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Tiwala (Ang Pasya ni Tony)

October 19, 2014 (3 years ago)
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“Oh, kailan na ang kasal? Gusto ko nang makahigop ng sabaw bah, hehehe…” birong tanong ni Henry na sumundo kay Tony sa NAIA habang nasa sasakyan silang dalawa at binabagtas ang kahabaan ng Sucat highway. Si Henry ang ninong sa binyag ni Tony at tumatayong ama nito pagkatapos pumanaw ang tatay ni Tony.

“Six months from now Ninong, after I complete my last seminar in the UK,” sagot ni Tony.

“I hope this will be your last tour abroad Tony. Aba, intindihin mo naman ang girlfriend/future wife mo. How many years have you been living in?”

“Three years na po…”

“Three years is a long time for a girl to be left waiting to get married. I suggest, hijo, that you do it as soon as possible. I promised your dad that I will look after you. And as your second father, I deserve to see you with your gf standing before the altar someday.”

“And I will do that sir, once I complete this seminar you and your company told me to accomplish,” ani Tony, seemingly mocking his foster father, habang ni-recline ang upuan para i-relax ang likod niyang nangangalay.

“I appreciate that iho. O sige, I’ll hold on to your word that after this last seminar, you’ll plan your wedding with Leona. She’s a nice girl and she deserves a good man like you.”

“I know Ninong that you’ve taken care of Leona while I’m away and I appreciate that…”

“It would be better if you could return the favor by marrying that girl ha?”

“Hahaha…si ninong talaga…yes sir!”

Pagdating nila sa BF Homes ay bumaba na si Tony. Parehong nakatira sa iisang subdivision ang magninong pero sa magkaibang kalye nga lang Tatlong bloke ang distansya ng bahay ng mag-ninong.

“Care to come in ‘Nong? Leona’s prepared breakfast. Kape muna po kayo,” yaya ni Tony sa ama-amahan.

“Maybe next time iho. I have to prepare my things, may biyahe ako for Brazil for a meeting there six hours from now.”

“A meeting Ninong? Or just another one of your wild adventures?” sabay kindat ni Tony.

“Hehehe, right…funny iho. Just say hi to Leona for me,” ngiti ni Henry na parang nang-aasar sabay paandar ng kotse.

“Now he’s into Latina beauties...his taste for women have become…exotic,” sabi ni Tony sa sarili.

An eligible bachelor, dinala na rin ni Henry ang image at reputation niya na bilang isang playboy sa kanilang kumpanya pero hindi naman ito naging hadlang para i-manage ang kanilang kumpanya, bagkus naging advantageous pa nga ito dahil nakakahanap siya ng mga potential partners and clients na asawa ng mga foreigner na bilyonaryo o kung hindi naman ay mga kerida o girlfriend ng mga bilyonaryo.

It’s an open secret that he went to bed with some of his potential female “clients” after a business proposition. It’s risky move considering some of his “conquests” were married but somehow it turned out for the better: There are rumors that after having a one night stand with a client, somehow the partnership between husband and wife has become more stable on the part of the client, business or personal-wise. Although in a way Tony admires his foster father’s unorthodox approach in managing a company, he silently disagrees with it because of its potential disastrous consequences. Besides, he still believes that trust, loyalty and respect accompany true love, at nakita niya ito sa kanyang gf na si Leona, whom he sorely misses right now.

Pagpasok niya sa bahay ay sinalubong siya ng kanilang kasambahay.

“Oh, Inday, nasaan si ate mo? Alam ba niyang darating ako?” Tony told Leona he’ll be at home today kaya medyo nagulat siya because when he entered the dining room he was expecting breakfast already prepared which Leona usually does. There was none.

“Opo ser, sabi nga po niya na siya na ang maghahanda ng almusal niyo pero hindi pa rin po siya bumababa. Kumatok na ako sa kwarto niyo pero sinabihan po ako na huwag siyang istorbohin kaya ako na lang sana ang maghahanda ng almusal pero dumating na po kayo.”

Pagkasabi ng katulong niya ay agad siyang umakyat papunta sa kwarto nila.

“Leona? You awake? I’m here babe…” sabi ni Tony sa pagpasok niya sa kwarto na madilim pa rin dahi sarado pa rin ang kurtina. Leona was still lying on the bed, still in deep sleep dahil naririnig pa niya ang mild na hilik nito.

“Hon…hon. Wakey wakey na babe. I’m here. Tanghali na and breakfast’s not ready yet…do you want me to prepare it?’ tanong niya sabay yakap nito habang nakadapa itong natutulog.

“Hmmm…still sleepy..leave me alone…” ungol ni Leona habang tinatanggal ang mga braso ni Tony sa bewang niya.

“Come on babe…it’s Sunday…I’m hungry na…ako na magluluto ng breakfast…what do you want…eggs? Bacon?”

“Unghhh…please…umhhh…I’m still sleepy … leave me alone ehhh…”

“But babe, we have to…”

“Leave me alone, damn it!” sigaw ni Leona sabay bigwas niya ng isang matinding sampal sa mukha ni Tony na ikinatumba niya mula sa pagkakaupo sa kama.

“Agh! Honey…bakit?” tanong niya habang pinapahid ang dugo na umaagos sa labi niya.

“Tony! I-I’m sorry…uhrr…ughrr…hurkkkk!” sabay duwal ni Leona sa sahig ng dugo na ikinahimatay nito.

Recovering from the slap he received, Tony quickly stood up and brough his fiancee to the hospital.

It took 24 hours for Leona to stabilize her vital signs and another 24 hours to undergo a series of tests to determine her ailment. During those times, Tony kept watch over her, halos hindi na natulog o kumain dahil sa pag-aalala sa kalagayan ng kanyang nobya. It took two days for the doctors to determine Leona’s condition. Agad pinatawag si Tony ng doctor na in-charge sa kalagayan ni Leona.

“How’s my wife, doc? Ano’ng condition niya?”

“I have good and bad news for you Mr. Dupent. The bad news is that your fiancee contracted a disease called Sexus Post Infectio Sanguinis or SPIS, a blood infection acquired through sexual contact and, if not treated immediately may lead to muscular dystrophy, paralysis, even death. Though 90 percent of these cases affect women, there is a chance na mahawa din ang mga lalaki. I suggest sir that you undergo a test to make sure you’re not infected. "

Habang nagsasalita ang duktor ay hindi makapaniwala si Tony sa narinig niya. Disease acquired through sexual contact?

“D-Doc, b-bakit karamihan po ay babae ang tinatamaan ng sakit?”

“That question has not really been answered officially. There are theories, though. Hormonal imbalance, Genetics, even antibodies. Some experts claim that on these parameters, the male’s physique or biological composition has greater tendency to fight the virus more than the female. But once the male is infected, he is asymptomatic—he doesn’t he’s infected until the complication’s set in but for the female, it will take only months or weeks at the least for the virus to manifest.”

Since Leona will not awake anytime soon, hindi pa niya ito makakausap nang masinsinan kung paano niya ito nakuha kaya pumayag na siyang mag-undergo ng tests.

Luckily, the result on Tony was negative days after taking the test, kaya napahinga siya nang malalim na tila nabunutan ito ng tinik. Hindi siya ang carrier ng virus.

Maghahatinggabi na nang magkaroon na ng malay si Leona at nandoon si Tony sa tabi niya nang magising siya. Hinawakan ni Tony ang kamay ni Leona.

“K-kumusta ka na honey?”

“T-Tony…bakit nasa ospital ako?”

"Honey, may kailangan kang malaman…mayroon akong gustong malaman.”

Napahigpit ang kapit ng kamay ni Leona kay Tony sabay titig dito nang matagal.

Anim na buwan ang nakaraan. A few days after Tony went abroad to Spain, his first destination for a series of seminars in Europe, namimi-miss na agad siya ni Leona. Bagamat ipinaliwanag na ni Tony na kailangan niya ang mag-abroad para makaipon agad para sa kanilang kasal at pagsasama bilang mag-asawa, ay hindi pa rin niya maintindihan ang dahilan nito. Siguro ayaw lang niya talaga tanggapin ang dahilan nito.

She immersed herself working and mingling with her friends which somehow lessened her longing for Tony but only for a while. Kailangan niya si Tony.

She was in her office getting ready to go out and unwind with her office mates when suddenly they called off the planned bonding sessions as each of her officemates had an excuse to cancel the planned gimmick. This exasperated her because this would only mean that she would spend the night again in the house.

Tanggap na niya ang magiging malungkot na naman ang gabi niya nang mag-ring ang kanyang cellphone.

“Hi Leona. How’re you?”

“Tito Henry…hi. I’m fine naman po. I’m just about to go home.”

“Oh. Can I pass by your office and get you there? Any plans this evening?”

“Uhmm…sa bahay muna po ako. It has been a long day and I need the rest.”

“But the night’s still young. How about going out and unwind? My treat…”

“I don’t know tito, baka maistorbo ko lang ang schedule mo.”

“Ikaw naman…do you think going out with me will ruin my schedule? Come on…”

“Eh tito…”

“Look, I promised Tony that I will look after you whenever he’s out of town. Have I broken a promise to him? Since Tony’s been out of the country for weeks now, I know you need all the support you can get. ”

Leona thought about what his Tony said for a while.

“Okay tito, I’ll go with you.”

“Good. I’ll meet you at the office lobby in fifteen minutes.”

Pababa na si Leona from the escalator ay nakita na niya si Henry na nagbabasa ng diyaryo sa lounger. Ever since his uncle checks up on her once in a while in the house for a cup of coffee or for a chat, nagkaroon na siya ng lihim na paghanga dito. Sa physique pa lang ng kanyang tito ay hindi mo mahahalata na 55 na siya, as if he was able to turn back time --- batang bata ang itsura nito sa suot niyang black polo shirt and jeans ngayon na fit sa kanya that makes his muscles more defined. At first glance ay mapagkakamalan mo siyang si Denzel Washington.

Ngumiti si Henry at sinalubong na siya sa dulo ng escalator nang makita siya nito.

“Ready to paint the town red?” tanong niHenry habang nakibeso-beso siya kay Leona.

“Yes, tito. I’m here na eh. Might as well make the most of it,” sabi ni Leona.

Sumakay na ang dalawa sa kotse ni Henry at pumunta sa isang first class restaurant ng isang kilalang hotel to have dinner.

“So how does your wedding plans go?” tanong ni Henry.

“As of today tito it has been sidelined for a while. Alam mo naman si Tony, kapag may trabaho, he’s into it until it is done…” sabay buntunghininga ni Leona.

“If there’s anyone to blame why your wedding plans are derailed, it’s because of me Leona. I gave him the assignment to conduct a seminar in Hawaii for once. Hindi ko alam na nagustuhan ng mga executives ang presentation niya sa seminar, I know my godson is good, but to be called by other executives to conduct his seminar? Well that’s another story.”

“Then why didn’t you convince him to refuse the offers?” she asked him, bitterly.

“I did Leona, God knows how I tried to convince him, but he said that the offer’s too good to refuse. An honorarium for a week’s seminar is ten times of what he receives as an office worker in my company in a month. How can I stop him for an offer like that?”

“Offer him the same amount of what he gets in a week’s work?” sabi ni Leona na tila nangungutya.

“I wish I could, iha. But as CEO of my company, I need a lot of persuasive powers to convince an army called the Board of Directors to sway them in my favor. You know naman how this works, iha.”

“I know, I know tito. It’s just…it’s just…I miss him very much…” halos paiyak na sagot nito.

“Oh, I’m sorry iha. I know it’s hard for you without Tony….” sabay hawak ni Henry sa mga kamay ni Leona at napatitig nang malagkit sa mata ng babae lalo na doon sa umbok ng kanyang dibdib na tila pwet ng bata ang hubog.

Bagamat naramdaman ni Leona ang init at lambot ng kamay ng kanyang tito Henry ay hindi ito nagpahalata lalo na nang pisil-pisilin ito ng kanyang tito. Ewan kung dala lang ba ito ng alak na nainom niya, pero parang uminit ang kanyang mga pisngi sa mapangahas na galaw ng kanyang tito. Tila kuryente itong dumalo sa kanyang buong katawan hanggang umabot sa pinakamaselang parte ng kanyang katawan na dahilan para maasiwa siya.

“Uhmm…why don’t we go and watch a movie tito. Feel up to it?”

“Why not? I won’t be leaving for abroad till Monday, so I still have time. Any movie you like to watch?”

Pumunta sila sa isang mall na pinakamalapit sa lugar kung saan sila nag-dinner. Bumili ng ticket si Henry at tiyempo namang last full show na ang “The Fault In Our Stars” na matagal na ding gustong panoorin ni Leona.

Enjoy naman si Leona sa “date” nila ng tito Henry niya, which somehow diverted her attention of thinking about Tony too much. In fact, she was even flattered when a friend and co-worker saw her in the mall before they entered the theater. She introduced Henry to her friend/co-worker.

“Is he your new bf?”

“No, silly! I told he’s Tony’s uncle and he just asked me out before he leaves abroad. You can ask Tony if you want.”

“I will, girl. A man like that…so gorgeous! Sana akin na lang siya, kami na lang sana ang nag-date…”

Lihim na natuwa sa sarili si Leona. who indeed would think that this guy she’s going out with someone not her boyfriend? At this point she felt relieved na for once hindi niya nami-miss si Tony.

Tahimik silang nanonood ng pelikula. A few minutes later hindi sinadyang napalingon si Leona kay Henry na nakaidlip na pala. She expects this somehow dahil sa bagal ng flow ng istorya. And this type of movie is not the type her tito Henry would be watching. Malamang mas gusto niya ang fast-paced, action type movies.

Nakaramdam siguro si Henry na tinitingnan siya kaya naalimpungatan ito.

“Hey…done watching already?

“Almost. Nakatulog ka kasi eh.”

“Ah, the downside of being aged. Saka malamig lang talaga kaya hindi ko matiis na makaidlip…”

“That’s okay tito. You didn’t bring your jacket so it’s understandable na lamigin ka.”

Ipinagpatuloy ng dalawa ang panonood hanggang sa naramdaman ni Leona na inakbayan na siya ni Henry. She ignored this thinking that his tito was just feeling cold and needs to get warm. Pero maya-maya lang, napansin niyang hinihimas na ng tito niya ang hita niya sa ibabaw ng skirt kaya napalingon siya sa tito niya na tila patay malisya lang sa mga nangyayari. Hinayaan lang niya uli ang tito niya sa ginagawa nito pero makatapos ng ilang minuto ay naramdaman na niya ang pagpasok ng kamay ni Henry sa loob ng pald niya at siniimulang himasin ang ibabaw ng panty niya.


“Shhh…relax ka lang iha just continue watching…”

Sasagot pa sana siya nang mapaigtad siya dahil hinila ni henry ang panty niya sa gilid at sinimulang himasin ang hiwa niya pataas-baba. Napakagat-labi siya dahil kung hindi niya gagawin iyon ay siguradong mapapasigaw siya sa kiliting dulot nito.

Hindi niya maintindihan kung bakit hindi siya tumanggi sa simula pa lang as if she was being hypnotized by his uncle due to the sensation that Tony has never given him ever since they moved in as a couple though in sex literatures she has read, heard and seen how these are done, the feeling’s different if you’re experiencing the real thing.


“Ohh…Leona…Tony has not been given you your needs lately, yes?”

“B-bakit naman po…?”

“Because your pussy juice is soaking my hand all over…”

“Ahhhh!!! Uhmppp…”

Biglang tinakpan ni Leona ang bibig niya nang pinasok ni Henry ang daliri nito sa kaloob-looban niya at nang nilabasan ito. Nagayon lang siya nakaranas ng ganoong sarap, yung tila may kumikislap sa loob ng mata mo na nakakasilaw.

Para hindi na makasigaw at makaungol si Leona ay sinunggaban na ni Henry ang mukha nito at sinibasib ito ng halik habang patuloy ang pagpapala sa paglabas-masok ng daliri niya hanggang sa gumapang ang pagdila sa tenga, leeg, hanggang makarating sa kaliwang suso ni Leona. Itinaas ni Henry ang bra nito at marahang nilamas ang kaliwang suso sabay banayad na nilapirot ang utong.

“T-tito…ahhh…please don’t…”

“Ummm…saglit lang iha…”

Dumukwang si Henry sa dibdib ni Leona at mariing sinipsip nito ang utong niya na ikinasinghap niya. Good thing Henry quickly covered her mouth when she gave a loud moan once his lips touched her pinkish nipples and started sucking them. Halinhinang kagat sipsip sila ang ginawang pagpapala ni henrys a dibdib ni Leona na nagpataas sa kanyang balahibo dahil sa sarap na nararamdaman niya.



Leona’s brain tells her this is wrong but her quivering responds otherwise. Sa bawat kagat at sipsip sa suso niya at paglabas masok ng daliri ni Henry sa hiwa niya ay lalo namang nagpapaubaya ang katawan niya. Pushing his tito away becomes weaker by the minute until she became limp like a doll, her cries of protest and defiance became moans of submission while her legs are widely spread with her skirt pulled upward as Henry continues finger-fucking and sucking her.


Mabuti nga lang at naagapang nakita ni Leona ang isang guard na papalapit sa kanila dahil tumama ang ilaw ng flashlight nito sa bandang ulo niya kaya agad niyang tinapik si Henry at mabilis na inayos ang mga sarili.

“Good evening sir…”

“Good evening…may…problema ba?”

The guard looked around them intently, then gave a wicked smile.

“Wala naman po sir, pero sana sir mag-upa na lang kayo ng kwarto…”

“What did you say?” medyo tumaas ang boses ni Henry.

“Sir, alam ko po ang ginagawa niyo pero hindi ko naito ire-report dahil naiintindihan ko ang pangangailangan niyo.”

Tatayo na sana si Henry para komprontahin ang gwardya nang tinapik siya nito at tinutok ang flashlight sa sahig na kung saan nandoon ang panty na suot kanina ni Leona. Parehong natahimik ang dalawa sa nakita.

“Sige po sir, hindi ko na kayo sisitahin pero huwag niyo na itong uulitin.”

“No need, we’re leaving thank you…” sabay tayo ni Henry at marahang inalalayan si Leona para itayo ito.

Somehow the incident at the theater gave Leona an adrenaline rush, a thrill that made her so excited, she never noticed how they got into the car and left the mall quickly. All she knew was that the car entered a garage of a motel somewhere in Pasay. A few minutes later, they were inside an airconditioned room with the tv turned on to a channel where a man making a quickie to a woman in the shower room.

Hindi man niya aminin, nagising ang kamunduhan ni Leona sa puntong iyon. Bagamat mayroon pa ring aalinlangan sa likod ng isip niya ay hindi niya alam kung mapipigilan pa niya ang nararamdaman niyang init sa ngayon.

The doorbell rang. Since Henry was still taking a shower, Leona went to see.

“Mam, heto na ang order niyo…” sabi ng roomboy na may dalang apat na beer, ham sandwich at sisig. Kinuha na niya ito.

“Sorry about what happened there…” sabi ni Henry pagkalabas sa banyo, pagkatapos maligo. Dahil nakatapis ito ng tuwalya, ay hindi maiwasan ni Leona na mapahanga sa ganda ng hubog ng katawan ng kanyang tito -- proporsiyonado pa rin ang mga masels sa katawan lalo na nang mapadako ang tingin ni Leona sa may parteng ibaba na kung saan nakaumbok ang ari ni Henry. Tila may kuryenteng dumaloy sa gitnang parte ng katawan niya dahilan para makaramdam siya ng pamamasa sa hiwa niya.

Henry noticed Leona’s silence so he came near and started caressing her hair down to her chin. Leona stared at him blankly as Henry tries to comprehend Leona’s stoicism.

“It’s a shame Tony had to put you up to this. You deserve better…” sabay halik ni Henry sa bibig niya at pilit inaabot ng dila niya ang kaloob-looban nito.

“T-Tito…tito! Don’t! Umphhh!” Tila natauhan si Leona nang halikan siya ni henry kaya pilit niyang tinutulak ito pero dahil mas malaki at malakas si Henry ay ganoon na lang ang kanyang nagawa hanggang sa nakita na lang niya ang sarili niya na hubad na ang pang ibaba at nakahiga sa gilig ng kama habang hawak ni Henry ang dalawang hita niya at sinisimulang halikana at dilaan ang kanyang hiwa.

“”Ummm…ahhhh…shlp…shlp…you got a sweet-tasting pussy Leona…it’s so addicting…”

“Tito please don’t say that…it’s embarrassing…unghhh…please…don’t…”

Pero itinuloy lang ni Henry ang pagdila at paghigop sa hiwa niya na kanina pa naglalawa lalo na nang dumausdos papasok ang daliri ni Henry na lalo niyang ikinaungol.

“Ahhhh!!! Tito Henryyy!!!”

“Masakit ba iha? Shall I stop doing this?” sabay pingger sa hiwa ni Leona nang mabilis at sipsip sa kanyang tinggil.

“Tito! Anghhh! Don’t! Don’t…stop…anghhh…fuck it’s so good!!! Ahhh..ummmm…”

Tuluyan nang bumigay ang pagpipigil ni Leona sa kamunduhang ibinibigay ng kanyang tito. Alam niyang hindi niya dapat ginagawa ito, lalo na at hindi dapat siya pumayag sa mga ginagawa ng kanyang tito pero mas maigting ang isinisigaw ng katawan niya.

Dahil nakatakip ang kanyang braso sa mukha niya ay hindi niya napansing umikot ang balakang ni Henry sa mukha niya kaya nakatutok na ngayon ang nangangalit na titi ni Henry. Namumungay ang kanyang mga matang tinitigan ang katigasan nito at sinimulang himasin ang titi na naglalabasan ang mga ugat saka unti unting isinubo ang ulo nito at sinipsip. Naoaungol si Henry sa ginagawa niyang pagpapala dito kaya marahan ding kumadyot ito kaya unti unti niyang naisusubo ang kabuuan nito. Kahit nahihirapan si Leona na isubo lahat ay pilit pa rin niyang niyang ipasok lahat dahil mas mahaba ito kaysa kay Tony.



“Tito…anghhh..shit...shit…hayan na…hayan na akohhhh…aghhh!!!”

Moans of pleasure echoed in the room as the sucking sound continues. A few minutes passed when Leona gave a shout when she came hard as she squirted on Henry’s face and mouth but henry continued with his licking when suddenly Leona’s eyes almost popped out when she tasted Henry’s cum shooting down her throat that made her choke as if she was about to drown. It was her first taste of come.

“I’m sorry iha…got very excited…ang sarap kasi ng ginawa mo…hahhh…” sabi ni Henry habang umalis ito sa pagkakadapa niya sa mukha ni Leona.

Agad namang pumunta si Leona sa banyo at nagmumog saka bumalik sa higaan.

“I-it’s okay tito…I was just surprised kasi it’s my first time to swallow cum eh,” ani Leona sabay tabi kay Henry.

“Really? Does it taste bad?”

“Actually… it’s bittersweet…okay lang po…”

“Damn, you’re one special woman…I really like you iha…” sabay halik uli kay Leona na nagpaubaya naman. Maya-maya pa at nag-69 na naman sila at pinagpapala ang kani-kanilang mga katawan.

“I want to feel you inside iha..”

Leona didn’t react to Henry’s ministrations as he slowly rubs the head of his cock in his slit making sure that it is well-lubricated until he gently, slowly pushed it inside. Although Leona’s face was expressionless, her short moans tells that she was having difficulty accepting Henry’s cock inside her until it reaches the end of his shaft.

Dahan-dahang umindayog si Henry sa hiwa ni Leona na nagsisimulang kumatas dahil sa paglabas-masok ng titi niya.

“Ummm…ahhhh…ohhh…you have a tight pussy iha…”

Napakagat-labi si Leona sa ginagawa ng tito niya dahil ayaw niyang ipahalatang nasasarapan siya pero nang bumilis na nang bumilis ang pag-indayog ni Henry ay naoaungol na ito nang malakas.

“Ayyy…tito…dahan dahan lang pooo…ahhh!!!”

Henry lowered his head and started sucking Leona’s nipples alternately as he continuously pumps her non-stop with his cock glistening from Leona’s juices.

“Uhhh..shit…shit…ohhh…ang sarap mo Leona…your pussy’s sucking my cock hard…uhhh…am going to fuck your pussy inside out…”

“Ahhh…t-tito…please…uhhh…I-I’m cumming…anghhh…”

Pero bago labasan si Leona ay tinanggal ni henry ang titi niya at pinatuwad si Leona patalkido sa kanya. Sinimulang kiskisin at ipasok uli ni Henry ang titi niya patlakid hanggang sa maisagad niya ito pero hindi muna siya umayuda bagkus ay dumapa ito sa likod ni Leona at nilamas ang mga suso ng isang kamay habang nilalaro naman ng isang kamay niya ang kuntil nito.

“Tito…a-ang sarap naman…anghhh…ohhh…” sabi ni Leona habang nakatungo ito.

“Higa ka uli iha…I want to come with you under me…”

Leona laid on her back as Henry quickly got over her and started inserting his cock again. He placed Leona’s legs on his shoulders so he can fully penetrate her. The sloshing sound caused by Henry’s cock going inside and out made Leona hornier as she felt another shuddering orgasm coming.

“Tito…lalabasan na naman po ako…please don’t stop…”

“Ohhh…a-ako rin Leona…lalabasan na rin ako…”

“Ahhh…ah…ah…shit….here I come tito…bilisan mo pa…”

“Yes…yes…Leona…am coming na rin…hahhh!”

Binilisan ni Henry ang pagbayo kay Leona hanggang sa sumumpit ang tamod nito sa kaloob-looban ni Leona. Naramdaman naman ni Leona ang mainit-init na katas na pumuno sa matris niya kaya nilabasan pa rin siya nang dalawang beses na ikinanginig niya nang husto. Nang wala nang mailabas na katas ang dalawa ay nanatili sa ganoong posisyon hanggang sa kusang lumabas ang malambot nang ari ni Henry at humiga na rin ito sa tabi ni Leona.

Napatalikod si Leona kay Henry sabay umiyak nang tahimik. Alam din ni Henry ang dahilan ng pag-iyak nito kaya hinayaan na niya muna itong ilabas ang sama ng loob niya.

“This is so wrong… we shouldn’t have done this…huhuhu” sabi ni Leona.

“I know…it’s unfair to Tony…if I had not sent him abroad…”

Tahimik silang nakahiga hanggang sa umalis na rin si Henry sa pagkakahiga at nagsimulang mag-ayos ng sarili. Sumunod na rin si Leona.

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an introvert, chronic smoker, 80s man exploring the dark recesses of my mind and materializing those abstracts through the push of a pen or keyboard.
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