True Story - I Fucked My Cousin

December 7, 2012 (5 years ago)
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It started the time when I saw a sexy pic of my cousin. She took a picture of herself with her bra and panties only. She really is sexy. There was one time when she went to the bathroom and I sneaked on her phone and I saw more sexy pictures of her.

Then there came a time, we and a group of friends went out to have some drink. After we went home, we were not really drunk. When we came home, she went to her room and left the door open. When I pass by I totally saw her naked. Totally nothing on her. But I just smiled and continue to the kitchen. We cooked because we felt hungry that time. As I was preparing the food, my cousin keeps on scratching her chest like there was something itchy. When I looked at it I can really see that she's not wearting a bra. A thought come in mind that I would ask her to help her scratch that. heheh.. But I did not do it.

After we ate, we decide to sleep. I have my own room where I would sleep and she sleeps on the other room together with my younger cousins. I really was so horny now thinking about what I saw earlier. She really has a nice body, sexy even if naked.

So I decide to go their room. I asked her if I could lie down with her together with my other cousins. She said yes. I really can't sleep that time. I started to put my hand up in her belly. She did not react.  I was thinking she's asleep already. So I slowly slip my hands inside her shirt knowing that she doesn't wear I a bra.  I am really horny that time. I can't control myself. I started to lick her nipples while my other hand touching her boobs and pinching the nipples. She did not really react to what I was doing. So I slowly slip my left hand down to her panty. I started to rub her pussy. It was wet. So I inserted my hands inside her panty and started to finger fuck her. She still did not react to what I was doing. I really don't know If she's awake and just pretending to be asleep. Or really sleeping deeply that she can't even notice notice me touching her.

I just can't get enough of what I was doing. And I can't fuck her in that room. Our other cousins my see me on top of her. So I wake her up and brought her to my room. She come with me. I let her sit on the chair and when I started to touch her she did resisted. I tried a couples of times but she still resisted and tried to go out the room. I blocked her way and still trying to make out with her. But she really did not wa... Read More

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