This is How You Lose Her: The Breaking of Something Already Broken

May 27, 2015 (2 years ago)
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"Tell me how can i walk away? I don't care what they say, I'm loving you anyway.. It's the way you make me feel."

Is it funny how a person from the past brings you back those nostalgic days. Somehow it brought me back to the days where I'm still that guy. The guy who always believe in everything.

"I love you Damien." She utters this words with an innocent smile as we lie naked on her bed.

"I love you too Trish. I'll always do." I said

As I lean forward to kiss her bright red lips, she met me halfway. I can feel her desire as we exchange those passionate kisses.

I can feel the sheets are falling as we move passionately to a song no one could hear.

Moans echoes around the room, it plays like a sweet music to my ears.

My hands reach for her breast, she grasp the edge of the bed the both of us is sharing.

I sucked them like a baby, hungry for some milk. Her nipples, now erect, for it can't contain the attention its getting.

In circular motion, I traced her areola with my tongue. Loud moans leaves her mouth as the moment intensify.

I can see her bit her lips out of ecstasy. I always love the way she looks when she's under the pleasure of sex.

Now she's breathing heavily, she pulls me up. kissed me wildly, tongues fights as if they were swords of knights fighting for their honor. I bit her lower lip, she does the same. Suddenly. She stopped.

I was a bit confused that time. Then she had this smile. a weird smile. She's up to something.

I look straight at her ayaes. She grabs my hand. still having this weird smile. Her hands guided me between her thighs.

From there, I knew what she wanted me to do.

She have this long white legs everyone would love to touch.

I kissed her thighs, holding them like a trophy I won. Then I traced her inner thighs with my tongue.

Suddenly I found myself looking at her pussy, It was already glistening with wetness. I inserted one finger, and she let out this loud sigh. It's as if she almost won the lottery. Then I pulled my finger back to taste her sweet juice.

She bit her lips while smiling when she saw me lick my finger cover with her juice. Then I kissed her to share her tasty wetness while my right hand is already busy stimulating her now swollen clitoris. Every flick of my middle finger makes her hips buck against it.

I left her lips, as I trace her upper body with kisses. From her neck down to her breast. I gave her nipples more attention than the boobs itself. Nibbling them softly, I can see her arch her back towards me as she let out those loud moans. It's like we're really dancing to an endless song that the both of us are making.

I tied her hands together upward with a towel I found lying around the floor. She waited patiently as positioned myself between her thighs. Looking at this treasure, I'm in awe. She have them shaved. I love staring at it, for me, she have this perfect mound. Glistening wet lips. Very sensitive to every touch. I started kissing it.

Every time my tongue touches her lips, she let out this quiet moans. And at this point, I knew that she's completely under my spell. I touched her now throbbing clit. Licked it. Sucked it. Gave it the attention it deserve. Every action gave her pleasure she can't contain. I inserted one finger. sucking her labia as if they were her mouth, tongue fucking simultaneously, I knew she was enjoying the deed. So I inserted another one. I slid them inside with a rhythmic motion, arching my fingers to touch her vaginal wall. Her juices, flowing freely while mixing with my saliva like a river touching her arse.

I already knew what's about to happen in the few minutes so I continue my quest between her wet thighs. Now faster, her moans are now more audible. Moving her head left to right. She doesn't know what to do. Her hands tied, she can't even contain the sensation, she's about the pour it all out on me.

With a few more poke warm juices came gushing down her flushed pussy lips. I didn't want to waste her sweet nectar, I licked them, from her love hole, clit, labia, licked it all dry. I kissed her lips,  she's still recovering from that orgasm. Gasping for air, I continue the deed, I kissed her body again. This time I put more pressure on every kisses. More aggressive.

Her body movements now wilder than earlier. I have to step up the game now, I told myself. This is the moment I don't want to waste, I pulled her down on the edge of her now untidy bed. I looked at her, she's giving me the eye. As if she already knew what was about to happen. I kissed her hard, harder than ever. I'm pouring all of my selfish desires upon her naked glory, caressing her body harder. I know that there is pain with every touch. I just don't care. I'm on autopilot now.

As I positioned myself again between her thighs, I rub the head of my appendage on her wet twat. As if I'm testing if its ready to receive me. I have to seize the moment. Not wasting any time, I plunge my hard appendage to her soaking wet love hole.

"Damien.. Ughhhhhh" she said as I took the first plunge.

I move my hips back and forth in a slow manner. Feeling all her wetness cover my dick. It was as if I'm dancing to a slow music. As I buck in and out, I didn't lose any eye contact with her. Making her feel my desire for her. He returned the gesture by biting her lips. That sight gives me the chills, so I buck faster, harder. All I could her are loud moans coming from her mouth.

I tried to catch my breath so I paused. I untied her hands so she can now freely move. As soon as I set it loose. She grabs my face and kissed me wildly.

"Bad boy! Very very bad." she said, while giving me that fierce look.

She continued kissing me. I can't even leave her face.

She have this strong upper body. I have to exert more effort to pin her down again. But as I plunged inside her again she stopped. As if I took all of her energy. I took advantage of that moment, I continue my mission. Plunging into her wet pussy in rhythmic motion. I decided to bring this game to its climax. I put her legs up in my arms, thus I could fully thrust inside her. She doesn't know what to do. Holding on to whatever she could reach

"Damien, ohhh damien, don't you stop!" "Don't! Ughhhhhhhhhh"

"Yes babe, yes." I replied.

I can feel her vaginal muscle tightening up. Our bodies full of sweat, I hugged her while bucking so I could feel her more. A few more buck and she quiver. She did reach it. I can feel her wetness flowing through my balls. feeling the same sensation is also building up upon me. I didn't stop.

"Babe, open wide. I'm about to cum" I said while gasping some air.

And as fast as I could I pulled my dick from her pussy and shove it to her mouth. Unloading a hearty meal. She took it all, wasting nothing. She licked her lips for some cum that was left.

I smiled at her. She smiled back and hugged me..

"I love you damien, don't ever change" sh... Read More

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