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May 15, 2015 (3 years ago)
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She is the epitomy of beauty,
In her eyes there's tranquility.
She is a portrait of love,
Sent here as a Gift from above.

Her smiLe makes me freeze and quiver,
As I stood there and just stutter.
Her eyes makes me mesmerize,
As I stare and be hypnotized.

She doesn't show her feelings,
Yet that makes her Appealing.
She is a mystery to me,
Yet she is someone I want to see.

Her touch as soft as silk,
As I hold her and just sink.
Her lips is as sweet as honey,
As I kiss her even if briefly.

She is someone you need to hold,
For theres no more Chances once you fold.
She will tell you things straight and honest,
But not to make one think but be in solace.

Being in love with her is a privilege,
Like falling for a g... Read More

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