September 12, 2014 (3 years ago)
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His love is solid, smooth as a pane of glass, all wrinkles disappear
Then just when I think he doesn't need me anymore...
      He did...and we stroll his bed in lilac air

Afternoon acrobats, even in pillow sacks, we find new angles of entrance
You promised to protect my elbow, I your knees and of course our joined organs

Resting, grateful for the lull between comings, your finger hums in my ass
I hang from the air at the back of your neck
   It is you who keeps me from falling when the orgasms came in

No stretching, murmuring peace, we groom a bit,
    you showed me the knee that you banged the last time when
        we were in haste as we fold in the fleece of sleep

You are my sword and my ladder up
Lying here, you put the boots on my legs and say, "go purr"
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