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April 11, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Been a fss member, for a couple of month's now... I've met my sister here cindy na palaging nandyan sa text ko at ym salamat... Especially mga nakasama ko sa gyshift ria, teray, jazmine, a bit... hmmmm this changes my personality a lot and it helps me to be a better person na hindi lang libog ang nasa isip ng mga tao dito,.. thanks all..
           Mister D,..(Mahal ko, my lalabs,) you know who you are,... uhmmm, my friend, my best of friend, my shoulder to cry on, my hero, my love, my everything,.. you came unexpectedly in my life and change everything in me lol hehe,..sabi nga ni teray my pakner in crime hehe,... Thank you for everything sa pagtitiyaga mo, sa puyatan natin everyday, everynight,.. For all the effort you've done na ginagawa mo you knew that hehe.. uhmmmm, wishing us more and more months and a years to cum lol,.. i knew marami pa tayong haharapin,. I know we can go this far,.. I miss you and I love you so much.. (tsup tsup mwuah mwuahh) love love love hehe,...
           For you whisper,.. uhmmm, lam mo na kung sino ka, though galit talaga ako sayo i wont reveal you sorry kung kailangan ilaglag kita last time didn't intentionally dont want that, though nasaktan ako.. uhmmm well, move on na tayo sa nangyari na yan,.. All i can is thank you, cause if it weren't for you siguro nag give up na ko but still everything's okei na(bleehhh) just kidding hehe... But, seriously if it were... Read More

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i can be the person who you wanted to be,.. but,.
will you be the man that i wanted to be with,...
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