Till Death To Us Part (necrophilia)

October 19, 2015 (2 years ago)
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The story i have written is a Necrophilia Story. This is my October gift to FSS and to myself. please be advise copying or reproducing this said story is not a good idea. Rosanna will hunt you every waking minute of your life. thank you..

I have been madly in love with my Rosanna for years not a day goes by I did not want to see her face every morning.  I have been married to my wife for 10 years and not a day goes by looking at her hazel eyes makes me the happiest man alive. She stands around 5’4 a little chubby but her smile makes me melt every single time I see it.

She was my life in this dead world, I was her embalmer and she was my amazing mortician. We both work hand in hand everyday to prepare the bodies to be viewed by love ones. I clean and disinfect bodies while she prepares them to be viewed in public. This was our simple life for 10 years until today.

We went through our daily life normally today we ate our simple breakfast of Pandesal and Coffee before we started working in our funeral parlor. I was draining the fluids of our client Mr. Santos when I heard my wife screaming in pain. I rushed to her side to check what has happened to her. As I held her in my arms checking her vitals and telling myself this cannot be she is to young to die from a heart attack.

She was dead instantly, I did not have the chance to say my good bye and tell her how much I love her.

“I love you my Rosanna” as tears fell down my face.

I did not know what to do so I carried her with all my strength and put her on my table for embalming. I stopped and looked at her face. I kissed her cheek that is still warm since rigor has not set in. I can still smell her sweat as I was trying to take off her clothes to prepare her for the procedure. I was cutting her Duster I noticed how beautiful my wife was naked in front of me.  I used my shower tool to clean her legs that was bruised when she fell down on the floor. I checked her thighs if there are bruises or cuts that need to be cleaned and stitched.

I saw a cut in her left inner thigh close to her vaginal area that needs to be stitched. My hands were shaky as I was trying to put a thread in my needle to patch her up. I tried to focus and finish stitching her up. As the thread was finally inserted in the needle I was ready to patch her up.

My whole body was shaking as I try to stitch her little cut. I can’t focus and my vision was blurry because of the tears in my eyes. I tried to start stitching her but I can’t get a grip on how to do it.  I used one of my chairs to mount her to see what I have to stitch more clearly.  My face was in between her legs as I gently try to stitch her up.

I can smell her sweat from the yard work she was doing this morning. It has this sweet scent that I love. I pierced her skin with my needle and begun sewing her wound. Every stroke I did made me reminisce about my life with her. My nose and mouth was parallel to her pussy, every time I stick out my tongue knitting her wound it was hitting her clitoris. As my tongue flicker her clit I stop sewing and day dreamed how I had sex with my wife.

I closed my eyes and imagined how having sex with my wife was

How her lips taste when we kiss;

How our tongue intertwine when we are passionate;

How her nipple hardens every time I lick, nibble or bite it;

How my finger gets so wet when it enters her pussy;

How wet her pussy is even before I get the chance to eat it;

How her cum taste when it squirts in my face;

How licking her ear turns her on;

How tight her pussy was when I fuck it slow;

How her juices squirts out every single time I fuck her fast;

Oh I will miss this since she is gone;

I will miss making love to my lovely wife.

As I open my eyes I have done something so horrible it made me stop and think what have I done. My pants was down to my knees and my cock was in her pussy. I can feel her expanded tight pussy taking my cock in. I had to move this is wrong I have to fix this.  I tried to pull my cock out and get far away from her body as I can. As I tried to pull out my shaft and stand from the table I lost my balance and fell on her lifeless body.

My face landed on her chest that was still warm, I looked up and saw her pretty face. I pulled my face away from her chest and fixed my eyes on her face, how beautiful she look lifeless. I put my head down and came face to face with her. My tears fell to her mouth which was dried up.

The tears made her lips look amazing and moist. I leaned my mouth closer and kissed her. This might be the last time I can kiss those lips. The kiss was not like before she does usually kisses me back, I kissed her back again trying to forcefully open her mouth.  I darted my tongue inside her mouth trying to play with her tongue. I was breathless but I wanted more.

I kissed her again and pumped my cock in her pussy. The sensation of making love to her in this matter confuses me, I like the feeling but I can’t feel the romance with her. I continued pumping fast on top of her knowing that this will be the last time I can do this.

I was preparing to unload my cum in her pussy, so I decided  to look  her straight at her face like how we do when she was still alive. I released my load ins... Read More

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