This is How You Lose Her: A Prologue

May 25, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Disclaimer: This story is made purely of my twisted peculiar mind, any resemblance of name, place and situation is purely coincidental. Please do bear with my work for I'm no professional in writing. Lastly, I hope you might learn a thing or two. :)

"You whisper that you were getting tired. Got a look in your eye. Looks lot like goodbye..."

It was a bright and sunny December. Everyone is busily shopping while I lay in my bed, contemplating on what to do. I was never the guy who would go malling just to give gifts to people I only see once a year. Heck I don't even care if they exist at all. so I lay there, feeling my soft pillows as it pressed against my head.

As I lay staring at the ceiling, I grabbed my phone to read some messages. Most was from my girl and all of her sweet nothing. I've been loyal to her for a year. Though there are some hiccups along the way. She's been busy with her family business but we planned to have time together before the year ends. And as the sun get higher and so the heat so I decided to get up. Fix myself and face the outdoor world. I'm not really a fan of holidays because it tends to slow down my day. I'm such a lazy person when I'm at home. I guess there's no cure for that.

As I walk around, I found myself standing under the shade of a mango tree just across our house. There I decided to sit on a hammock, still thinking. Still wondering what to do just to get through this boring day.

Then there was this familiar sound. A quiet beep. It was my phone. I was about to fall asleep again on that hammock. T'was an unfamiliar number. As I read the message, my heart was beating fast.

"Hey Damien, I'm in manila. Mind if we meet. xoxo -trish"

Suddenly, a side of me got awaken by this message. She's really here. My mind was no near logical.

Hands shaking I replied.

"Sure! Meet me on Makati, same place?"

She replied.

"Alrighty, don't keep me waiting. You know i'm not good at waiting. ciao ;)"

After I read it. I ran as fast as I could towards our door. I started preparing. all this time a have forgotten that there is someone out there thinking i'm just at home sleeping. I was done bathing, when I texted my girl.

"Babe, i'll be going to the mall to buy some gifts. Please don't stress yourself too much. Love yah. :*"

She replied.

"Ok babe, have fun. Be careful on the wallet ok? Love you too! :*"

As I left the house, adrenaline fills my blood. It's Trish! Darn, its been awhile since I last heard from her. Her company promoted her last year and transferred he... Read More

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