topped by nice, smooth, light brown nipples where my tongue started flicking up and down as I got into a rhythm going in and out of her.

Her hand has found its way at the back of my head and her legs were still crossed around my waist. She was moaning softly in pleasure as I savored the sensation of plunging into her inch-by-inch.

Some more time went by and I could really feel the pleasure building up in my groin. I told her I was about to cum and she whispered for me not to cum inside of her because she was supposed to be heading home.

Thankfully, I would always have a box of tissue laying on my table so I took a couple of pulls  and pumped her harder blowing my spunk on them.

It took me about a minute to regain composure after that orgasm. She patiently waited for me while still laying sprawled on my table and already fixing her bra and her blouse.

I help her get up and I set her back down on the floor. She fixed her skirt, which was bunched up around her waist just a few minutes ago while I sat down on the floor and leaned back on one of the walls. I did notice that she didn’t put her panties back on and instead, simply held onto it.

 She also sat down on the floor beside me after she was able to straighten up her clothes. She leaned her head on my shoulder, our legs outstretched and we just stared out into the night skyline through the window in front of us.

“I’m sorry.” I finally said, after a few minutes.

 “It’s okay. At least now I know how you really feel. I don’t feel alone anymore.” She responded. “What are we doing?”

 “I really don’t know.” I said honestly.

“It feels good but I know it’s wrong. I don’t want to come between you and your family. But I can’t deny that this feels good.” I take her hand into my as I say those last words.

She squeezes my hand and snuggles closer. “Don’t worry… Wala naman ako plano iwanan ang pamilya ko. I really love my son, and somehow, I do also love my husband.”

 “So what now?” I push on.

“Now…” she says. Then she turns her face towards mine and places a hand on my cheek. “This…”

 She kisses me softly and actually pushes me down onto the floor. She then unbuckles my belt and pants again and pulled them down together with my boxers to free my dick which was starting to awaken by then.

She hikes up her skirt again and straddled me at the knees. Then she held on to the base of my dick and bent down to take on my dick’s head into her mouth.

“Ah shit, M…” I moan, surprised at what was happening. I was really turned on by what she was doing. If you’ve read the previous parts, you’d know she’s not into this but here she is again, taking my manhood into her mouth.

Unsurprisingly, I feel her front teeth graze against the head and shaft of my dick several times. But it didn’t matter, she had my dick in her mouth!

 This went on for only a couple of minutes until my dick was fully erect again. She then repositioned herself higher up my groin area and, while still holding on to my shaft, slowly started lowering herself onto me.

My hands caressed her thighs and I let out a long moan as I felt my dick entering her until she was able to set herself down to the hilt. Her hands were propped against my chest for support and her eyes were closed tight.

She started gyrating back and forth as she rubbed her clit against my groin and my hardness went in and out of her pussy. She was controlli... Read More