Trysts with the One That Got Away

November 13, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This story started out as a post at another forum wherein I detailed my experiences with my married officemate. It began as a 2-part post, which I eventually thought to share to a wider audience through this site.

I have posted this out of my joy at finally being, well sort of, with the girl I have always liked. Although we can never be together, and I know I can never really be with her. Still, these are moments I cherish and wish to share.

Now unlike most other stories here, these events were borne out of romance and so while other stories may be construed as wet, sloppy, Triple X; I would like to think (or, I will at least try) this to be more refined so please expect this to be a bit wordy and more on the side of Rated R.



I've had a crush on her ever since I started working working for the company. She was an officemate and the same rank as I was.

I couldn't go for her before because she was in a secret relationship with another officemate who's also my good friend. Sad thing at the time was I knew she was already engaged to be married and yet she continued her relationship with my friend who loved her very much. What's more, I also knew for sure she had a thing for me.

I really could not figure out what's with this girl and why she has to have so many boys. She is very beautiful and very well educated and actually very kind.

Some time passed and she got married to her fiance and finally broke it off with my friend.
Then just last week, she hitched a ride with me to our management planning at Batangas. We were the only two left behind in Manila as we both had to attend meetings the morning when everyone departed.

On the way to Batangas, we were able to really talk as in heart-to-heart. It's always been easy for me to open up to her and I think she felt the same way. I actually found myself obeying speed limits and traffic rules just so I can prolong our alone time in the car. Even went for an unscheduled lunch stop in Tagaytay.

At some point in the conversation, when we were already near the resort, she asked me directly why I never went for her. I guess this has been the elephant in the room during the entire trip as I felt that she's been wanting to say something. I told her that it was part of my personal code not to go for the girl of a friend, most especially this friend because I know how much he loved her. Plus I told her, "ikakasal ka na rin nun di ba?" She told me, "sayang naman Mike...", she would have given up her fiance and my friend had I only done something.

I blushed and my head was going like "putangina!!!!". But then, in hindsight, I can never really say if that's the truth. Plus based on her track record, I probably wouldn't be able to trust her enough to marry her. Still, I'd be lying if I didn't say there were some leftover embers there that suddenly flared up. So much so, that I felt like I was back in high school during the entire time at Batangas, though we acted normally and civilly when we got to the planning.

Everyone was supposed to go home by Sunday morning so we all could take Friday afternoon till Saturday as a bit of an RnR, but I hatched a plan to suddenly have to go home by Friday night. I was hoping that she'd take the cue and have to hitch a ride with me again.

She did!

So Friday night drive back, happy na naman kami sa car. At some point on the road, I crept my hand to her side and opened it palm up. She smiled at me and put her hand on mine. Holding hands parang high school lang. Hehe!

When we got to the outskirts of Tagaytay, I asked her if she wanted to get a drink one for the road before heading down. Sabi nya: wag na mamaya mabangga pa tayo malasing ka. Sa iba nalang tayo. Then she grabbed my arm and rested her head on my shoulder. Damn she smelled so good.

So yun, took the cue and went straight to The Boutique. Funny enough, the only room available was I Lust. Hehe! She stayed sa car while I checked-in kasi baka may makakita. Headed straight to the room after checking-in. I can still remember vividly the first time we kissed: I brought in our stuff and laid them near the bed, she closed the door of the room, leaned on it and gave me a sheepish/seductive smile. I walked towards her, looked her deeply in the eyes as I held her hips (she's 5'3" vs. my 6'0"), she held on to my elbows as I leaned my head closer to hers. Then we kissed. After agonizing for a few years, we finally kissed!!!!

We were like that for a few minutes until she told me shower muna sya. I waited for her anxiously to finish until she came out na nakatapis lang. Grabe nakakagigil! That scene has been burned into my head. Took a shower too and cleaned up junior nicely. Brushed my teeth and then went out na nakatapis lang rin. Hehe!

She was already inside the covers and had the light dimmed sa room with candles lang. I knew she'd already be naked kasi the towels were on the side.

I remember I was thinking: "uhhhh... romantic ba if i remove my towel and show her my stuff before going into the bed or paano ba to?" Mabuti nalang she got up from the bed and knelt there using the blankets to cover her and kissed me again sa lips.

And the rest was history. That was some great night! Did it twice nung gabi then twice again in the morning before we left.

After getting back to the office, we acted all civil and back to normal.



A few days after, she found out that she's going to be having a business trip to Japan. She'll be flying out on a Sunday for an early Monday meeting that would last till Wednesday and she'll have Thursday and Friday as free days and will fly back on Saturday. She'll be taking Cathay Pacific, which had a stopover in Hong Kong.

At least that was the plan.

Secretly though, she had her ticket re-booked such that her flight out became Thursday with an extended stopover in Hong Kong till Saturday but her flight back to Manila still remained to be Saturday.



My flight arrived in Hong Kong at 10 in the morning, Thursday, which gave me some time to get to the hotel and setup the room properly before her flight arrives at 3PM that same day.

Thankfully, my frequent business trips to Hong Kong and my preference for the Hyatt Regency every time I visit has garnered me enough of a status for the hotel to be more generous in acceding to my requests and I was able to check-in as soon as I arrived at the hotel.

Booking a suite also had its perks and I was very thankful to the private concierge as they fixed me up with champagne buckets for the 2 bottles of Dom Perignon 1996 that I bought at the airport. They also had the flower petals on the tub I requested as well as the scented candles. An HKD100 tip to the Pinay housekeeper even got me towels folded as swans with necks interlocking to form a heart and a commitment to clean up the room and refresh the bathroom’s amenities after I’ve used it to shower freshen up before I picked up my girl at the airport.

I finished everything at a little past 1PM and headed down to the hotel cafe for a quick lunch. Our plan was for me to just wait for her at the hotel but then at 2PM, I already had nothing to do and was restless with anticipation. I had already bought her a very nice bouquet and a box of chocolates from See’s Candies and I still had too much time on my hands. Finally at 3PM, I decided I’ll just pick her up at the Airport Express stop near the hotel. I convinced myself to go against plan by reasoning that she’ll probably be lugging around several of her baggage which would already be laden from her trip to Japan and, while the trip from the airport to the airport express train is convenient enough, the one from the train station up to the shuttle buses were not quite as easy.

So I went back to my trusty private concierge and rented a chauffeured Merc so I can pick her up. At exactly 3:12PM (I still got the text on my phone), I got a text from her saying she’s already at the airport immigration. I remembered my heartbeat doubling just seeing her name on the inbox of my phone. I replied to her: “Okay, see you in a bit. Please text me when you’re off the train.” as I desperately tried to maintain composure and contain my excitement.

My driver and I got to the station at about 3:40PM; and at a few minutes before 4:00PM (which, to me, felt like decades!), I got another text from her saying she’s already near the station. I positioned myself on top of the escalator where I know she won’t miss me when she comes up. Earlier at the concierge, I had her name printed on an A4 paper, which I now held up infront of the bouquet that I held up infront of my face.

A few more decades of waiting and I finally heard this angelic voice saying in an incredulous tone: “Mike…?!”

My heart leapt when I saw her as I was putting down the paper and the bouquet. She had a frown and a smirk going on as I held out my hand to give her the bouquet and all I could say was “Uhhh… Limo service for Madame _________”. She was wearing a cute hair band, a polo shirt and blue jeans. Simple but very cute. She told me: “Hay nako, ikaw talaga…” as she poked on my sides and ribs. I got her luggage and we proceeded to the car. The hotel has a back entrance and the driver dropped us off there so we could go directly to our room without having to pass through the lobby.

As we were about to enter our room, I asked her: “Ready ka na ba?” She just laughed at me and gestured for me to open the door. I did, and after she entered, with me behind her, luggage in tow, she gasped: “Wooooowwww… Baduy…!” She giggled then turned to me and cupped my face on her hands so I’d bend down a bit for her, then she kissed me deeply on the lips. My hands were still full with her luggage at this point so I couldn’t exactly hold her.

After the long kiss, I put her things aside as she took my hand and asked me to give her the grand tour. The shades were already drawn and the housekeeper has kindly dimmed the lights, lit up the candles and put fresh ice on the champagne buckets where the Doms’ were chilling. I told her to go on ahead as I opened up a bottle of Dom and poured ourselves a glass each.

I was going to go search for her when I heard some splashing from the bathroom. As I neared the door, on the floor were pieces of her clothing laying strewn on the floor leading up to the door of the bathroom. First were her cardigan, then her shirt then her pants and finally, on the knob were her undies.

I open the door and another image gets burned into my brain for all eternity. There was my girl inside the tub with her wicked/sheepish look. Only her creamy white shoulders were exposed and I’ve no doubt that submerged was already her in nakedness.

The good thing about this tub is that unlike the tub at The Boutique, this tub could actually accommodate two full-sized adults. So as she gestured to me come hither and as she slid to the front of the tub, I also removed my own clothing after placing the champagne glasses on the counter and slipped myself in easily behind her.

After submerging myself comfortably inside the tub and as I leaned on the edge, she slid back towards me such that she had her back to my chest and she was on top of my crotch. Needless to say that my junior there has been raging since I opened the door and she gave me a kiss; and it raged even more now as she held on to it and stroked it gently underwater, her head turned to the side to kiss me on the lips. As for me, I had my left hand roaming around her breasts and my right hand was also busily roaming around her private regions as I pulled her nearer so my lips could reach hers.

I felt her rubbing the tip of my hard-on on her wetness as if she’... Read More