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July 12, 2015 (1 year ago)
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From something to nothing.

Its hard to let go of things that you get accustomed of. Its like leaving your old house. It takes time and sleepless nights before you can settle in your new place. You try to sleep, roll over your new bed. But it doesn't feel the same, you don't feel welcomed.

From "Us" to just being "Me"

Throwing away every bits of memories you have for someone. Killing every known feelings you own, till numbness creeps down to the very core of your rotten soul. Only to find hollowness between you chest. As if something had punched through it. Even the mind can't comprehend the deafening silence it echoes.

From Living to Dying

You cover your face from the revealing light of the day, removing them when the sun kisses the moon goodbye. You find comfort, solitude. Silence becomes your friend, there at the corner, a river flows out of happiness that once was h... Read More

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