This is How You Lose Her: The Traveling to Oblivion

May 26, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Disclaimer: This story is made purely of my twisted peculiar mind, any resemblance of name, place and situation is purely coincidental. Please do bear with my work for i'm no professional in writing. Lastly, i hope you might learn a thing or two. :)

"You got me looking so crazy, my baby. i'm not myself lately, i'm foolish, i don't do this ."

Its not quite common that i recieve messages from someone in the past. once a person is out of my life, they are completely out.
I tend to shut myself off. I always believe that people are in your life because they need something from you. whether its your money, companionship, your contacts.
people tends to see what you can give to them, only a fraction would know you more than what is in the material aspect of life.

As I reach the bus stop, I rode the first bus to arrive. estimated travel time would be two hours or more since the holiday rush just kicked-in.
sitting at the farthest seat. I positioned myself comfortably facing the window. I like the view of fast moving cars. some pass by others, while others just run in pace.
Cars are like people, its either they pass by you or run in pace with you. Friends says the keeping the speedometer at 80kph helps lengthen the fuel economy. Its because at this rate, fuel wastage is at minimal.
Heck people don't even cared when their foot is in the pedal.

I hooked up my earphones and started playing "Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Ray. This song has this dark mood. Yet her voice soothes down my core.
The song turns to be my lulubye as I fell asleep along the journey.

Suddenly the music stopped. I'm a light sleeper when I'm travelling. I quickly grabbed my phone and checked if its still there. Thank goodness its there. Then I checked why the music stopped.
an unknown number flashing. Someone's calling. A bit skeptical, I answered.


"Where you at?" the voice exclaimed.

"I'm stuck in edsa" "Who's this by the way?"

"Its Trish you moron!" "You didn't saved my number don't you?"

"Oh hi Trish, hahaha. sorry, I haven't thought about that earlier since I assume you'll go back to London after the holidays."

"Reasons, you always do that when your not sure of the number" "You always play safe. Put some spice in life."

"Hahahaha, I'm different you know that" "Its better safe than sorry"

"Whatever, where you at specifically?" "I sent a dozen message yet I don't get a reply so I decided to call."

"Sorry about that, I fell asleep here at the bus" "As of the moment I'm a couple of blocks along buendia" "At this pace, I'll reach ayala by twenty minutes."

"Ok, I'll wait for you at J.Co near Dusit."

"Copy that."

"And by the way, you owe me a frappe since I waited for almost an hour now" "You don't do that to a lady."

"Hahahaha, alright, alright." "Hey, got to go. I'm almost through buendia." "Just wait for me th... Read More

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