Too Late to Apologize

August 10, 2015 (2 years ago)
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It's two in the morning, I stirred when I heard his car tires screeched on the pavement followed by a loud honking sound of his car horns. The guard hurriedly opened the gates and a few minutes later, I heard the engines of his car died down. I heard him cursing on top of his lungs at the guard telling him how slow he was. The guard assisted him still as he alighted his car.

A few minutes later, I heard scruffling footsteps outside our bedroom door. It was our maid who hurriedly opened the door for him. I stood up and wrapped myself into a silk robe that he got me as a present from his last trip in China. "Only the finest silk for the finest woman" he said, as he handed me the package. It felt good as it touched my skin, but no finest silk could ever replace the warmth of your touch as you caressed my bare body. When was the last time I felt his touch?

I opened our bedroom door and the guard brought him inside. Before he reached our bed, the threw up and a disgusting spluttering sound hit our wooden parquet floor. "I will ask the maid to clean this for you, Ma'am." Our guard said apologetically. "No, leave it be. I'll clean it myself later. Thank you." He settled my husband on our bed and he immediately walked out of our door, closing it behind him.

I went inside the bathroom to get the stainless steel basin that has been a part of our bathroom accessories ever since he started the habit of drinking everyday. I turned on the tap and filled it with warm water. I took a towel and dipped it in the basin. I put the basin on the floor and then I unbuttoned his shirt. I took the towel from the basin and wiped his forehead, down to his face, and to his neck.

I dipped the towel in the basin and wiped his chest... I realized that they looked better before. Now they looked weak, but even so, I still admired them. I've always wanted to lean my head on it every time I felt sad and lonely, then I will feel secured and protected. When was the last time he held me in his arms?

I unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his fly. I had a difficulty in pulling them down because he was too heavy. When he was left with only his boxers, I dipped the towel into the basin then I pulled them down and started wiping his penis clean. It stinked with a smell of pussy and cum... Definitely not mine. When was the last time we had sex so passionately?

I went to our wardrobe to get him a set of clean shirt and boxers. With too much effort I dressed him up, then tucked him to bed. I brought the basin back to our bathroom then I took a plastic basin and rags to clean our floor covered with his vomit. It stinked of mixed whiskey, vodka and beer. I took a deep breath to avoid vomiting too. I went back to the bathroom to wash my hands and dried them with a clean towel. I laid next to him and kissed him on his lips. He did not move a muscle and a few minutes later, I dozed off to sleep.

The following day, I woke up without him on my side. I heard his voice outside, he was talking to somebody over the phone. Like the usual, his voice sounded agitated. He must've been arguing with either his business partner or his supplier. I stood up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I fixed myself and went out of our room. He hurriedly walked towards me and gave me a kiss on my forehead. "Good morning honey." He greeted me with a fake smile. We had breakfast and I reminded him about our anniversary dinner tonight. "Yes I won't be late. I promise. No drinking for tonight, I promise." He said smirking.

At around 7pm, he gave me a call saying that he'll arrive in thirty minutes' time. I grabbed my handbag and double checked its contents, making sure I haven't forgot anything. A few minutes later, his car honked and the gates flew open for him. I went out of our front door and he signaled me to come inside the car.

I was expecting him to tell me how lovely I looked tonight, how my long dark brown hair flowed as I walked and made any movement. I waited for him to compliment me that my dress looked good on me... Compliments and praises that I used to hear from him before. But he never did. All I heard from him was a single word. Yes! A single word greeting on the day of our anniversary. -- "Hi!"

He looked panicky throughout our dinner. Somebody else is trying to call him several times already but he kept on cancelling the calls while stealing nervous glances at me. He knew that I'm getting upset about this and he stretched out his hand to hold mine. He smiled at me. My expression became blank.

While we were on our way to the Parking lot in the hotel's basement, he held me tight as we entered the elevator. He looked uneasy. He kept biting his lip. We walked towards our car as my heels echoed the place. As he was opening the door of the car, somebody shouted at him, calling him by his name. "Joseph! ... Joseph!... Joseph!!!" It was a lady's voice.

We turned at the same time and we saw the lady approaching us as she spoke "I thought you will tell your wife today? Has he told you anything?" she asked as she looked at him and then on me. Joseph ignored her and pretented he did not hear her. "Have you told her that you are going to leave her for me? Have you told her how you lost interest in her because she cannot conceive a baby for you?"

I knew what was coming next when I heard the click of the metal that echoed in the place. She pulled the trigger once, twice, thrice. The shots reverberated in the parking lot. We were still fixed on the same spot. The next thing I know was that I felt a seering pain in my stomach. I moved my hand to my belly and I felt it-- something hot is flowing out of it. My eyes began to look cloudy. I felt him sup... Read More

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