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June 25, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I have been a reader of this site for quiet sometime. I enjoyed the wide variety of stories here, especially those stories related to my fantasies. But this post is not about my carnal fantasies. Last March of this year i started to join the fss main chat room. At first i was intimidated because of the open-mindedness of the chatters, particularly the boys. I was interviewed by many. I also undergone the required "hotseat" procedure. Overall, it was fun, somewhat exciting, and interesting. I began to meet new people/friends. From the usual his and hellos, some bring it to another level. The "whispers" begin to flood. At first, i was flattered beacuse out of no where i became the center of attraction and curiousity of many, mostly the boys. I am not used to that situation. The last time the same scenario happened was when i joined a small time beauty contest in our humble town. If i started to bore  you at this point please do not continue reading hahaha.

The reason i decided to to make this point is to clarify things, especially about my attitude and treatment to some people here in the site. Initially, i am convinced that i dont need to explain my side of the story/stories, but i realized, we are all strangers to each other. And sometimes i also make a wrong judgment to a new acquaintance here in fss. 

1. Mataray daw ako - i'm sure i am not the only girl here to receive such criticism. Yes i am mataray, especially if the person i am talking with is rude and feeling close agad not to mention the bastos type. Madalas nambabara ako kapag sa tingin ko ay hindi na alam nung guy ang difference namin sa isat isa. What i mean is , he's talking to a girl, so even if this is an adult oriented site he should treat me with respect. Kahit gaano man kaliit yun.

2. Perfectionist daw ako - it started when i corrected a chatter regarding his sentence construction. Actually, i didnt mean to embarrass him that time. But another chatter started to attack me, he even asked how much i earm monthly which i thought is very rude and not related to the topic. It has been my nature to notice some flaws in many things, hindi ko sinasadya yun. And i am sorry for that. Yes, there are times that i am a perfectuonist, but not always. It has been an issue to my past relatuonships. And i am working on it. A chatter here named iggy is very gentleman when i asked him to address me in my full first nam... Read More

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