Things With Sentimental Value

May 28, 2018 (26 days ago)
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Feeling senti lang...

Ano ang mga naitago mong may sentimental value and ano ang story behind it. nakatago pa din ba or nawala na?

Some of mine are:

- 3 white roses as big as my closed fist. I hate roses, ayaw ko ng amoy for some reason pero when my dance partner gave it to me during my sr.prom, i pressed it between books to preserve it. sadly, binaha yung pinagtaguan kong box kaya lost it about a decade ago.

- an insulting caricature of me one night during a camp by my crush during college years. my nose was too big and my ears too hahaha. i still have it with me somewhere in my things sa bodega...well last i checked. hopefully it is still there.

- a pillow of one of my fave cartoon character. the only gift i received from my 2nd boyfriend in my... Read More

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